With over 300 million active users across the globe, Facebook is Over half of its members log

in to their account each and every d In the UK a staggering 19 million people use it. That's just under Some businesses have been quick to see the benefits of Facebo Our course is tailored to suit all levels of IT literacy (though it is g If you can't get to our Ashington (Northumberland) training centre

An introduction to Social Media and Facebook in particular What is Facebook and why do so many people use it? What are the business benefits of a Facebook profile? The ground rules; the major do's and don't about creating a busin How it works - the basics How it works - the advanced and little known features Etiquette on Facebook Getting your message across on Facebook Building your brand on Facebook Connecting and research with Facebook Creating new customers and keeping them Driving visitors to your website through Facebook Enhancing your Facebook activity Direct communication with your Facebook 'friends' Generating leads through Twitter for offline follow-up Essential third party tools and applications Facebook and legal implications

launch book functions and techniques: rposes s. candidates and/or suppliers tilise them anagement on Facebook activity with Facebook explore how successful social commerce marketing is about soliciting stru .

Personal Branding Facebook @ Mention Branding Yourself Facebook Notes Conducting a Facebook Poll Joint Venture on Facebook Facebook Etiquette 4. Like button Facebook Applications (Videos. 1. Twitter) Why Your Business Should be on Facebook Personal Account vs Business Account 2. Introduction What is Facebook? Facebook vs Other Social Media Tools (eg. Security & Privacy Account Settings Privacy Settings Applications Settings Spam 5. pictures. Comment field. FB personal messages.What you¶ll bring home with you«. Facebook for Business Business models on Facebook Difference between a Page and a Group How to set up a page Adding vanity URL to your Facebook Page How to Set up a Group Facebook Insights Dashboard SEO strategies for Facebook Page . FB chat 3. Setting Up Facebook Profile for Yourself Sign up for an Account Setup a profile account Edit your profile info Connect with your friends Share information on your wall (Status Update.

if you ge es. so you better know w You may want to reconsider supporting a campaign that¶s not in favor of u me great graphics in the page. the teams that maintain the page do a poor job which influences the p If you see fake fan pages or accounts you can contact the Facebook team the company. While managing the n Strategic Updates for Supporters ± Don¶t leave the page like a dead m ery press release will be sent as an update to the supporters. In this post I will describe our experien resence on facebook by creating a facebook page. videos and tha s´ configuration to connect your ads with your facebook page.ow how to use this social platform. so people will join the fan page as when you open the facebook page under your personal account. Don¶t argue with these managers be point of using a facebook page is! It¶s a lost battle. there is no way you can go back and modify the name of the page! The this way you¶ll get more exposure in many countries. Many mark ake sure that you have a clear strategy that is publicly stated to handle co . Some politic vacy concerns regarding Facebook. You¶ll get answers and you¶ll get them fast! The Facebook . Many use just put pictures. Don¶t use a personal en they will reach 5000 friends they will no longer be able to add more fri cebook page needs to be a politician.

and a s to all of your fans over the course of the campaign. planning and communicating with people.oader concept of using online social media to promote political candidate vely utilizing new technology like Facebook to help their political cam are that you already have your own personal Facebook page before you every new contact who requests to be listed as a friend and interact with bly immediately see the potential that a Facebook fan page has for politic mple. I personally don ll about effectively organizing. . you only need to have a personal Facebook account initially.


The Writing on the Wall 0 8 : 4 2 Understan ding your Wall Writing on a friends Wall Filtering your Wall 7. Sharing Content and Posting Status Updates Updating your status Posting photos. click Options in the Message Bar. and News Feed 2 : 5 9 Understan ding the Home Page Introducin g the News Feed Organizing and controlling informatio n on your News Feed 5. PowerPoint prevented this external picture from being automatically downloaded. Managing Photos 1 0 : 5 7 Creating albums and uploading photos Viewing your friends photos .To help protect your privacy. To download and display this picture. and then click Enable external content. videos. and links Tagging a friend 1 0 : 2 6 6.

