Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

George Hearn PT, CSCS, NSCA-CPT Physical Therapist Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer Master Fitness by Phone Coach

Primary Premise
y The best way to lose weight permanently is to not

focus on losing weight initially.

Primary Premise
y Seen often--emphasis on weight loss>drastic

change>initial wt. loss>plateau>discouragement>quit y Better approach-better why¶s>gradual, progressive change>combination of increased activity/better nutritional choices for health/wellness/fitness/performance>weight loss without emphasis on weight loss.

Purpose of Tonight's Talk y Alleviate confusion regarding nutrition and exercise y Understand the dramatic impact they can have on health and body composition y Develop a plan that works for you .

exercise. motivation really affect results y Solutions .Plan of Attack y Look at impediments to success y How diets.

40-yard dash time. etc. y Fitness²the level of ability to perform physical tasks such as amount of weight lifted.Wellness and Fitness Defined y Wellness²state of health measured by markers such as blood pressure. cholesterol. . etc. mile-run time. triglycerides.

Why are people confused? (Part 1) y Deceptive marketing .

Infomercial Hormones y Cortisol y Insulin y Growth Hormone .

Cortisol²what it does (to us) y Causes body fat accumulation y Particularly concentrated in the abdominal region .

Cortisol²purpose (what it does for us) y Provide energy in times of stress y Both traumatic and non-traumatic y Also helps in turnover of tissue .

Cortisol²everyday triggers y Stress y Work y Lack of sleep y Multi-tasking y Deadlines .

Cortisol²supplements y Not something to block but to manage .

Cortisol²management y Rest >restoration>recuperation >proper sleep >timeout>meditation/prayer/quiet >10 minute sessions y Good exercise program .

Insulin²what it does (to us) y Makes us fat (via ³evil´ carbs) .

Insulin²purpose (what it does for us) y Produced by the pancreas y Regulates blood sugar y Storage hormone y Brings things into the muscle cell y Provides ³fuel in the tank´ .

Insulin²triggers y Blood sugar increase>pancreas secretes insulin>drives sugar into muscle cell y High levels of simple sugar>overproduction of insulin>rebound hypoglycemic state>stimulates carbohydrate craving .

Insulin Supplements/Diets y Carb blockers y Low-carb craze .

balanced meals (some lean protein.Insulin Management or Optimization y Best done through diet and exercise y Frequent. carbs. and fat) y Exercise>makes muscle tissue more receptive to insulin (increases insulin sensitivity) .

.Growth Hormone²what it does to us y Not a negative connotation here±the selling point is that we need it because it declines as we age.

muscle y Very anabolic to muscle and catabolic to fat . tendon. ligament.Growth Hormone²what it does for us y Secreted by the pituitary gland>tissue growth>bone.

Growth Hormone²supplements y Supposedly stimulate pituitary to release more GH y None have been proven to work .

Growth Hormone²natural enhancement
y Rest>recuperation y Low stress y Heavy resistance exercise

Why are people confused? (Part 2)
y Contradictory and confusing diet and exercise books

Top 10 Amazon Diet Book List
y You: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist

Management by Mehmet C. Oz and Michael F. Roizen
y The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think

Like a Thin Person by Judith S. Beck
y The UltraSimple Diet: Kick-Start Your Metabolism

and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in 7 Days by Mark Hyman

Sc and Myatt Murphy .Top 10 Amazon Diet Book List y The Abs Diet for Women: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Belly and Firm Up Your Body for Life by David Zinczenko and Ted Spiker y The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that Lasts Forever! by Tosca Reno y The 5 Factor Diet by Harley Pasternak M.

Top 10 Amazon Diet Book List y The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About by Kevin Trudeau y The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene y The Fat Smash Diet: The Last Diet You'll Ever Need by Ian K. Smith .

Top 10 Amazon Diet Book List y Beck Diet Solution Weight Loss Workbook: The 6- Week Plan to Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person by Judith S. Beck .

