Long-Tail Leadership

Creating a movement of evangelists by understanding and addressing the needs of the many.

Matthew Dollinger V.P. of Strategic Development @properties Twitter: @mattdollinger Email: mattdollinger@atproperties.com

But first a little insight.

1. The agent (and most brokers) don t think there s any difference between the MLS and their service partners or vendors.

2. There s too much stuff and not enough training.

3. The MLS doesn t know what it s like to be in our (agent or broker) position right now or understand what we re facing.

4. Other than the data (which I bring to the table anyway) my MLS doesn t provide any value.

5. There s too much technology that I need to invest in/train agents on/coach me on, and we don t have the resources.

Long-Tail Leadership
Creating a movement of evangelists by understanding and addressing the needs of the many.

Matthew Dollinger V.P. of Strategic Development @properties Twitter: @mattdollinger Email: mattdollinger@atproperties.com

What is leadership?

Leadership is not a motivational poster.

Leadership is empowering and elevating those around you to motivate, take place, and help facilitate a movement.

‡ Leadership is stated as the "process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task ‡ "Leadership is ultimately about creating a way for people to contribute to making something extraordinary happen. - Alan Keith

So the question becomes... Is our current idea of Leadership current?

What about these guys?

More importantly« what about THIS guy?

Who are leaders?

Leaders closer to home

Stefan Swanepoel www.Swanepoel.com

Steve Harney www.KeepingCurrentMatters.com

Peter Krause Mark Spraetz www.Terradatum.com

And yes our very own

What makes them all leaders?

Because they are all FOLLOWERS as well

What makes them all leaders? What makes them all followers?

The leader makes it simple, instructional and easy to follow. The followers are embraced as equals it s not about the leader, it s about them The 1st follower is an underestimated form of leadership It was the first follower that transformed a lone nut into a leader.

- Derek Sivers

If you are a leader ask yourself:
Do I make (following me) simple, instructional and easy to follow? Do I embraced (followers) as equals? Do I make (my movement) about THEM because it s not about me (the leader).

³Leadership is overrated« in fact it¶s easy to stand alone in your ideas or cause. It is the first follower that risks ridicule« and transformes a lone nut into a leader.´

Hierarchy Gap


Follower Follower LEADER Follower Hierarchy Follower Follower Gap

In your quest to lead don t forget that without followers, there is no movement.

The Wise Leader must First Learn to Follow

Commonalities of our modern leaders

#1. Attractiveness

Share your:
Vulnerability Proximity Similarity

Vulnerability: allowing yourself to be vulnerable helps the other person trust you because you are putting yourself at emotional, psychological, or physical risk

Harney: shares his battles with his diets on Facebook. Stefan: talks about his tech barriers with his children. Peter: discusses the hardships of the business his wife is facing as well.

All of them have become vulnerable or more importantly HUMAN in the eyes of their flock or network. They have created an environment that fosters the kind of openness that leads to deeper connections with your movement.

#2. Open Sharing of Knowledge

Share your:
Network Knowledge Compassion

#3. Creating of Communities

By creating communities of evangelists you are able to encourage others to share THEIR knowledge and do so in a human, vulnerable fashion.

#4. Understand Followers Followers

MLS Brokers Agents Home Buyers *Am I educating my flock on how to educate THEIR clients?

The best way to make a movement, if you really care, is to courageously follow and show others how to follow.

Where are we now?


You are here«

Those around you

Consumer Confidence Plunges
Tuesday Morning 6/29: Wall Street Journal article Consumer Confidence Appears on the Mend ³Surveys of U.S. consumer confidence are closely watched on Wall Street, thanks to their decent track record in foreshadowing recessions. That makes them particularly relevant now as investors work to gauge the odds of a renewed downturn. But while confidence is certainly fragile, it isn't behaving as if another downturn is at hand. Economists expect the index to post a small retreat to 62.5 from 62.7 in May.´ Tuesday Afternoon 6/29: Consumer Confidence Index® declined sharply in June. The Index now stands at 52.9, down from 62.7 in May.
Source: KCM 7/2010

Wall Street Journal & Conference Board.org

The Confusion
May Shows a Continued Strong Pace for Existing-Home Sales
³Very affordable mortgage interest rates and stabilizing home prices are encouraging home buyers who were on the sidelines during most of the boom and bust cycle.´

Is May's Home Sales Decline an Alarming Signal of What's to Come?
"This is very bad news. Sales are going to fall off a cliff in July."
Source: KCM 7/2010

Housing analysts have recently grown gloomier about the outlook for home prices as sales slump, with a survey released last week by MacroMarkets LLC finding that 56% of 106 economists and analysts surveyed expecting home prices to decline this year, up from 40% a month ago.

Source: KCM 7/2010

Dow Jones Newswire

The leader makes it simple, instructional and easy to follow.

Ask yourself: Am I training my clients on a product/service? Or Am I educating and COACHING my clients on how to use what the product/service provides?

By educating your clients you are creating TRUST and in creating TRUST you are creating VALUE.

‡ Trust is brave and vulnerable. Trust is not sparing my feelings. Trust is the hard truth spoken gently.

Understand that you are BOTH Leaders and Followers

Realize that you are an extension of your organization, and being vulnerable and helping others has never been more important.

You have the opportunity to make a difference.

Start Now

If I was your coach (i.e. 5 things you could do Monday)

1. Communicate Send an email to all your membership (clients).
Use words the show your vulnerability and your passion for combatting this current real estate market. Show them that you are all in the same boat and that you are working FOR them. Inform them of upcoming opportunities use stats when available (i.e. the top 10% use )

2. Get Involved Reach out to your clients and make an appearance.
Offer to show up at office meetings and discuss new developments or offerings. Contact their IT department to make sure they are using your services correctly. Ask them (and listen) to what you could be doing better.

3. Arm them provide them with a steady stream of knowledge they need.
Have Russ put you on his email list*. Forward articles from Keeping Current Matters, Case Schiller*, WSJ Development blog, etc. Provide them with talking points on how to use this with their clients.

4. Become Human Put a face and personality on your organization*.
Create a facebook fan page for your MLS/Company and invite everyone. Fill it with the best market information and materials you can find. Engage those that take part in the discussion on your page.

5. Educate and Coach Start a consistent schedule of education for your clients.
Don t just teach how-to , teach how-to , how to understand & how to use . Videotape your trainings into 5-7 min sections using www.camtasia.com Ask your brokers for a list of evangelists that you can begin to nurture to build your movement.

Inspiration is contagious.

Be Inspiring.

Thank you
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