People lose interest quickly on the web. and would like to discuss your campaign¶s web presence or social media campaign with my partners and I. click Options in the Message Bar. as well as y Website Management for updates. YouTube and Vimeo. and your key points should be easy to find as well as carefully worded.paypal. If you have signage or campaign logos that you are going to use on print campaigns. and video as early as possible.com but the account verification process can take a little longer. If you meet a person in passing and don¶t have a lot of time to really connect with them. etc. There are other processing serv The Web Development Process (How to Speed Things Along) ent. but video d nts. Both rapher prepare a couple of videos in a studio with proper lighting. An account can be setup in just a few minutes by visiting www. users now just subscribe to your RSS Feed and view your content either on their desktops or software applications called readers. PowerPoint prevented this external picture from being automatically downloaded. be sure to sen d in one. A Social Networking a full time staff person that just manages the social networking presence for the campaign. I also recommend sharing video on two video sharing services. This proc Content Development e point. 2009 · View Comments he same advice I figured it would be a lot more efficient and much easier to just reference this blog post as opposed to covering all of these recomm Get Started on Your Website Early! ely want your website online and functional prior to any fundraisers or media appearances because one of the first questions you will be asked is w ommend PayPal a lot to candidates just because of it¶s simplicity and because it¶s a trusted name in e-commerce. but if you have the time to devote t Maximize Your Web Potential« promote your website as much as possible. The best part. July 26. for use as your welcome video (the first video your visitors see). A lot of people get concerned when you mention video because they are concerned with the costs related. the Flip Mino retails for under $200. To download and display this picture. On a smaller scale the task isn¶t near as daunting and t less relevant than it once was and I no longer recommend it to clients unless there are special circumstances. it . It¶s a known fact inside the nt today though is by video.To help protect your privacy. please don¶t hesitate to conta . photography. and then click Enable external content. Recommendations for Political Campaign Websites Posted by Cotton Rohrscheib on Sunday. graphics.

Since almos was going to be. A lot o campaign because it allows you to connect to your supporters on a much . Soon after Obama joined fb. he received 2.y politicians who want to gain supporters for their campaign.2 million frien cause of his amicability and how he pertained to younger America.

Post relevant links and a µWelcome message¶ to your visitors (ahhh ± good tips for Campaigns 101) ith critical mass of supporters (i. family). campaign staff. y. on't put anything remotely embarrassing on your facebook account. ur facebook page interactive. friends. Suggesting your page to friends and friends of friends is another. Get as many people as possible to subscribe to it . Respond to posts and engage your supporters. age a unique feel and look of your campaign. Join as many groups as you can. Do this before publicizing your page to the public. recent and with multimedia is most effective. Post a comment or leave a trackback: Trackback URL Facebook Setup a personal account for your political persona. oup for your campaign. have your tweets and blog posts go to age for your campaign. If you can. Your social media sites are another way to brand your campaign ± so keep it consistent with your campaign. end up on your FB page from different sources ± having multiple landing pages will help speak to different supporters.for Your Political Campaign Facebook trumps the social media options because it provides a high level of trust. e permalink. provides 8 ways: ning for. has the most number of members and has figured out how to keep members engaged and coming back on a continued basis r of the Facebook era. It¶s easy to set up social media accounts but using social media effectively is a whole other story. Friend all of your supporters. your online presence to move your campaign to victory. e way to do this.e. Never refuse to friend anyone.

The ad includes a call to action to SMS the "homeloan" keyword w hey receive details via email or random winners can be selected and get .unicate directly to your target audience in minutes. A eloans. providing instant resul e smessage campaigns quickly and easily and deliver your digital assets ing more information on the advertised product by using the smessage s people can SMS their email address with a keyword in order to register.

The testing environment nd d for your campaigns . easy-to-use form ing mesages SMS campaigns can be used for: ‡sending information to your customers ‡getting feedback from your customers ‡competitions ‡brand building Do you think about launching your own campaign? Contact us to find out more info! SMS Campaigns .

Step 4 After selecting the 'Upload File' button you are taken to the 'Upload Status' page. by mobile number. Person Properties Allows you to search for an ad hoc person. or voucher. how many were rejected and how long the process took. On completion of the upload the status page will report how many records were uploaded. Any rejections will be displayed and the list of failed records can be downloaded for further reporting.contact us. Add Person The Add Person allows you to add individual members to your sender groups. PIN. Import CSV Files The Import CSV Files page enables the upload of records for your sender groups from CSV (Comma Separated) files. Administration Manage Jobs This page shows the state of all the jobs currently associated with a selected campaign. The . e mail.

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