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. Siberian tigers are endangered because they are exploited because of reddish fur decorated with black stripes. cats superfamily.It belongs to the animal kingdom. ● SIBERIAN TIGER Siberian Tiger is the largest cat in the world. hunting like another tigers. the class of mammals. It lives in the Siberian forests and jungles. family big cats and one is a subspecies of tiger species.

LION The lion● belongs to LION wildlife species of the cat family. Today they live in Africa as well as in some areas of Asia. Unlike other cats. . lions live in herds.

It lives in the Asian jungles. in southeastern Siberia and Southeast Asia. TIGER The tiger is the largest species of cat in the world. .

they eat bushes branches. without exception. herbivore and they are fed with primarily grass and leaves. bark and similar . Everyone is. but in the absence of that food.ELEPHANT Elephants belong to the families of higher mammals.

Theylive liveinin the the rainforests rain forestsofof South South America in the Amazon. America.They Boidae. ANACONDA ANACONDA Anacondas Anacondas are are kind kind ofof snakes snakes ofof thethe family family Boidae. .

it lives in African savannas and it belongs to protected species. It is the tallest living animal on Earth. GIRAFFE GIRAFFE Giraffe is a mammal. Unlike relatives ("forest giraffe"). .

name for several species of Odd-toed ungulate equines. . ZEBRA ZEBRA Zebras. Their closest relatives are the subgenus horses and donkeys subgenus.

RHINO RHINO They live in Africa and Asia. .

Archosaurus. Therefore. these are the only survive today "descendants" of a large group of reptiles. their still living closest relatives are the birds . CROCODILE CROCODILE Crocodiles are kind of tropical predators. In addition to birds.

LEOPARD Leopard Leopard is an animal of the cat family. . Leopards are endangered species and live in Africa and Asia.

. PANDA Panda Panda is peaceful animal from the bear family fed with bamboo shoots.

. and the largest animal that has ever existed on Earth. BLUE WHALE A blue whale is a mammal fully adjusted to constant life in water.