Exercise Books y It is interesting to note here that the search word ³exercise´ brings up a list of textbooks.´ ³abs. . you have to add terms like ³body shaping. y To get general interest exercise books.´ or something alluding to image.

Image as a Motivator .

23 percent of women would spend a week in jail. 70 percent were depressed when viewing pictures of models. y 85 percent would rather have an extra toe than 50 extra pounds. . y In another study.Image as a Motivator: Fitness Magazine Poll y To hit their ideal weight. y 21 percent would trade 10 years of their life.

prevents osteoporosis. prevents Type II diabetes and some forms of cancer) y Strengthens heart and lungs .Benefits of Exercise y Improves mood y Combats chronic diseases (decreases blood pressure. decreases bad cholesterol. increases good cholesterol.

Benefits of Exercise y Promotes better sleep y Increases functional strength and endurance y Improves body composition y Contributes to weight loss .

Benefits of Good Nutrition y More energy y Improved cellular function y Improved growth and repair of tissue y Better skin and hair y Improved immune function .

Benefits of Good Nutrition y Prevention of chronic diseases y Lower risk of heart disease y Maintenance of good mental health y Improved body composition y Weight loss .

failure for your exercise/nutrition plan solely on attaining your weight loss goal. . you may miss many other benefits. this is not always the case y If you pin your idea of success vs.Weight loss²not the BEST reason for change y Many people equate being thin with being healthy.

³Chubby Gets a Second Look´ Article y From the November 11 . federal researchers found that overweight people had the lowest mortality rate of any weight group. y 100. .000 fewer deaths were reported for people in the overweight group compared to those with normal weight. issue of the New York Times: y Two years ago. 2007.

everything normal but weight .The Triathlete Story y Obese man in Texas>dietary and exercise changes>lost 100 pounds>still with BMI of over 30 y Entered triathlon>finished>competed in several more y Prior to changes>high BP>cholesterol>triglycerides. y After changes. etc.

Foege-McMillan Study Leading diseases written on death certificates: y Heart Disease y Cancer y Stroke y Chronic lung disease .

Foege-McMillan Study Actual causes of death: y Smoking y Bad diet and lack of exercise y Alcohol use .

Summary y Most supplements don¶t work. y Weight loss for most should not be THE most important reason to improve their diet and exercise. y Diet & Exercise>improved health>weight loss . y Even if they did. y You don¶t have to be ultra fit to be ultra healthy. it might not be that good anyway.

The Wellness Template y Cardiovascular exercise y Resistance exercise y Good Nutrition y Recovery .

Cardiovascular Exercise²Benefits y Reduces stress y May raise metabolic rate y Burns calories y Lowers blood pressure y Improves blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels .

Cardiovascular Exercise²Benefits y Improved heart function y Improved immune function y Improved muscle mass (mostly lower extremity) y Increased lifespan .

Cardiovascular Exercise²Methods y The American College of Sports Medicine and the CDC recommend 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most days of the week. stair climbing. running. and interval training among other things. . y Can include walking.

Resistance Exercise²Benefits y Increases muscle mass y Increases bone density y Decreases insulin resistance and improves glucose metabolism y May increase HDL and decrease LDL y May decrease BP depending on protocol .

with increased functional ROM) y Decreased body fat .Resistance Exercise²Benefits y Increased functional strength y Decreased stress y Decreased incidence of some forms of cancer y Decreased lower back pain (esp.

sand bags.Resistance Exercise²Methods y Health benefits may be attained in as little as two 15- 20 minute sessions per week. level changes. pushing and pulling. bodyweight. resistance bands. rotation y Progressive over time . rocks y Four Pillars²locomotion. y Weights.

used in production of cell membranes. « .Good Nutrition²Benefits y Carbohydrate²main energy source for fuel. hormones. and other body chemicals. spares protein from being converted to glucose. critical for central nervous system function (major source of fuel for the brain) y Protein-used to build and repair tissue and to make enzymes. y Fat-energy source. Most thermogenic food group.

