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By Jorge Yeshayahu Gonzales-Lara
MBA Marketing
Professor : Jhon Masi
The mission google
■ The mission of google is to organize
information from around the world and make it
accessible and useful universally
Google founders

■ Google Corporation. It is a US public corporation, which obtains
advertising revenues related to its Internet search, email, online
mapping, and productivity in the office, social networks and video
sharing services, as well as the sale of non-publicized versions
thereof. Technologies. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey
Bring while they were students at Stanford University. A series of
new product developments, acquisitions and partnerships has
always sustained Google's continued growth. Positive relationships
with employees, and environmentalism. They have been important
traits during the growth of Google.
■ The utility and ease of use of Google have made it one of the best
known brands in the world almost entirely by word of mouth of
satisfied users. As a company, Google generates revenue by
providing advertisers the opportunity to offer measurable and
profitable online advertising that is relevant to the information
displayed on a given page. This makes advertising useful for the
advertiser who places it.
Services and Products Google:
■ Google is mainly known for its search engine. Google offers a
wide variety of Internet-related products such as Google Earth,
Google Mail, Google News, Google Phone, Google Calendar,
Google Groups, Google translate, Google images,
Google books and other Internet-related services.
■ Google launched "33 different search innovations in 67
days". Google has been known as the number 1 in the world for
its innovation in search technology. But Google did not make
money until they started bidding on ads that appear next to the
search results.
■ 99% of the company's revenue is generated through the web
ads that made the capital now exceed $ 100 million. I
■ In order to make employees give more power to the new areas
of their choice, Google gives 20% of employee’s time to unleash
an enormous intellectual capacity to solve existing problems
through innovative solutions.
■ All products launched after 2005 and 50% of Google products
are produced in this 20% of independent project time. Products
like Google Mail, see google calendar, all are the result of
employee creativity.
If you only know of the Google Translate tool, then
you are missing out on the other Google Languages tools that are available. Apart from translation,
Google makes it easy to input non-Latin languages such as Japanese, Korean, Chinese and more.
Google helps you to analyze trends and data more deeply and with better insight in
order to make decisions accordingly. With these data tools, you can conduct
consumer surveys to know their needs and requirements for a product or service,
get detailed reports on traffic coming to your website, search popularity of
keywords over different time periods and much more

Google offers useful business tools that may help you to run your
business in a better way. For instance, you can get customized email
domain, find a partner for your business or if you have a striking
business plan, get Google to invest and support the idea into fruition. To
know more about what Google has for your business take a look below at
Google business tools:
Online collaboration is now possible and made even more viable with plenty of
online tools by Google. Whether you are a remote worker, a student or an office
worker, having access to these editing tools, spreadsheets, messaging services
and other tools and services can help make the process smoother.
. Google has built an unorthodox management model that
is based on six management principles .
■ Dynamic capabilities. The company’s ability to integrate, develop, and reconfigure internal and
external competencies in order to meet rapidly changing surroundings.
■ A continuously changing organization. If you delay taking action until problems arise, you will act too
late. The organization should be permeated with a proactive approach to change.
■ A people-centric approach. The company is people-centric, focusing on the individual and liberating
his or her innovative power. This principle is based on a belief that people want to be creative and that
a company must provide them with a setting in which they can express their creativity.
■ An ambidextrous organization. Continuous innovation must combine two different forms of
organizational logic within the same organization. These are daily production, which works best with a
conventional planning-and-control approach, and innovation, which requires greater freedom,
flexibility, and a more open attitude toward experimentation.
■ An open organization that networks with its surroundings. A company can be more or less open to
integration with its surroundings. Continuously innovative companies have permeable limits and have
a constant and conscious exchange of information with their surroundings.
■ A systems approach to work differs from the conventional linear way of working. A systems approach
requires a holistic view and understanding of the whole corporate system (that is, the organization)
and how the different components in the system influence each other.
■ Innovation can be defined "as an
approach or an innovative idea that
can be completely new or an
improvement of something that
already exists, it is a refreshing
perspective that will challenge
many who simply cannot see
beyond what their own experience
tells them that think or do "
■ Google keeps innovation as its
priority. Google understands that
everyone is looking for something
different because of the diversity in
culture, traditions and
standards. To understand the
needs of 597 million customers,
Google offers the best possible
offer products.
Google process is unique and different from
■ The remarkable progress of Googles is in its process, the organizational structure and organizational culture
■ Google has created a strategic Vision. Creating and expanding knowledge is the key word for Google's
success and they believe that fundamentally improving knowledge and sharing it with others shows their
knowledge management skills.
■ Google is one of the few companies that shows how technology can be combined with organizational
culture. The organizations are structured according to their objectives and their culture. The organization is
structured as different departments with employees for different functions and responsibilities.
■ Google maintains a minimum hierarchy and redefines management with small teams, innovation and
decentralization. The products are being developed by small teams and each team is looking for the next
breakthrough. Studies and organizational management are treated with an organizational culture that
includes attitudes, beliefs and values, experiences of an organization.
■ Google is the organization that does not take anything more seriously than search. Generating the idea that
the work must be challenging and the challenge must be fun.
Factors to Consider
for Differentiation

