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Floppy Disks

Highest Capacity: 1.44 MB

Compact Disks
Highest Capacity: 4.7 GB

Pen Drive
Highest Capacity: 1 TB
The first hard disk drive was the IBM Model 350
Disk File that
came with the IBM 305 RAMAC computer in
1956. It had 50 Portable Hard Disk
24-inch discs with a total storage capacity of 5 Highest Capacity: 16 TB
characters (just under 5 MB).
Access Anytime, from
Cloud computing
is believed to have
been invented by
Joseph Carl Store Everything You
Robnett Licklider
in the
1960s with his
work on
Store More, Pay
ARPANET to Less!
connect people
Amazon Web Services introduced and their cloud
data fromstorage
service AWS S3 in
anywhere at any
2006, and has gained widespread recognition
time. and
adoption as the storage supplier to popular services Keep Your Data Safe and
such as Smugmug, Dropbox, Synaptop and
In July 2012 Microsoft Azure was storing 4 trillion
objects. In January
2015 the number of objects stored in Microsoft
Azure reached
625 Million
Cloud Storage
B Industry analyst firm IDC predicts
Intern that the global cloud market,
1.3 Billion Estimated
et including private, public and
Storage Users by User hybrid clouds, will hit
2017 s
$200 Billion by
“At year-end 2016, 2018
more than
50% of the global companies will
data in public cloud”
have stored customer sensitive
With the increase in cloud computing usage,
enterprises are using multiple cloud services
for their everyday tasks. IT managers are
looking for a solution to integrate
and manage all these cloud services they are
using online.
Average Number of Cloud Apps
by Industries

682 584 548 525 516

Med Mf Finan Tec Servic Healt
ia g. ce h e h
10 K
0 B
10 M
1 100

of files are stored are

less than 10 MB in size
Save capital for other Among resource executiv 98 Roughly 14% of companies have
your investments. Cloud human
believe in thes power of
es, video % been able to
minimiz your upfront costs so it’s conferencing to downsize IT after switching to
es easy
companies to saved moving to
have boost productivity
Clo gets and overcome
on- long
wit moder cloud services. Others have redirected
dabble dive in risk-free.
money theIn fact, distances.
ud you tools
collaboration board h get
so you can n IT efforts to more strategic projects.
or 82%14%
cloud, and of have to more done— Updates and fixes are automated by
been able departments. downsize even with remote workers or multiple the cloud providers, so there’s less
IT locations. work for internal IT.
Say goodbye to the expense and 60% agree that sharing files safely Running on cloud gives you the
hassle of with clients agility and
proprietary software, say hello to and customers is important to freedom to shift directions and try
custom apps for your industry. business; cloud makes it easy and new things without being tied to on
Some providers are even creating secure. Cloud organizes your file premise hardware and legacy
industry- specific clouds that address storage and helps you control who software. You can easily switch out
the particular regulations and has access — that’s a lot of risk cloud services whenever you need.
mitigation out the window.
Safety and compliance are easier
Cloud services get tested and with cloud. Business leaders and IT can
perfected by other Instead of ensuring security partner more
people — bugs and kinks get protocols on your own, you have strategically when using cloud
worked out, interfaces get smoothed state-of-the-art networks with the services. In fact,
over. Your business benefits from the highest levels of encryption available. 75% of IT departments will be
collective knowledge of others. That’s how integrated with
64% of the banking industry’s line-of-business by 2017.
Launched in 2012, Google Drive provides 15 GB of
free space and has a file size restriction of 5 TB.

Paid Supported
Plans Platforms
$2/Month = 100 GB Windows, Mac, Android,
• Easy to Setup
$10/Month = 1 TB IOS Account)
(Only Need a Google
• Great Integration with other Google Services like Docs
and Photos
• Save Attachments within Gmail Directly to Drive
• 15GB Free Storage and Affordable Plans for Extra
Launched in 2008, Dropbox
2 GB of free space but has
no file size restriction,
although on web it has 10 GB
Paid Supported
Plans Platforms
• Team Sharing
$17/Month = 1 TBis a Breeze and
Need to Sign
up with Their Linux, IOS
Preferred Email Address
• No File Size Upload Restriction
• Gain Bonus Storage from Completing Tasks or Referring
Reliability & On-Demand Self
Agility Service

Securit Ubiquitous
y Network

Measured Resource
Service Pooling
WE is a combination of Digital
Rapid Services, brought together to offer a
unique end user smartphone experience
to the demanding users of this age.
People are getting more dependent on
internet day by day creating more
need of online storage

Day-by-day more things are getting

connected to
Internet which are creating more need
for storage New Dell research shows hybrid cloud - the
ability to deploy and manage applications across
Nanobot – Tiny Robots Enhancing our public, private and managed cloud solutions – is
UtiPhysical Ability lity Fog – Microscopic the future for enterprise IT.
Robots Rearranging into Shapes