blood vessel constriction. protects vital organs and provides satiety (feeling of fullness after meals) .Good Nutrition²Benefits y Fat (cont. carries vitamins A. E and K (fat soluble vitamins) through your body.production of eicosanoids (hormone-like help regulate blood pressure. heart rate. keeps your body insulated. It also contributes to healthy hair and skin.). D. blood clotting and the nervous system.

of carbs per day and less than 20 gms. initially and ³moderate low carb´ which is roughly 33 percent protein.Good Nutrition² ³Diet´ Methods y Hi Carbohydrate/low fat-carbohydrate calorie content above 60% total intake with fat content as low as 10%. Based on theory that fats are less thermogenic and more easily lead to fat storage. carbohydrate and fat. . y Low Carbohydrate-2 types-Atkins-less than 100 gms.

C.³Diet´ Calorie Breakdown y Hi Carb/Low Fat-70% carb. 33% pro and 34% fat.Good Nutrition. 2000 calorie diet-200 gms. 2000 calorie diet-350 gms C. P and 75. F y Moderate Low Carb-33% carb. P and 22 gms. 20% pro. F . P and 66 gms. F y Zone Diet-40% carb. 2000 cal-165 gms. 150 gms.5 gms. 10% fat. 165 gms. 30% protein and 30% fat. C. 100 gms..

Good Nutrition-Acceptable MN Ranges y Institute of Medicine of the National Academies: 45- 65% of calories from carbohydrate. . 10-35% from protein and 20-35% from fats.

(-)some have suggested increased stress on kidneys y Carbohydrate. high degree of satiety-feel full and don¶t get hungry as quickly. .(+)stimulates most thermogenic response.(+) we like carbs. we think better with sufficient carbs.Good Nutrition²Compliance y Protien. (-) too many (particularly simple carbs) may produce excessive insulin response and stimulate cycle of repeated consumption. Combined with low fat intake decreases satiety possibly making you hungry again too soon.

Good Nutrition²Compliance y Fat.(+)contributes significantly to satiety from meals. .

starchy carbohydrate(brown rice.) and a fibrous carbohydrate each meal (broccoli. etc. .Good Nutrition-Simple Approach y Have a lean protein. equal visual portions of each everytime you eat. processed foods nearly always have too many refined carbs. green beans). y Eat 3-5 times per day y Avoid packaged foods as much as possible. sweet potato.

Recovery²Benefits y Limits cortisol secretion y Enhances Growth Hormone secretion y Decreased chronic fatigue y Decreased injuries y Optimal adaptation from training stimulus .

meditation/prayer. sitting quietly with soothing music y Freeze Frame(HeartMath) y Proper nutrition .Recovery²Methods y Proper sleep-7-8 hours per night for most people y Time Out-naps.

Nutrition Steps for Change-Dr. John Berardi y Eat every 2-3 hours y Eat complete. lean protein with each meal y Eat fruits and/or vegetables with each food meal y Carbohydrate intake comes primarily from fruits and vegetables .

John Berardi y 25-35% of your energy intake comes from fat y Drink only non-calorie containing beverages y Eat mostly whole foods y Additionally.Nutrition Steps for Change-Dr. eating until no longer hungry but not full. drinking 6-8 glasses of water per day are simple things you can work on to greatly improve your nutrition plan . eating slower.

Exercise Steps for Change y Begin with increasing lifestyle activities y Add formal exercise periods to your day y Incorporate appropriate flexibility/range of motion exercise y Gradually increase the distance and intensity y Add resistance training when consistent with cardio .

Compliance Programming y Allows you to measure your progress y Allows you to see accumulated result of your effort y Allows you to see patterns in your exercise/nutrition y Caltrac/Bodymedia y Heart Rate monitor with calorie burn component .

Thank You! .

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