Lean burn is an internal combustion of lean airair-fuel mixtures.

It happens at very high airairfuel ratio (up to 65:1), so the mixture has considerably less amount of fuel in comparison to stoichiometric combustion ratio (14.6:1 for petrol). petrol). The engines designed for lean burning can employ higher compression ratios and thus provide better performance, efficient fuel use and low exhaust emissions than those found in conventional petrol engines. Ultra lean engines. mixtures with very high air-fuel ratios can aironly be achieved by Direct Injection engines.

and are called rich mixtures. 18:1 divided by 14. If an engine is running lean.82 Lambda. 12:1 divided by 14. Any fuel at stoichiometric mixture gives a Lambda of 1. ideal Lambda is 1.7:1 equals 1.7:1 equals about . Lambda is always 1 when these fuels are at the perfect ratio. While different fuels have different ideal air/fuel ratios. If an engine is running rich. It standardizes the AFR to the stochiometric mixture for the specific combination of fuels in use. Lambda values less than 1. So.   Is the common term used when there may be more than one fuel involved. .7:1 divided by 14.7:1 equals 1.0 indicate excess air and are called lean mixtures.22 Lambda. Lambda is defined as actual air/fuel ratio divided by ideal air/fuel ratio. 14. Lambda values greater than 1. .0 indicate excess fuel for complete combustion.

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