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Ingredients of a Successful Campfire

• Opening Ceremonials
• Songs and Cheers
• Stories
• Games
• Dramatics
• Recognition and Awards
• Information and Announcement
• Inspirational Message
• Closing Ceremonies
Types of Campfire

1. Presentation
• Most common
• Patrol presentations
• Skits
• Demonstrations
• Stunts
Types of Campfire

2. Fellowship or Social
• Building morale
• Strengthening of friendship
• Contains mostly
Group songs
Types of Campfire

3. Inspirational or Spiritual
• Inculcate values
• Contains mostly:
Inspirational songs
Meditation songs
Themes of Campfires
1. Ideals Campfire
1. Focuses on Fundamental Principles
of Scouting and the Scout Method

2. Skills Campfire
1. Focuses on the demonstration of
scout skills or advancement

3. Ceremonial Campfire
1. Commitment
2. Installation
Parts of Campfires
• Opening Ceremony
• Lighting of the fire
• Presentation of the campfire chief
• Formal declaration of the campfire opening
• Presentations
• Moment of Recognition
• Announcements
• Yarn – Challenge by the Campfire Chief
• Closing Ceremony
• Quieting songs
• Scout benediction
Campfire Yarn: Developing Filipinism

• Role modelling
• Information sharing
• Inspirational activities
• Patrol projects
• Good turns
Campfire Demo

• Fire Lighting Ceremony (Program Patrol)

• Background Music (Bayan Ko)
• Voice Over: “Ako ang Bayang Pilipino. Hangad ko ang
marating ang isang mapayapa, maunlad, matatag at
masayang bukas. Subali’t natatakot ako. Napakadilim ng
kasalukuyang aking kinalalagyan…” xxxx…
• Everybody stands up and sing….
• Then the campfire chief moves closer to the fire, extends
both hands over the fire and gives the Ode to the Fire.
• Campfire Proper (depending on objectives)
• Songs and yells
• presentations
Campfire Demo

• The YARN or Scoutmaster Minute

• Closing Ceremonies
• Fellowship circle
• Singing of goodnight songs
Types of Fire Lays

Community Scout Leaders Orientation Course “Just DO it the Scouting Way..”

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