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CIA Certification 1

CIA Overview
• Only globally recognized certification for internal auditors
• Based on the International Professional Practices Framework
• First exam administered in August 1974 (first certificates issued
• More than122,000 have earned the certification
• More than 80,000 exam parts administered each year
• Exam offered via computer-based testing (CBT) since May 2008
• 750 testing centers in 140 countries through Pearson VUE
• Register and monitor CIA application progress with
online Certification Candidate Management
System (CCMS) 2

CIA Benefits • Distinguish yourself from your peers • Gain instant professional credibility with internal and external customers • Broaden your knowledge • Enhance your image • Grow your confidence • Demonstrate your passion and commitment • Increase your earning potential • Advance your career Certified professionals earn 25% more than their non-certified peers. (Source: The IIA’s 2014 Compensation Study) 3 .LearnCIA. 4 .CIA Benefits to Employers • Improve performance of your internal auditors • Demonstrate proficiency and achievement of staff • Gain credibility with new and existing external clients • Enhance credibility with executive management and audit committee www.

Bachelor’s degree – Those without a degree can be approved if they have: • Two years post-secondary education and five years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent. Continuing Professional Education www.LearnCIA. Successful exam completion 5. OR • Seven years verified experience in internal audit or its equivalent. Character reference 5 . Adherence to The IIA’s Code of Ethics 6. 2. Professional work experience 4.CIA Program Eligibility Requirements 1.

com 6 .LearnCIA. CIA Exam www.

CIA Exam Overview • CIA is a 3-part exam • Exams offered year-round with CBT through Pearson VUE • 180 days to take an exam part after registering • Part 1 is 125 multiple choice questions with exam length of 2 hours and 30 minutes • Parts 2 and 3 are 100 multiple choice questions with an exam length of 2 hours per part.LearnCIA. 600+ required to pass 7 . • Exam scoring: Scale of 250-750.

5 hours Duration: 2.theiia.0 hours Duration: 2. CIA Exam Content Part 1 Exam: Internal Part 2 Exam: Internal Audit Part 3 Exam: Internal Audit Auditing Basics Practice Knowledge Elements Duration: 8 .0 hours Question Count: 125 Question Count: 100 Question Count: 100 Topical focus areas include: Topical focus areas include: Topical focus areas include:  IIA Mandatory Guidance  Managing the Internal Audit  Governance  Internal Control and Risk Function  Risk Management  Tools and Techniques for  Managing Individual  Organizational Structure and Conducting the Audit Engagements Business Processes Engagement  Fraud Risks and Controls  Communication  Leadership  IT/Business Continuity  Financial Management  Global Business Environment A detailed topic outline can be found at: https://global.aspx www.LearnCIA. 9 .www.

LearnCIA.) 3. 2.Steps to Take the Exam 1. (Fee is waived throughout August 2015. Provide documentation related to: – Character Reference – Education – Photo Identification Create Apply Provide Register Schedule www. Complete the CIA Application – US$100 for IIA members. Create a profile in the Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS).com 10 .

com 11 .LearnCIA.Steps to Take the Exam www.

There is no additional cost to 12 .LearnCIA. – There is a USD $75 fee to change or cancel a previously scheduled appointment with Pearson VUE. Fee is US$250 for Part I and US$200 each for Parts 2 and 3 for IIA members. Register for the exam. Schedule the exam with Pearson VUE. When the application is approved. 5.Steps to Take the Exam 4. Create Apply Provide Register Schedule www.

com 13 .Sample Screens: Pearson VUE www.LearnCIA.

available at 14 .LearnCIA. Find more information about the CIA exam in the Certification Candidate www.

com 15 .Step 1: Create a Study Plan How Much Time Will You Need to Study? • Expect to allocate the following hours to your studies: – Part 1: 28+ hours – Part 2: 27+ hours – Part 3: 66+ hours • Study times vary based on – Years of experience – Expertise in accounting or IT – Study method – How quickly you read and comprehend topics www.LearnCIA.

and experience at online pre-test www. • Use your results to create a review-plan 16 .com/my-cia.Step 1: Create a Study Plan My CIA Review Plan SmartStudy™ • Create a FREE customized study • Assess your areas of strength and plan based on your goals. step-by-step plan that focuses on areas that need the most attention www. weakness by completing the schedule.LearnCIA.

Step 2: Study the Reading Materials Study with printed books or your 17 . www.LearnCIA.

Step 3: Apply the Concepts • Chapter Quizzes • Flashcards • Online Glossary 18 .

LearnCIA.Step 3: Apply the Concepts Sample Chapter Quiz Question 19 .

LearnCIA.Step 3: Apply the Concepts Flashcards and Glossary 20 .

LearnCIA.Step 4: Test Your Knowledge 21 .

Step 4: Test Your Knowledge Reports 22 .LearnCIA. • Free Study Plan: My CIA Review Plan • Free Demo of Learning System • Free Study Tips and Exam Tips • Order Information • Certification Handbook • CIA Exam Registration • Certification Candidate Management System (CCMS) www.Resource Links 23 .LearnCIA.LearnCIA.

com 24 .LearnCIA. Question & Answer www.