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Scouting was brought to the Philippines by American

soldiers following their occupation of the country in the

early 20th century. The Fathers of the Boy Scouts of the
Philippines are Joseph Emile H. Stevenot, Arsenio N. Luz,
Carlos P. Romulo, General Vicente Lim, Judge Manuel R.
Camus, Jorge B. Vargas and Gabriel A. Daza.

On January 01, 1938, the inauguration of the Boy Scouts

of the Philippines was held in front of the Legislative
Building in Manila, with Exequiel Villacorta taking over as
Chief Scout Executive, equivalent to the position of
today’s Secretary General.
We are the leading provider of
progressive outdoor-based
non-formal education
committed to develop morally
straight, disciplined,
concerned, self-reliant citizens
in the best tradition of World
• To inculcate in our Scouts love of
God, country and fellowmen;
• To prepare the youth for
responsible leadership; and
• To contribute to nation-building
according to the ideals,
principles and program of
National President Secretary General
National Capital Region, BSP
Baden Powel Building
J.P. Rizal Extension, West Rembo
It took one courageous woman, the suffragist Josefa
Llanes Escoda to form and lead the Girl Scouts of the
Philippines (GSP) Movement after coming from the
United States of America to take up basic scouting
lessons in 1939. Another woman leader, Pilar Hidalgo
Lim, then national president of the National Federation of
Women’s Clubs, joined hand in hand with Escoda and
led the way in further developing the Movement
On May 26, 1940, the GSP was chartered under
Commonwealth Act No. 542 during the administration of
President Manuel L. Quezon.
In 1946, the GSP was admitted as a tenderfoot member
of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
(WAGGGS). It was given the status of full membership in
"The Filipino girl and young
woman who are progressive,
dynamic, pro-active, patriotic
and God-loving."
• "To help girls and young women
realize the ideals of womanhood
and prepare themselves for the
responsibilities in the home, the
nation and the world
The Girl Scout movement and the member
herself is judged by the way the uniform is worn
and cared for. The uniform should be:
well pressed, with seams and hems in order,
with buttons and pins well polished,
cap in place,
scarf properly tied,
belt fastened in place,
socks neatly folded and
shoes well polished.
901 Padre Faura St, Ermita, Manila,
1000 Metro Manila