WorkWork-Life Balance - Creating & Sustaining Connections in a Complex World

Professor Linda J Kristjanson Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research & ViceDevelopment

What work-life balance is not: workIt is not about It is not about It is not about the answers It is not about superman being perfect being right being clever or having all being a superwoman or .

WorkWork-Life Balance About staying connected to my self. to my values. . to the relationships I create along the way and to work and actions that are meaningful.

Balance About living authentically Doing work that feels intrinsically rewarding What matters is that the person undertakes his/her work with integrity Balance also requires us to pay attention to our connections to family. to friends. to our self Remembering to breath .

Balance When I take time to take care of my own health. exercise. . giving my body good food making time for the people I love Remembering that the work I do is important but it is not my whole life I keep my balance and my connections to others replenish and sustain me. my needs for rest.

My Background and Work Canada Influence of parents Politics and social contribution Education and international work .

Growing up in this family taught me: it was pure luck that I grew up in the family I did with the privileges of education and opportunity we don't get to choose our parents. . underneath our skin. we are more similar than different and that we are all part of an interconnected web of coco-existence. no one religion or culture or nation has the corner on truth.

Midwives and Nurses Outlines struggles women have faced in attempting to comfort.Nursing Family influence Nurses who led the way Values match Witches. health and seek education to practice as health professionals .

burn them Science education and university male domain Nurses were poorly educated. underprivileged backgrounds .source of healing was religious men messengers of God (priests) women who were healers were therefore witches ergo .Women as Healers 1400s .

Notes on Nursing provided an understanding of hygiene.noted for her contributions to nursing research through her diligent collection of data and statistical analysis . environmental health factors.' This definition would do just as well for a porter. It will not do for a nurse (1859). not even a doctor.'devoted and obedient. It might even do so for a horse. and psychological well-being well1850 . nutrition. healing.Nursing Development Florence Nightingale helped to elevate Nursing "No man. ever gives any other definition of what a nurse should be than this .

provide care to individuals with increasing complex health problems. and employ more technically complex procedures than ever before Manage finite health care resources Nurse in hospitals. in prisons and in war zones Need to be well educated. on oil rigs. in factories. triage patients in emergency departments.Nursing as a Profession Practice according to Nursing Act Most often at the patient's bedside 24 hours/day Make astute observations. in refugee camps. community clinics. people's homes. well remunerated and recognised for the valuable work they do .

Nurses leading the way International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care palliative care service run by Jewish and Arab nurses in Israel Nurses in Brazil developed a serve to help women with breast cancer and their families Acolhimento .

Palliative Care .


Moyez Jiwa. Professor Peter Newman. Anna Heitz. Svetha Venkatesh. and Dani Stehlik are examples. . Tony Owen. Vishnu Pareek. passionate people who are undertaking research that matters and educating the next generation of researchers and science will contribute solutions to world problems. Robert Amin.DVC Role fortunate to work with talented.

Do I manage to achieve a work life balance? Constant conversation with myself Over function at home Over function at work .

Taking care of you is especially important when life gets hectic Let go of perfection it is the enemy of good.Lessons Learned (and relearned) Put your health first . will wear you out and make you inpatient with others Let go of your arrogance that you can do it all and ask for help Look for the joke Pay attention to the people in your lives .

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