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João Luis Junqueira de Moraes

“(d) The conditions under which this

method is indicated, or contra-indicated,
can scarcely be definitely laid down as yet,
because of the many practical limitations
to which my activities have been subjected.
Nevertheless, I will attempt to discuss a
few of them here:”
“(3) The age of patients has this much
importance in determinng their fitness for
psycho-analytic treatment, that, on the one
hand, near or above the age of fifty the
elasticity of the mental processes, on which
the treatment depends, is as a rule lacking -
old people are no longer educable - and, on
the other hand, the mass of material to be
dealt with would prolong the duration of
the treatment indefinitely. In the other
direction the age limit can be determined
only individually; youthful persons under
Freud em 1905 “Sobre a Psicoterapia”
the age of adolescence are often
exceedingly amenable to influence.”
João Luis Junqueira de Moraes

“Although the maximum human life span has not increased in recent history,
the average life expectancy has risen dramatically, especially since the turn
of this century. In the United States in 1900 it was about 50 years; at present
it is approximately 73 years for men and 78 for women. This increase is largely
due to a reduction in infant mortality, the development of vaccines and
antibiotics, better nutrition, improved public health measures, and advances
in the treatment and prevention of heart disease and stroke. But the increase
has revealed a new epidemic: the elderly are at significant risk for dementia,
a syndrome characterized by impaired memory and cognitive capacities”.
Eric R Kandel em “Principles of Neural Sciense”- 2000
João Luis Junqueira de Moraes

“The ego is first and foremost

a bodily ego; it is not merely a
surface entity, but is itself the
projection of a surface. If we
wish to find an anatomical
Analogy for it we can best
identify it with the
'cortical homunculus' of the
anatomists, which stands on
its head in the cortex, sticks up
its heels, faces backwards and,
as we know, has its speech-area O ego e o id: 1923-1925

on the left-hand side. The relation of the ego to consciousness has

been entered into repeatedly; yet there are some important facts
in this connection which remain to be described here.”
João Luis Junqueira de Moraes

The Penfield homunculus

Local de nascimento de Freud, na atual cidade de Pribor, na República Tcheca
João Luis Junqueira de Moraes

Fachada do prédio onde se localizava o

consultório de Freud, no número dezenove da
Rua Bergasse. Atualmente, o prédio abriga o
Museu Freud de Viena.

Consultório de Freud
João Luis Junqueira de Moraes

Última residência de Freud, em Londres. Atualmente, abriga o Museu Freud.

João Luis Junqueira de Moraes
João Luis Junqueira de Moraes

Golders Green Crematorium