Introduction to QTP

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Introduction to QuickTest
‡ Welcome to QuickTest Professional, the Mercury advanced keyword-driven testing solution.

‡ QuickTest Professional enables you to test
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ standard Windows applications Web objects ActiveX controls Visual Basic applications.

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Testing Process
The QuickTest testing process consists of 7 main phases: Preparing to Record Recording a Session Enhancing Your Test Debugging Your Test Running Your Test Analyzing the Test Results Reporting defects
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Creating Tests STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

and generates them in a script. QuickTest records the operations you perform. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . displays them as steps in the Keyword View.Recording a Test You create a test by recording the typical processes that users perform.

They are.Choosing the Recording Mode ‡ Three kinds of Recording Modes are available in Quick Test. »Normal Recording Mode »Analog Recording Mode »Low-Level Recording Mode STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

recognizing the objects in your application regardless of their location on the screen. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . and takes full advantage of QuickTest's test object model.Normal Recording Mode It records the objects in your application and the operations performed on them. This mode is the default Mode .

‡ In this recording mode.Analog Recording Mode ‡ enables you to record the exact mouse and keyboard operations you perform in relation to either the screen or the application window. QuickTest records and tracks every movement of the mouse as you drag the mouse around a screen or window. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . whether or not QuickTest recognizes the specific object or the specific operation. ‡ You can also use low-level recording if the exact coordinates of the object are important for your test or component. ‡ Use low-level recording for recording in an environment or on an object not recognized by QuickTest.Low-Level Recording ‡ Enables you to record on any object in your application.

Working with Test Objects STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

‡ During recording QuickTest analyzes each object in your application much the same way that a person would look at a photograph and remember its QuickTest learns and identifies objects ‡ QuickTest tests your dynamically changing application by learning and identifying test objects and their expected properties and values. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . ‡ You can use the Object Repository dialog box to view or modify the test object description of any test object in the repository or to add new objects to your repository.Understanding the Object Repository Dialog Box ‡ The Object Repository dialog box displays a tree of all objects in the current in the current action or entire test.

Synchronizing Your Test STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

your application may not always respond with the same speed. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . ‡ You can handle these anticipated timing problems by synchronizing your test to ensure that QuickTest waits until your application is ready before performing a certain step.What is Synchronizing? ‡ When you run a test .

When do we Synchronize? ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ for a progress bar to reach 100% for a status message to appear for a button to become enabled for a window or pop-up message to open STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

Checkpoints STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

Understanding Checkpoints ‡ A checkpoint is a verification point that compares a current value for a specified property with the expected value for that property. ‡ This enables you to identify whether your Web site or application is functioning A checkpoint is a v correctly. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

‡ Bitmap Checkpoint checks an area of your Web page or application as a bitmap.Understanding Types of Checkpoints ‡ Standard Checkpoint checks the property value of an object in your application or Web page. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . ‡ Image Checkpoint checks the value of an image in your application or Web page. ‡ Table Checkpoint checks information within a table.

‡ Text Checkpoint checks that a text string is displayed in the appropriate place in your application or on a Web page. ‡ Accessibility Checkpoint identifies areas of your Web site that may not conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. ‡ Text Area Checkpoint checks that a text string is displayed within a defined area in a Windows application. ‡ Database Checkpoint checks the contents of a database accessed by your application. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . ‡ Page Checkpoint checks the characteristics of a Web page.

Working with Actions STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .About Working with Actions ‡ A test is made up of calls to actions. it contains a call to a single action. ‡ When you create a new test. ‡ By creating tests that call multiple actions. you can design more modular and efficient tests.

and can be called only once. ‡ external action²a reusable action stored with another test. ‡ reusable action ² an action that can be called multiple times by the test with which it is stored (the local test) as well as by other tests. but you can choose to use a local. or by inserting calls to existing actions. ‡ There are three kinds of actions: ‡ non-reusable action ² an action that can be called only in the test with which it is stored. External actions are read-only in the calling test. new actions are non-reusable. By default. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd Using Multiple Actions in a Test .‡ You can divide your test into multiple actions by creating new actions and inserting calls to them. editable copy of the Data Table information for the external action.

Parameterizing Values STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

known as parameterization. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . ‡ Which greatly increases the power and flexibility of your test or component.About Parameterizing Values ‡ QuickTest enables you to expand the scope of a basic test by replacing fixed values with parameters. ‡ This process.

Data Table Parameters ‡ You can supply the list of possible values for a parameter by creating a Data Table parameter. ‡ Data Table parameters enable you to create a data-driven test.or action that runs several times using the data you supply. QuickTest uses a different value from the Data Table. ‡ In each repetition. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . or iteration.

STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .Using the Data Driver Wizard ‡ The Data Driver enables you to quickly parameterize several (or all) property values for test objects. and/or method arguments containing the same constant value within a given action. checkpoints.

Test Batch STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

mtb file. ‡ Using Test Batch Runner. ‡ The results for each test are stored in their default location. so that you can easily run the same batch of tests again. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . ‡ You can also choose to include or exclude a test in your batch list from running during a batch run. you can set up a list of tests and save the list as an . at another time.About Test Batch ‡ You can use Test Batch Runner to run several tests in succession.

Defining and Using Recovery Scenarios STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

errors. and application crashes during a run session can disrupt your run session and distort results. ‡ The Recovery Scenario Manager provides a wizard that guides you through the process of defining a recovery scenario²a definition of an unexpected event and the operation(s) necessary to recover the run session.About Recovery Scenarios ‡ Unexpected events. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd .

and from which point in the test should continue. clicking an OK button in a pop-up window. ‡ Recovery Operation(s) ²> The operation(s) that need to be performed in order to continue running the test. a window that may pop up on screen. STC Technologies Pvt Ltd . For example. For example.‡ A recovery scenario consists of the following: ‡ Trigger Event ²> The event that interrupts your run session. ‡ Post-Recovery Test Run Option ²> The instructions on how QuickTest should proceed once the recovery operations have been performed.

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