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Create and Change

Preventive maintenance is the investment
of company resources in the care and
servicing by personnel for the purpose of
maintaining equipment and facilities in
satisfactory operating condition by
providing for systematic inspection, and
detection, of iminate failures either before
they occur or before they develop into
major defects.
Preventive maintenance will
•Save money – If it keeps running its making money
•Saves time – Scheduled down is better than break downs
•Saves effort – Small repairs can prevent major outages
•Machines running in tolerances, are safer, less
costly to run, reliable, and will produce a better
To build a PM in SAP involves three
Task list – provides a check list of a sequence of maintenance
activities, and inspections which must be performed repeatedly

Item – Assigns the task list to the equipment or department that the
inspections are to be performed.

Plan - This is the scheduling tool in SAP to provide system

generated notification, that an Inspection is due on a piece of equipment
or department. The plan will produce a work order.
Starting with transaction IA01
Enter the equipment number, and PM01 for the profile.
The profile defaults things like hour for unit of measure purchase
org 1030, and operation numbers for the work orders
If there is already a task list for a different frequency for
this equipment, the first screen when creating another
task list will be different.

To add another frequency or Trade task list

click the icon to create “New Entry”

If this is the first task list for the equipment you will see this screen first
The group counter is how many task list for this equipment. The
description should be manufacture, model, description.

Fill in
•Work Center
The work center for the trade assigned to do the work will populate
from the previous screen
The standard text key represents the cycle the work will be
The Operation description is to be Machine Name + Trade +
Frequency. Up to 40 Characters
Work is the planned time to complete the work
If you are going to add written long text; High light the line you are
going to attach the task list detail to and Click the long text icon.
Paste or type text in long text screen. Green arrow back to operation

Next leaving line selected

Click on
The Maintenance Package icon
to assign the frequency
Select the frequency.
After you select the frequency it can be saved from this screen.
IP04 is the next step.
This is creating the Item. The item is what ties the equipment task and
frequency together with the plant and activity type for the work order.
This is when, orders are created, it will reference Item information for
planning plant, main work center, activity type. This is the information
you must have to be able to identify preventive work. This sets up
PVM work from planned work.
Leaving the item field blank, SAP will assign a number for it. Strategy
2 is for any work that is done every 30 days or greater
Strategy 1 is for any work done
In less than 30 day intervals
Fill in all fields below
The next step is where you go and find the task list in SAP and
attach it to the item.
From the same screen let SAP find the task list. By clicking the
binoculars in the task list section it will take you to a search screen.
Answer no to the pop ups

Clear the two

checked boxes

Make sure the equipment

number is entered, click
the execute icon to start
the search
If there is more than one task list written, for different trades or different
frequencies, you will get a list of all the task.

Select the task list line that corresponds to the new plan you are writing, and
click the green check to link this to the item.

Sample of multiple task list for a piece of equipment

If there is only one task list
This will automatically attach the task list to the item

Final step is to Save

The plan is setting up the scheduling of when the order is
to be released by SAP.
When creating a new plan you set the date of when you
want to start the cycle. The plan will not create an order
till one cycle is completed from the date you enter.
You may start a cycle up to one complete cycle from
current date in the past.
Example. If today for this example is 06/01/17

If I loaded a 30 day plan, and in the start of cycle field I loaded

06/01/17 - the order would be due 07/01/17

If I loaded a 30 day plan, and in the start of cycle field I loaded

05/01/17 – the order would be due 06/01/17

If I loaded a 1 year plan, and in the start of cycle field I loaded

06/01/17 – the order would be due 06/01/18

If I loaded a 1 year plan, and in the start of cycle field I loaded

06/01/16 – the order would be due 06/01/17
Start transaction code IP42
The plan starts with the equipment number and a dash,
with the next available alpha character A, or B, or C, etc.
This allows you to have multiple plans for a piece of
Each plan would have a unique Item and Task List.
Each plan will identify the time frequencies, trade, and
task that will be performed
A SAP work order will be generated for each new
Enter a character for the maintenance plan text, this will have to be
redone after the item is connected to the plan.

Enter the equipment number and click the “Assign More Items” icon
Green check or enter the message pop up

Enter the equipment number or

the item number
Click the execute icon
Select the line, and click the green check. This will populate all data on the
maintenance plan
Note: list is un-assigned task list. If you have not created a task list and item
there will be no results

Re-enter the maintenance plan


copy and paste from the item

After the Maintenance plan text is pasted in, click the tab
“Maintenance Plan Scheduling Parameters”
Call Horizon = 90
Schedule period = 365
The start of cycle is the calendar date used to calculate due dates

See Slide 18 for calculation explanation of Start of Cycle

Once the plan is


Message at bottom of
the screen will confirm
the plan is created
IP10 – Schedule

Click “Start”

Click Start

Confirm Start of Cycle Date and

Additional transaction codes for changing PVM
IA02 – Change a task list
IP05 – Change an Item
IP02 – Change a maintenance plan

List edit screens

IP15 – Change plans
IP17 – Change Items
IA08 – Change plans