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Construction Management

Company Profile
• aims to tell individuals (primarily prospective clients,
patrons and stakeholders) concerning your services, and
current standing.
Company Profile

• Started October 2010 - Present
• Consists of Architects-Engineer-Contractor
Civil, Mechanical, Electrical
• Consists of 100 personnel including in the Site.
Responsibility as Leader
• Attend meetings with the Client
• Bidding
• Finds the Supplier
base on the specification of a Project
• Coordination between the Architect, Engineer, Client,
Contractor and workers.

Projects - Bidding / Connections

• Important Background in the Field
• Relationship with previous Client
• Relationship with the team is a key
• Formal or informal deliberation of Architects, Engineers,
Client, Contractor and workers.


• Depends on the scale of the Project who attends
• Decision making
• Include the main personnel


• Reviewed by the Owner
• Capability of Designing and Building
• Architect, Engineer and Contractor’s obligation
Administrative Details
• Includes informative orders, facts, and agreement relating the
transaction of the Project Scope.
Administrative Details

• Both parties should be involve if there are primary and major
• Approval between both parties.
• Representative of the Company mainly the Architect or
Administrative Details

Application for Payment

• Submission of Billing
• Requirements to Proceed on the Project
• Parties Order
• Request for Payment
Site Details
• Includes information in construction site management,
supervision,security and public access on the site.
Site Details

Regulations and Utilities

• Responsibility of Contractor
• Rules in the site should be implemented
• Client’s approval in terms of utilities
Material Handling
• used for the movement, storage, management and protection of
materials, merchandise and product throughout the method of
producing, distribution, consumption and disposal in the
Material Handling

Relationship with Supplier

• Specification in ordering materials
• Agreement on delivery of materials
• Defects on the materials should be replaced
• Temporary warehouse in the site for the Storage
Project Manager (PM)
• Is responsible for overall scope of the project in the construction,
and also capable with prosper designing, execution,
monitoring, management and closure of a project.
Project Manager (PM)

Key Points

• Overall Responsibility in Construction
• Project Manager and Contractor Relationship
• Project Manager and team Relationship
• Approval of Project Manager in all of the decision making in
the Constrution
Project Manager (PM)

Establishment of Good Job Planning

• Program of work is implemented starting Day 1 until the
project is finished.
Project Manager (PM)

Monitoring of Project

• Schedule of Work
it defines if the project is ahead or delay of time
• Delay in natural calamities is exempted.
Extension is allowable but approval between both parties
shoul be notified.
Project Manager (PM)

Project Control
Project Manager (PM)


• The team should be ready communicating with the Client
Project Manager plays an important role in this section
because he/she needs to establish good relationship among
all the parties involve and ofcourse complying/completing the
Project’s requirement