■ A difference is worth establishing when it meets at least
one of the following criteria:
■ Valuable: the perceived benefit exceeds the cost
■ Important: delivers a benefit critical to success
■ Distinctive: unique or offered in a distinctive way
■ Superior: better technology, faster
■ Emotional: ties to a core emotion — love, hate, desire
■ Communicates: understood and visible
■ Preemptive: cannot be easily copied
■ Affordable: customers can pay the higher price
■ Profitable: contribution (margin times volume) exceeds
cost of difference
Google measure success and quality
■ The capitalization of Google broke a record $260 billion. Since his CEO in 2004, actions have
increased more than 900%. The success of the company is due to its continuous innovation
and management practices.
■ The practice of human resources management refers to all aspects of how people are
employed and managed in organizations, principle is applied to measure success, the quality
of their products and services. Achieve success through people.
■ The main principle of managing human resources is to make sure that the organization
achieves success through people. HRM aims to increase the efficiency and capacity of the
organization and the ability of an organization to achieve its objectives making the best
possible use of available resources.
■ Human resources management is mainly concerned with organizational behavior, the design
and development of the organization, the allocation of human resources, performance
management, learning and development, the reward of people and relationships with
■ In the organizational context, performance is generally defined as the extent to which an
organizational member contributes to the achievement of the organization's
objectives. Performance management is a regular process to improve the performance of the
organization by improving the performance of individuals and teams.
Google process changed over the years
■ In just under 20 years, Google has transformed from a small garage
company with a handful of employees to the ultimate global business
empire. Along with its many parallel projects in other industries and
fields, Google remains the market leader with its initial input product: the
online search engine. Since the Google search first appeared in 1998, the
company has become the most valuable brand in the world. And the goal
remains the same as always: to show the user the most relevant search
results possible. But what has changed is the kind of information that
Google users require and with it the technical challenges of the search
itself. If you compare the original Google search engine with the current
features and functions, you will see the incredible number of changes
that have occurred.
■ A central goal that remains at the center of the universal search program: Google
wants to provide the right search results regardless of the type of content
required; the only prerequisite must be that this content is somewhere in the World
Wide Web.
■ But, at the same time, the search should be made as simple and fast as possible for
the users. Google has accelerated and simplified the web search process several
times in recent years with many new features and functions, including:
Google future to hold the business
■ What does the future hold for this business?

■ By mid-century, there will be 9 billion people on the planet who will consume
more and more resources and lead increasingly complex lives
technologically. Services like Google Earth have the potential to turn ordinary
people into oceanic conservationists
■ Google is on the verge of a technological advance that can transform your
relationship with us. Google is recognized as the world leader in the search for
information. Handles about 90 percent of Internet searches. When we want to
know something, most of us turn to Google. The rapid evolution of mobile
technology has brought new opportunities to a company that generates annual
revenues of over $ 50 billion.
■ It started, just 15 years ago, as a service that allowed you to enter a request on a
personal computer and receive links to sites. Associated webs Things have
changed. Soon Google expects to have the omnipresent presence of a personal
assistant that never stops working, able to converse naturally in any language.
Google to ensure success
■ What changes, if any, would you make to your current process, products and / or services to
ensure success?
■ Personally, I think Google culture is an idea about the human condition. People look for
meaning in their work. People want to know what is happening in their environment. People
want to have some capacity to shape that environment, Google has cultivated a creative and
passionate workforce that holds the key to the company's innovation.
■ Any company can benefit by learning how to attract and better manage innovators,
encourage commitment and, ultimately, lead to success.
■ Google is providing all digital elements we need and some of its popular products
are Gmail,Google maps, Chromebook, Glass and Nexus.
■ If we think of all Google's products, we can see that it's not just a search engine but much
more. It even has a project to provide the Internet to everyone in the world called
“Project loon.” The project uses high-altitude balloons in the stratosphere to create a high-
speed wireless network. Another amazing project of Google, right? We should admit that
Google's products are much better than even the products we pay for. This is another
indicator of Google's success
■ Present a Video Google's best kept secret: Annika Steiber at TEDxKiruna
Thank You
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