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INTRODUCTION Perception as defined by Livingstone (2008). Nowadays.” In psychology. the completion of which signifies that an enrollee has met all the state educational or training requirements for initial certification or licensure to teach in the states elementary or secondary schools. 56% of private high school students and 25% of middle school students responded that most of their teachers came prepared for class (Blackburn. . Teachers play a very big role worldwide. a state-approved course of study. only 42% of public high school “the act or process of becoming aware of internal or external sensory stimuli or events. 2012). involving the meaningful organization and interpretation of those stimuli. perception also applies to evaluations of one’s own and others’ internal states and beliefs as well as sensory stimuli and a person’s perceptions are not necessarily identical to the stimulus object or event being perceived. and from the preparation program.

What is the profile of the respondents in terms of: a. A.Y. Is there a significant relationship between the profile variables of the respondents and their perception on the level of preparedness in teaching? . Specifically. 2. 2017-1018. What is the level of preparedness in teaching as perceived by the following respondents: 3.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM This study determined the level of preparedness in teaching of graduating students at UPang. Gender. b. it answered the following questions: 1. Age.

Graduating Education students. Future Researchers. This study can help graduating education student to be more prepared and to have a good and better teaching skills in the field of education. This can serve as a guide to the future researchers. This study helps the future researchers to make their research more easily and better. It could serve as their guide in walking to the world of education. education students learning and motivation are expected to improve. . This study helps the education students to get ready and to be prepared before their on the job training.SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Education Students. Through this.

and b. . and preparedness in teaching of the respondents. c) significant relationship between the profile Perception on the variables of the b. teaching.RESEARCH PARADIGM INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT a.Age. in terms of: in teaching of teacher preparedness in a. Action Plan to level Preparedness in respondents and their perceptions on the level improve or sustain teaching of the of preparedness in the level of respondents teaching. Suggested measures to improve Profile of teacher Determining the: or sustain the education graduating a) Profile of the respondents. respondents’ students. AY 2017- b) level of preparedness perceptions of 2018.Gender. education graduating students.

-The main tool which was utilized in gathering the needed data was survey questionnaire made to achieve the objectives of our research .METHODOLOGY -The study uses descriptive-quantitative method -This study was conducted at PHINMA University of Pangasinan. The respondents of this research were the 19 BEED and BSED students enrolled during A.Y 2017-2018. Dagupan City. -The researchers used survey – questionnaires/checklist which is a Likert’s Scale as data gathering instrument. Pangasinan.

00 – 1.00 Very Much Prepared 2.Treatment of the Data Frequency distribution and percentage Formula: P =___f___X 100 n The average weighted mean was utilized.76 – 2.square formula was utilized: X² = ⅀(fo.26 – 4.25 Very Prepared 1.50 Slightly Prepared 1. where: WM= 4F4+3F3+2F2+1F1 N Scale Descriptive Equivalent 3.51 – 3.75 Not Prepared chi.fe)² fe .

and lesson plan that is neat and well-organized.58 VMP Female 10 52. Gender Male 9 47. 3.42 VMP thinking. need.89 VMP distinct. 8 can effectively impose order and discipline / routine in 3.84 with objectives in behavioral term. 3. 20-21 7 36. 2 Professionally well-groomed.RESULTS AND DISCUSSION INDICATORS AWM DE 1 Good voice quality and command of the language.68 VMP 22 and above 3 15. pleasant and well-modulated voice. abilities and interest of the student. Clear. 9 Shows vitality and enthusiasm. attractive in appearance.53 VMP the allotted time.37 5 Ensures students’ participation. with integration of 3.42 VMP Profile Frequency (f) Percentage 3 Effective use of new and varied instructional materials Age and evaluate devices. self- confidence.79 4 Able to formulate / construct well prepared lesson plan. 3. with congruencyof all activities to the objectives. 3.53 VMP 19 and below 9 47.37 values.63 6 Assesses lesson to determine desired outcomes within 3. good poise. Over All AWM 3.58 VMP classroom activities.58 VMP 10 Shows mastery of the subject matter and able to use methods and strategies that are relevant to the aims to 3. neat.58 VMP . 7 Utilizes the art of questioning to develop higher level of 3. 3.63 VMP the lesson.

3.38 3 7. Respondent should know how to conduct a number of students especially on doing performance task and others.59 NS Gender 1. 2. 4. Respondent should join voice lesson so that they would maintain good quality of voice. Profile Computed x² Df Tabular Value DE Age 5.82 NS SUGGESTED MEASURES TO SUSTAIN OR IMPROVE THE PERCEPTION ON THE LEVEL OF PREPAREDNESS in teaching OF THE RESPONDENTS 1. 5. . Respondent should know on how to handle his/her feelings and emotions and always show passion on teaching.74 6 12. Respondent should search/study on how to use school material and equipment for better teaching. Respondent should know how to be practical and wise in doing/planning school activities.

For the Future Researchers The future researchers should apply the strategies and techniques on how to conduct a research effectively. The perception on the level of preparedness in teaching of the graduating education students of UPang is “Very Much Prepared”. . Apply the teachers’ strategies and skills to have an effective and better teaching. the Education students should practice the necessary skills and strategies on the field of education.CONCLUSIONS Based on the findings presented through the interpretation and analyzed data gathered the researcher found out that: Majority of the respondents are female. RECOMMENDATIONS Based on the conclusions drawn. The suggested measures had been designed to sustain and improve the perception on the level of preparedness in teaching. and aged 19 and below. There is no significant relationship between the profile and the perception on the level of preparedness in teaching. Time management should require in order to have a peaceful mind set and to do the particular situation/thing on time. the following recommendations are offered: For the Education Students As early as possible. The future researchers should know the characteristics of being a good researcher so that the research is process on a posive and a good way. For the Graduating Education Students Observations upon the teacher in profession are so helpful to have an idea on how to handle properly yourself to become a good educator.