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Faculty:Col Sarvjit Singh, Retd


Art 13: Law
Art 14: Equality before law
Art 19: Protection of Rights (Freedoms)
Art 20: Protection in respect of conviction for offences
Art 21: Protection of Life and personal liberty
Art 32: Remedies
Art 38 to 51A: DPSP
Art 53: Exec power of the Union
Art 72: Power of President to grant pardon , etc.
Art 73: Extent of exec power of the Union
Art 75: Other provisions as to Ministers.
Art 131: Original Jurisdiction of SC
Art 132: Appellate Jurisdiction of SC
Art 136: SLP
Art 143: Powers of President to consult SC
Art 154: Exec power of State
Art 162: Extent of exec power of State.
Art 213: Legislative power of Governor of promulgate Ordinances
Art 226: Power of HC to issue certain Writs
Art 227: Power of Superintendence over courts by the HC
Art 246: Subject-matter of laws made by Parliament and Legislatures of States
Art 249: Power to legislate on matters in the State list in National interest
Art 250: Power to legislate on matters in the State list if proclamation of
emergency is in operation
Interpretation of special terms and phrases:
Art 147: Manner in which ref to any ‘substantial question of law’
Art 264: Manner in which the term Finance Commission is to be
Art 308: Interpretation of expression ‘State’ for Services under the Union
and the States.
Art 366: Definitions
Art 367: Interpretation use of General Clauses Act, 1897
Art 372: Continuance in force of existing laws and their adaptations.
Art 392: Power of the President to remove difficulties

KM Nanavati V. State of Maharastra, AIR 1962 SC 605

Nature & Scope of Adm Law.
1. Rai Sahib Ram Jawaya Kapur V. State of Punjab, (1955) 2 SCR 225.
2. State of MP V. Bharat Singh, AIR 1967 SC 1170.
Delegated Legislation
3. Re Delhi Laws Act, AIR 1951 SC 332. Adm Discretion
Adm Discretion
4. Ranjit Singh V. UoI, AIR 1981 SC 461.
Ppl of Natural Justice.
5. Syed Yakoob V. KS Radhakrisnan, AIR 1964 SC 477
6. AK Kraipak V. UoI, AIR 1970 SC 150
7. Maneka Gandhi V. UoI, (1978)1 SCC 248

1. MP Jain & SN Jain, Principles of Administrative Law

2. CK Takwani, Lectures on Administrative Law
3. IP Massey, Administrative Law
4. SP Sathe, Administrative Law
5. HWR Wade & CF Forsyth, Administrative Law
6. HM Seervai, The Position of the Judiciary under the Constitution of India

Bare Act:
The Constitution of India.