Essence precedes existence. Ja!


Major Works
Being and Time (1927) Basic Problems of Phenomenology (1927) ´What is Metaphysics?µ (1929) Kant and the Problem of Metaphysics (1929) An Introduction to Metaphysics (1953)

´The Question Concerning Technologyµ (1954)

not in relation to any possible scientific understanding of them. and analysis of objects solely as we are immediately conscious of them. The essence of a human being is shaped by the decisions and commitments made in an individual life. Existentialism: The idea that human existence is a peculiar kind of existence ´in and for itself.µ . ´Existence precedes essence.Major Ideas Phenomenology: Philosophical analysis of the nature and qualities of immediate experience.µ † Human existence is open and undetermined.

I am a « (essence) . I am a hammer (essence) Human: I am alive! (existence) Human: Now.Essence precedes existence Hammer vs. Hammer: Now. Human Humans are aware of Hammer: I am alive! (existence) their existence and can adjust their essence.

´ ³being-in-the-world. beyond the totality of ³what-is.´ there is Nothing. . ³Resoluteness´: the response of an authentic character to the angst about Nothing and the emptiness of Death. Metaphysical ³angst´: the dread that comes from sensing that.´ existing in connection with things in the world instead of ³being´ a detached observer.So« What now? Heidegger·s Approach to Metaphysics ³Da-sein´: ³Being-there.

So« What now? Heidegger·s Approach to Metaphysics ³Care´ (Sorge): sense of connection and responsibility instead of mere objective observation of things ³Community´: the group of people within which the individual finds an identity and a common destiny-especially the Volkgemeinschaft of the German people .

Dasein .

Angst .

Resoluteness (Beschlossenheit): .

Care (Sorge): .

Community (Volkgemeinschaft) .

Community for Heidegger .

Technology is« A uniquely human development. Instrumental Its purpose is to get things done! 2. 1. Anthropological By definition. something only humans accomplish .

Technology Will Change Your Life! Causality: We must understand an instrument in terms of its essence. but also its causality ² how does it affect the individual and the community? .

Technology Will Change Your Life! Oil derek. 1936 We must understand the instrument in terms of its cause .

Technology will change your life! We must understand the instrument in terms of its cause .

The Question Concerning Technology Who determines technology·s purpose? Purpose = essence .

Aristotle·s Rhetorical Triangle Which one determines essence? Creator? User? Original purpose? Speake r Audience Message .

The Purpose of the Internet? How does the Internet affect information? (or at least the way we process information?) .

Changing Existence·s Essence Adding technology can change shift the essence of something that already exists. What is the essence of this river? NOW what is the essence of this river? .

Bring out your gadgets! Poesis: (Greek) means to bring forth.µ † Greek poets were craftsmen . bringing out † The Greeks used this term to represent ´being responsibleµ or ´causing action.

Technology is Poesis Heidegger.´ . 294: ³Technology is a way of bringing forth the realm of truth. p.

Good or Evil? Technology is NOT inherently good. No intrinsic value. . Technology is only good for humans. The value is only for humans.

we develop technological systems to help us understand it .Technology Enframes the World Enframing: Human beings· way of capturing ² and making sense of ² the world around us As we learn more about nature and our world.

Enframing .

Enframing .

it ´Returns the gaze.µ How does the Internet affect information? (or at least the way we process information?) .Return the Gaze Heidegger wrote that technology ´rearrangesµ the way we see the world Technology acts like a mirror ² in Heidegger·s words.

The Big Question Does our environment shape us? OR Do we shape our environment ? .

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