Writing An Effective Resume

What makes a resume effective?
 It

is more than a paper representation of YOU. is a marketing tool to highlight your uniqueness. is an opportunity to get you an interview.

 It

 It

How do you put together an effective resume?
 Recognize

the types of resume so you can choose the type effective for your situation:
-chronological -functional -combination

Chronological resume
EXPERIENCE Intern, C.S. Media, Honolulu, HI, January 2000 to present .Prepare and submit public service announcements .Correspond with clients. .Produce weekly calendar of community events and programs Student Assistant, Department of Communication, University of Hawaii at Manoa, September 1999 to Dec. 2000 .Performed degree checks for graduating seniors. .Updated and maintained computer database. .Scheduled appointments with departmental advisors. .Handled in-person and telephone inquiries.

Functional resume

SALES & CUSTOMER SERVICE Demonstrated jewelry and advised customers about style; researched market availability of customer-preferred merchandise. ORGANIZATION & PLANNING Organized fashion shows; planned selections of merchandise appropriate to customers’ age groups, tastes, and in response to public fashion trends; worked within a budget as assistant buyer. LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT Coordinated program of Service Club, for fashion, speech, and community activities; acted as President of Girls Club.

Salesperson & Assistant Buyer, Lilly Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA, 1995-99

Combination resume
Uses a chronological listing in some parts and functional groupings in other parts

How do you put together an effective resume?
SECOND:  Include information relevant to your job search and present them in parts that will highlight your background

Basic Parts
 Heading

or identification  Objective  Education  Experience  Skills  Honors & Scholarships  Extracurricular Activities  Personal or Interests or Background

Basic part: Heading or identification
 Name  Address  Telephone

number or cellular number  Email address

Basic part: Heading or identification
Example 1:

123 Home Street Honolulu, HI 96808 (808) 123-4567 malia@hawaii.edu

Basic part: Heading or identification
Example 2:
123 Home StreetHonolulu, HI 96808(808) 123-4567 malia@hawaii.edu


malia@hawaii.edu Permanent: Current

123 Home Street 1825 Dole Street Honolulu, HI 96808 Honolulu, HI 96822

Basic part: Objective
 Tells

the employer: -what kind of work you are interested in, -what you are hoping to do, or -what area you wish to work in

Examples: To work in a Student Assistant position in Info Technology Services. To obtain an internship in a financial services company. To become Marketing Assistant in a public relations firm.

Basic part: Education
 Describe

your academic accomplishments: -degree you expect to earn, university, and expected date of grad -overall or major GPA -honors (dean’s list) -related course work or major class project

Basic part: Education
Example: OBJECTIVE To obtain a part-time position as a Customer Service Representative. EDUCATION Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI. December 2003. Overall GPA 3.10/4.00. Dean’s List: Fall 2000 and Spring 2001. Relevant Course Work: PSY 385 Consumer Behavior FAMR 455 Consumer Communications

Basic part: Experience
 Include

paid and volunteer experiences, summer and part-time  Use action verbs to describe your accomplishments  Use verbs in present tense for current experiences and past tense for completed experiences

Basic part: Experience
Example: EXPERIENCE Student Assistant August 2000-present Career Services, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI Provide assistance with front office operations. Handle incoming phone inquiries from students and employers. Answer careerrelated questions at the service window. Schedule appointments for counselors and employer recruitment program. Maintain and update information on office web site. Input student registration data into Access database system. Assist in compiling semester and year end statistics.

Basic part: Skills
 Include:

computer skills language skills keyboarding speed 10-key by touch


SKILLS Computer: Microsoft Word & Excel. FrontPage for web design. Language: Japanese, good verbal communication.

Basic part: Scholarships & Honors
Example: Scholarships & Honors Presidential Scholarship Sept. 1999-present Fernandez Fun Factory Scholarship Sept. 1999-May 2000 Golden Key National Honour Society Spring 2001

Basic part: Activities
 Include:

student organizations (membership, officer or chair positions), professional memberships, professional development activities


ACTIVITIES American Marketing Association, Member Sept. 1999-present Speech Communication Society, Secretary

Basic part: Personal or Interests or Background

background information (high school you graduated from, accomplishments and extracurricular activities in high school, hobbies, interests, etc.)
Example: BACKGROUND Graduated from Kauai High School in top 5%. Participated in marching band for 3 years. Enjoy tennis and pottery.

Basic part: References


Available upon request.

MALIA KAMAAINA References Ms. Jane Segal Supervisor Career Services University of Hawaii at Manoa 2600 Campus Road Honolulu, HI 96822 (808) 956-8136 jsegal@hawaii.edu Dr. Tom Hayden Dept. of Communication University of Hawaii at Manoa 2201 Maile Way Honolulu, HI 96822 (808) 956-2222 hayden@hotmail.com

Final Tips for an Effective Resume

  

  

Check & double check for content flow, grammar, punctuation, and spelling Keep to 1 or 2 pages Have a top, bottom, left and right margin of about 1” Use variations in style to help the reader’s eye pick up most important information and move through the resume Use 10 or 12 size font Print on quality white or off-white paper Have your resume reviewed at Career Services

Writing An Effective Cover Letter

Cover letter

What is the cover letter? -letter that accompanies your resume Why is a cover letter needed? -introduces you to the reader -identifies the position you are applying for -acts as a bridge between the job vacancy and the information on the resume -opportunity to market yourself in a less structured way

Parts of the Cover Letter: Introduction

the position you are applying for Tells how you learned about the position Include your special interest in the position

Parts of the Cover Letter: Body

Highlight your most important qualifications Describe points that may be of special interest to the employer Include information on your degree, major, certification and experience

Parts of the Cover Letter: Closing

 

Indicate your interest in having an interview or the next step you plan to take Inform that your resume is enclosed Thank the reader

Cover Letter Tips
 Check

for content flow, grammar, punctuation and spelling  Keep to one page  Use standard business letter format  Center letter on paper  Use a font style and size that is easy to read  Sign your letter

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