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Sustainable Employer Engagement in TVET

The role of Ministry of Education

in Employer Engagement
for Strengthening TVET in Myanmar

Dr. Nay Myo Tun

Acting Deputy Director General
Department of Technical and Vocational Education and training
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar
Outlines of Presentation

• Comprehensive Education Sector Review(CESR)

• National Education Strategic Plan(NESP), 2016-21
• The prospect of the enactment of TVET Law
• Achievements
• Challenges
Comprehensive Education Sector Review (CESR)

Phase I – Rapid Assessment

Launched in 2012—first rigorous analysis of the
entire education sector in 2 decades
Phase II – In-depth research and analysis
of critical sub-sector challenges
Helped pinpoint priority reforms to improve access,
quality, & management
Phase III – Drafting and building ownership
for an evidence-based and costed
National Education Strategic Plan
(NESP) for the period 2016-21

National Education Strategic Plan, 2016-21 (NESP)

NESP (Myanmar’s new 5-year sector plan) represents the culmination of the CESR, & was
launched on 23 Feb. 2017
National Education Strategic Plan, 2016-21 (NESP)

Promotes TVET’s
transformation into
“labor-market responsive
TVET programs under a
more effective TVET
management system”

Strategy 1: Expanding Access to TVET

Component 1: Establish an Integrated TVET System that
strengthens all TVET pathways
Component 2: Increase the capacity and upgrade existing long-
term TVET Programmes
Component 3: Undertake the competency based modular short
Component 4: Establish TVET Centers of Excellences (COEs)
Component 5: Expand stipends and scholarship for disadvantaged

Strategy 2: Strengthening the quality and relevance of TVET

Component 1: Undertake the capacity development training for
TVET manager and management staff
Component 2: Provide pedagogical and specific skills training for
pre-service and in-service TVET teachers/trainers
Component 3: Improve school-industry cooperation
Component 4: Develop/upgrade TVET Curricula
Component 5: Establish a Quality Assurance System

Strategy 3: Strengthen the TVET Management

Component 1: Establish a strengthened TVET governance System
Component 2: Establish duties and functions of a TVET council and
local TVET advisory boards
Component 3: Establish a TVET financial management and
monitoring System
Component 4: Establish an information management system
Component 5: Conduct TVET research
Component 6: Establish public-private partnerships (PPPs)
NESP´s components on Employer Engagement

- TVET Council to be established at national level and Local Advisory

Board at local level (NESP S3C2)
- Dual Training systems, combining learning at TVET institutions and
industry workplaces (NESP S2C3)
- Private Public Partnerships (NESP S3C6)
- Training of Vocational Teachers and Trainers (NESP S2C2)
- Undertake the competency based modular short
courses (NESP S1C3)
- Quality Assurance System and its instruments as National
Qualification Framework, skills standards, curricula, accreditation
system (NESP S2C5)
The prospect of the enactment of TVET Law

Drafting the TVET Law

Reviewing and Developing TVET Law (DRAFT) Team under MoE

Reporting to NEPC to edict TVET Law (Draft)

Submitting to Security, Stability and Rule of Law Committee under


Submitting to CABINET

Submitting to Hluttaw
Achievement on Employer Engagement

Private Sector Development Committee

Working Committee on:
 Improving the legal and Regulatory Environment
 Ensuring to Access to Finance
 Trade and Investment
 Restructuring the State’s Role in Business Enterprise
and Service Delivery
 Building Myanmar’s Human Capital Base
Achievement on Employer Engagement

Building Myanmar’s Human Capital Base

 23 Members including TVET concerned ministries and

representatives of Private Sector
 To support for all the activities in building Human
Capital needs of industries from private sector
 To improve the cooperation with TVET training and
 Taking Dialogue meeting twice a month
 Conducted Human Capital Forum in Yangon and Mandalay
Example of Local Employer Engagement

Industrial Collaboration


Sewing Training
Garment Association
Challenges on Employer Engagement

TVET Policy for Employer Engagement

Industries’ Perception
Mutual Trust
Thank you for your attention!

Dr. Nay Myo Tun

Acting Deputy Director General
Department of Technical and Vocational Education
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar