Arsenio looks out to the sea as the tin traders come in after a month’s leaving.

He then turns to see the vast palace before him, he is there. He finds it fascinating the way that water comes into the building through clay pipes, but he has seen them many times before in some of his upper class associates. While he continues on he notes the herd of government men and women coming and going from the place. Then he sees a gallery of art along the wall. Depictions of boats and sports are included. And, closer to Arsenio’s own life, a field of wheat; you see, he is a farmer. He continues on until he reaches the courtyard where there are a couple of boys boxing, and a group of people talking about how Demos was the best bull leaper in all of Crete, nay, all of Greece. As the night come, the lamps are lit one by one, and the crowd in the square continues to grow. But as the night draws on he decides it is time to make his way back to his farm, waiting for another date to experience the beauty of the palace yet again.

Greek Gods Attending:
Apollo Ares Athena Demeter Hades Hermes Poseidon Zeus

Food (Greek Dinner)
• The appetizer will consist of dried figs with wine. After that we will move on to the main meal of tuna, sardines, and eel covered with figs, chestnuts, and olive oil. Salted pork will also be served with figs and cheese. Pomegranates will be served as a dessert.

Setting (Dinner)
• The dinner will be served on a large round table with brass bowls, spoons, and knives. Clothing will be plain white wool tunics and linen cloaks.

Dialogue (Dinner)
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Me: Welcome to my home, it is so nice to have you. Please, relax and chat. Your appetizers will be ready in a few moments. Zeus: Well, since we’re all ready lets start by going around the table and talking about what things have changed since we met last. I’ll start: I’ve come to see that that Socrates guy has been doing pretty well for himself, do you think so Apollo? Apollo: Yes, those who understand him absolutely love him, but a majority of the Greek population doesn’t have the capacity to understand his ideas. It’s a shame because I have a feeling that they are starting to grow more hostile towards him. Athena: I’m sorry dear Apollo, but I’d have to disagree with you. Socrates, no matter how outrageous his ideas are, lives in Athens, and in Athens people are able to express their ideas freely. Hades: Yes Athena, but they are only humans, and these nostalgic views of yours are simply not possible when human instincts come into play. Many of those who pass say the same thing, only it didn’t turn out as they planned in the end. Athena: You are right Hades, but I have trust in Athens, and I think it will live up to its name. (Appetizer arrives) Hermes: These figs are just delicious Demeter: Yes, its been a good year for fig trees. The temperature was mild the whole year. Ares: So, Poseidon, have you seen the Athenian navy lately? Poseidon: Oh yes, they’ve been out practicing for a few days now. I gave them a run for their money a few weeks ago with a monstrous storm, but they proved to be skilled and sailed into harbour with ease. Ares: But do you think it will prove to be able to stand up to the Spartan army? Poseidon: I haven’t seen the Spartan army, but I would say that, based off the size of the Athenian navy, it could. Ares: But Poseidon, you have made an error in your logic. You are neither right nor wrong, you see. Fighting on land and fighting on sea can not be compared to predict victory. It is like comparing a 1 oz apple to a 1 pound coconut. Zeus: It looks like our main course is arriving. I’m starving. Athena: I love Tuna, especially with olive oil. Hades: Yes, the salted pork also looks very good, all it needs is some cheese. Ah, there it is! Poseidon: Hades is right, the pork is extremely good, I’ll need to try to find a way to have pork more often. Zeus: If you would like, brother, I could take some to you every once and a while. There are many in the farms around Olympus. Poseidon: That would be wonderful. (silence falls for a a quartre hour while the guests eat their food) Zeus: Wow, I’m stuffed. Me: The desserts are now served Zeus: I think all of us have stuffed ourselves to our limit and could not possibly eat more. We thank you for your hospitality.

Come to the Hellenistic Museum of Arts, Sciences, and Culture! • Experience the Hellenistic life like you have never before
– Walk through the city of Alexandria! – Learn about Aristarchus of Samos and his early predictions of the way our universe works! – Study Eratosthenes who calculated the circumference of the earth within 1% of its actual size… 2,300 years ago! – Learn from the mathematician Euclid, the author of The Elements who’s only opponent to be the most read book of all time is the BIBLE! – Imagine life as Archimedes, who discovered the approximate value of the number pi! He also created the first compound pulleys, the headstone of the way machines work today. – Ponder the philosophies of Zeno’s Stoics and Epicurus’ Epicureans. – See a representation Colossus of Rhodes, a 100 foot tall bronze statue.

Come to hear the greatest minds debate !
• Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle will all be in town on October 5th to speak and debate amongst each other. Will Socrates’ originality prove to be more than Plato can handle? Will Aristotle’s vast knowledge put him on top? Discover the answer to these questions and more by attending this great debate among the greatest minds in the universe.