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AAMT - IIC (2016-2017)

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What is a manual?
1. a book of instructions, especially for operating a machine or learning a subject; a
"a computer manual"
synonyms: handbook, instruction book, instructions, guide, how-to
book, companion, ABC, primer, guidebook, A to Z; informal bible
"a training manual"
Examples of Manuals
Examples of Manuals
Examples of Manuals
Examples of Manuals
Examples of Manuals
Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)
- An Aircraft Flight Manual is a manual, associated with the Certificate of
Airworthiness, containing limitations within which the aircraft is to be considered
airworthy, and instructions and information necessary to the flight crew
members for the safe operation of the aircraft.

- also known as Aeroplane Flight Manual and Airplane Flight Manual; it is

often abbreviated as “AFM”.
Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)
Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
- The formal documents which details the way in which all maintenance tasks
carried out on an aircraft shall be accomplished. This includes items such as
lubrication system functional checks and servicing of the airplane but usually
includes structural repairs and modification.

- The AMM provides system descriptions and operation as well as instructions and
procedures for maintaining the aircraft systems.These procedures are considered

- The AMM provides coverage to the level of Line Replaceable Unit(LRU) and do
not contain information relating to the overhaul of components or the repair of taft
Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
- A formal document which details the way in which off-aircraft maintenance tasks on
the specified component shall be accomplished. The maintenance tasks contained
in these manuals do includes procedures for restoring a structural component to a
serviceable state and re-working and refinishing procedures are often provided in
any appropriate CMM.

- CMMs provide component technical and repair (overhaul) data for A/C
- Procedures contained within a CMM are intended for work on the A/C component
in a workshop environment.
- Each component CMM also contains an Illustrated Parts Lists (IPL) for the
component covered.
Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
Operations Manual

- An Operation Manual should contain procedures, instructions and guidance for use by
operational personnel in the execution of their duties.

- The Operation Manual may contain some or all the information contained in the AFM,
but it also contains much other information regarding the way in which flights are to be
Operations Manual
Structural Repair Manual (SRM)
- The procedures for making good minor structural damage sustained by an aircraft. If
appropriate procedures for the damage found are not contained in the SRM then a
specific Repair Scheme needs to be obtained from the aircraft manufacturer.

- The SRM provides information and procedures for performing approved repairs to the
A/C structure.

- The SRM identifies the material of each structural component. When a different
material is used, dissimilar or galvanic corrosion occurs.

- This also provides the limits of tolerable damage and the permitted methods and
procedures for repair.
Structural Repair Manual (SRM)
Quick Reference Handbook (QRH)
- The Quick Reference Handbook (QRH) contains all the procedures applicable for
abnormal and emergency conditions in an easy-to-use format. In addition, performance
data corrections are also provided for specific conditions.

- The QRH is a stand-alone document. On the back cover of the QRH, the normal
checklist are usually also provided. For aircraft not fitted with an Electronic centralized
Aircraft Monitor (ECAM) system or Engine Instruments and Crew Alerting System
(EICAS) - or equivalent system the QRH is the sole reference for the management of
any abnormal/emergency condition.
Quick Reference Handbook (QRH)
Why are manuals important?
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