Senthetic polymers Member grup: Ark_mall E_cah Fix_qah Polymers Large long chain molecules formed by joining together. y Many smaller and dentical repeating subunits called monomers. y Polymerisation process the monomens are joined tigether to form the big molecules. y Known as the polymer. y Examples There are two types of polymerisation : Addition polymerisation Cordensation polymerisation C C Ethene monomers polymerise to form polythene_ C C C C C C C C C C CCCCCCCCCCCCC polymerisation Polythene(PE) Natural polimers protein carbohydrates Natural rubber y Protein monomers acid amino x eg: in muscles, skin, slik, hair, wool and furs y Carbohydrates Monomers gulcose x eg: in starch and cellulose y Natural rubber Monomer x eg: in latex isoprene (2 ² methylbuta ² 1,3 ² diene) Synthetic polymers and their uses Synthetic rubber y Styrene ² butadiene(SBR) (monomers: styrene & butadience) tyres Shoe soles y Neoprene (monomers : chloroprene) gloves Water pipes y Butly rubber (monomers : isobutylene & isoprene) Shoe soles Synthetic fibres y Nylon (monomers : chloroethene) String y Terylene (monomers : diol & dicarboxylic acid) Fishing net Thermoplastic y Polyvinyly chloricle (PVC) (monomers : chloroethene) Water pipes Rain clothes y Polythene (monome : ethene) Plastic bags y Polystyrene (monomers : phenlethene) toys Disposable cobs y Polypropene (monomers : propene) Plastic bottles Issue on the use of synthetic polimer in daily life Strong and light Able to resist corrosion Synthetic polymer Can be made to hare special properties Easily moulded on shaped and be coloured cheap (AIR POLLUTION) (SOIL POLLUTION) Ex :burning of PVC. Ex :Plastic thrown on land our Effect :destroy human immune system living spaces. Reproductive system, Effect :Destroy the beauty of Nerve system, environment. Effect of improper Damage the soil. disposal of synthetic Ex :burning any plastic. (WATER POLUTION) Effect :Increase the greenhouse. Lead the global warming. Ex :Thrown plastic in the river. Effect :Stop the flow of river water & drains. Death of marine organisms. (Bioclegradable) Definition :Buy recyclable or biodegradable. Eg :use biodegradable plastics which can be decomposed by microorganisms. (Replacement) Definition :Use other materials to replace plastic products. Eg :use paper bags instead of plastic bags. Ways to dispose synthetic polymers to preserve the environment. (Convertion) Definition :Convert used products made from syntnetic polymers into something useful. Eg :Use paper bags instead of plastic bags. (Reuse) Definition :use again the plastic bags. Eg :Plastic container and bags can be made into decorative Items.
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