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CONTENTS y y y y y y y y y y y What is 3G? The introduction of 3G 3G standards The difference between 3G and GPRS The effects of 3G on society 3G and its impact on websites Evolution of 3G Advantages and disadvantages of 3G Example of 3G The future of 3G Conclusion .

Definition: y 3G is one of the latest technologies to be incorporated into mobile devices today . With 3G people are able to gain access to the data and information at almost anytime and from any place .

What is 3G: y 3G is one of the next generation of wireless technology that provides high speed bandwidth to handheld device y Additional features also include HSPA (high speed packet access) y 3G is also known as UMTS and is said to be next generation of mobile network .

The introduction of 3G: y 3G cellular phones were first launched in JAPAN in October 2001 and were introduced into south Africa in December 2004 .

3G standards: y W_CDMA y CDMA2000 y TD_CDMA/TD_SCDMA y DECT y UWC_136 .


downlink DUPLEX: Simultaneous two-way data transfers.DUPLEX: When people use walkie-talkie radios to communicate.  .THE SIMPLEX vs. only one person can talk at a time  Wt radios only use one communication frequency-DUPLEX  SIMPLEX: Uplink.

Differences between 3G and GPRS: y GPRS and 3G serve similar functions but 3G data service are the next step up from GPRS y The main difference between these two technologies is that 3G is able to achieve significantly faster data transfer rates .

The effects of 3G on society: calling y Obtaining information and news y E-mail y Games y Film y Sports y Music y Video .

3G and its impact on websites y The importance of having a website in today·s world is evident y The people from across the globe will soon be able to access the internet at almost any time and from almost any place .

Evolution of 3G: y CDMA2000 3Gsubscribers base world wide 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 2005-06 2006-07 .

3G subscribers base (in millions): millions): 140 120 120 100 100 80 80 60 60 40 40 20 20 0 0 singpoor america indonesia 0 10 .

Advantages of 3G: y New radio spectrum to relieve overcrowding in existing system y More bandwidth security. and reliabilty y Fixed and variable date rates y Rich multimedia services .

Disadvantages of 3G: y The cost of upgrading base station and cellular infrastructure to 3G is very high y Base station need to be closer to each other y High power requirements .

down load email.3G technology gives iphone fast access to the internet and e-mail over cellular networks around the world y Iphone 3g also makes it possible to do more in more places: surf the web. get directions and watch video even while you·re on a call y .EXAMPLE OF 3G TECHNOLOGY: TECHNOLOGY: I phone 3G .

however be improved upon .The feature of 3G: y The future as 3G packet based networks will allow users to be online all the time y The capabilities of wireless network in term of bandwidth must still .

Conclusion: y 3G is an existing new technology that is being incorporated into mobile device across the globe y 3G technology provides for video conference which can help human resource .

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