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The Location would be set in America, Boston- One of
the more popular areas within the US where American
football is proudly emphasized. This will automatically
allow Americans to relate, and people in other countries
to adapt seeing as everyone knows what the city of
Boston is like.
There will be the consistent use of a' Fast Food joint¶,
seeing as the American version of British chicken shops
are diners.

...and obviously a Football Pitch.


The main, significant props most likely to be used would be,

Modern American football equipment, fast cars, and drugs.
The Lighting would be mostly artificial, as depending on
natural lighting would be difficult and further more time
The Colour through most of the re-make would be Bright, and
of a high definition. Most Americanized films are made in HD,
3D, or both. Due to the plot of the movie it would be better to
keep to HD rather than turn the movie into a 3D production.
The costumes which would be the best option to use would
be mainly casual clothes with a few designer labels, football
uniforms with a high corporate sponsor, and waiter uniforms
(for the diner scenes),


The actors would all have American accents

and the sound effects would involve using car
noises and cheering.

The music would be very modern, mostly

famous signed artists, example Lil Kim, Travis
McCoy, Drake, Lil wayne etc-

All the volume and sound standard would be at

a high quality to match the HD camera work


The main Character of Oliver James would be
played by someone along the lines of Will
Smith, mainly A-list characters. The character of
µOJ Simpson¶ would be played by (if possible)
OJ Simpson himself, or a famous personality in

The Characters would all have a certain typical

American ³Cool´ factor about themselves that
would appeal to nearly everyone. All the actors
used would be young and attractive, there would
also be a decent range of races used, I.e.
White, Black, Mixed race and Asian.

As it would be a movie about football it would

mainly be directed at me, but it would be
necessary to have strong women or at least one
leading female role within the movie to fully
appeal to the µmainstream¶ worldwide audience.

Ö The movie would begin with a boy (Oliver James) who works at diner
Ö He wants to join the football team
Ö But gets rejected
Ö Whilst driving the rejection flashes back in his mind and he gets himself into
a car crash
Ö He wakes up in the hospital confused and uncomfortable
Ö Once he IS in his comfort zone at home he smokes weed out of depression
to take his mind off from the rejection he faced.
Ö After a light hearted session of smoking marijuana he begins to see
Ö O.J.Simpson starts to subconsciously influence Oliver James into becoming
a murderer
Ö He starts to develop a habit of kidnapping footballer players of the team that
rejected him to begin with.
Ö During the course of his ³crazy actions´ he acts perfectly normal (which of
course makes him even more dangerous than expected) around other
people, he eventually falls in love.
Ö Then as the movie goes on it is slowly revealed bit by bit that she was
cheating on him with a pro footballer from the team he seeks revenge on
Ö He attempts to kill her, but in the last scene where there is ultimate violence
being thrown at the audience, he is killed in an act of self defence by the pro-

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