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Drive Synapse Inc.

Advanced Vehicle Control Systems

• Executive summary
• Drive Synapse’s Mission
Key Topics

• Drive Synapse’s Products

• Marketing Plan
• Operations Plan
• Management
• Financial Outlook

• Provide Angel Investors and Venture
Presentation Purpose
Capitalists with information on Drive
Synapse’s new Advanced Vehicle Control

• Seek required funding for the creation of

AVCS Gen 1.

Executive Summary
• Revolutionary
Revolution or Evolution
– Enhanced Satellite Communication system
– Passively dampens user input to improve
– Partial auto-drive capability
– On the fly fuel burn control
– Drive by wire implementation

• Evolutionary
– Use of technology to improve safety.
– Multiple sensor inputs used to control the
– Satellite GPS and phone communication

Executive Summary
Customer Value Streams
• Strategic Goals
– Increase differentiation through unique product
Strategic Goals and
– Develop Strategic Value Streams to instantiate
a dominate reputation.
– Cost reduction through the implementation of
Agile business principles.

• Customer Value Streams

– Make the customer successful by providing the
necessary system control solutions.
– Form strategic supply chain alliances which
enable Agile value streams.

Executive Summary
• What is an Advanced Vehicle Control
System (AVCS)?
Business Concept
– Achieves maximum vehicular efficiency by
coordinating various vehicle sub-systems.
– Higher MPG through intelligent driving condition
– Enhanced safety
– New levels of user connectivity are established.
• Why is an AVCS needed?
– Consumers demand advancements in technology.
– To make the customer successful Drive Synapse
will provide affordable next generation control

Drive Synapse Mission

• Central Processing Module (CPM)
– Simply put, this is the control system’s brain.
What Drives AVCS?

– Contains a set of lockstep IBM Power PC

750GX processors.
– COTS flash NVM will be utilized for storing
the RTOS.


Drive Synapse CPM

Drive Synapse Products

Avago Prox Sensor
What Drives AVCS?

L-6600 SatCom
H48C Accelerometer

• Remote Sensing Units (RSU)

– Four H48C Tri-Axis Accelerometers
– Twenty-Four Avago Technologies HSDL-
9100-021 proximity sensors
– L-6600 mobile Satellite communication

Drive Synapse Products

• Vehicle Control Module (VCM)
What Drives AVCS?
– Drive-by-wire capable
– The VCM accepts input and provides control
from various drive-by-wire components.

Drive Synapse Products

Market Position and Goals
• Market Position and Goals
– Drive Synapse is an entry level control systems
business with the Goal of making customers
– Focus on DIFFERENTIATION and COST will
enable value chain fulfillment.

• Marketing Strategy
– Sustainable competitive advantages are
provided through an organization focus on
Value Stream development.
– Complementary Lean and Six Sigma principles
will be implemented to form an Agile

Marketing Plan
Marketable Competencies
• Product Competencies
– Intuitive Inertial Processing software
– Spatial awareness profiling algorithms
– CPM is a robust platform for multiple business
sector control systems
• Business Competencies
– Infusion of Lean and Six Sigma principles
deliver Business Agility
– The Control Systems Industry has tremendous
potential for growth
– Knowledge worker culture retains

Marketing Plan
Distribution Strategy

• Distribution Strategy
– Hardware suppliers will deliver control system
components directly to the customer.
– Drive Synapse will initially assist the customer
in integrating system installation processes into
assembly operations.
– Software development will be the major
product provided by this business.

Marketing Plan
• Future Pursuits
– Branching into aerospace to provide safe and
Future Pursuits

affordable Flight Control Systems.

– Establishing a manufacturing control systems
division to provide automated factory

Marketing Plan
• Talent Recruitment
– Internet, newspapers, four year colleges
– Bangalore software development resources
Human Resource

• Candidate Selection Process


– Selected based on cognitive capability

– Positive attitude and ambition are paramount
• Knowledge Worker Training Program
– Technical communications classes
– Foster the a knowledge worker atmosphere
– Intellectual Property management training
– Harassment mitigation training
• Meetings
– Weekly team meetings to share knowledge

Operations Plan
Operations Plan
Hardware Design Process
Software Design Process
AVCS Agile Software Design Process

The iterative nature of Agile Software design aligns

with the overall culture of Lean development practices.

Operations Plan
Intellectual Property • IP Protection
– Patents for manufacturing processes, system
architecture and interface control mechanisms.

– Copyright all documentation, Trademark logos

and names
• IP Development
– Empower the Knowledge Worker
– Resources devoted to planning and development.
• Watching the Market, Exchanging IP
– Must be constantly vigilant against infringers
– Devote resources to gathering/watching
competitors IP
– Acquire and sell IP when opportunities arise

Operations Plan
Organizational Structure
AVCS Gen 1 Expected
Revenue Stream

• Current market demand indicates 5,000 units will be sold in

14 months.
• Length of Loan repayment will be 4 years due to capital
reinvestment in support of Advanced Control System
Generations 2 and 3.

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