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Open Cast Mines:
Tele remote Tele remote CCTV CCTV GPS Based
Coal Coal Coal
OB Drilling OB removal Coal
Exploration Drilling and Crushing & Handling Stockyard Trucks
and Blasting & Dumping Mining
Blasting Washing Plant

OB Removal Shovel Shovel-Dumper Operation

Dumping Dumper (Real Time Graphic Display on Mine Map)
Loading Point

Other Operations:
• Maintenance of Heavy Vehicles: RFID Tags are present
• Handling Machine Breakdowns: Sensors are present
• Stockyard Management: Manual measurement
• Worker’s Safety: Tell-Tale, Auto Fire detection, Gas Detector, etc.
• Operators: Manual allocation to machines
• Attendance Recording System
• Interactive Voice Response System
Overachieving digital vision but under

Digital Few advanced digital features

Digital Capabilities

Strong governance across silos

Active steps to build digital skills and culture

Beginners Conservatives

Leadership Capabilities
Take advantage of your digital leadership strengths to build new digital capabilities by improving internal operations and then
scale the successful trials to enterprise levels

Continually think on how to expand digital vision

Engage employees to greater extent

CIL should mesh physical and digital experience

CIL should adopt top down approach to implement digital transformation strategy successfully

Exploit the power of core operations. Create competitive advantage through superior productivity, efficiency and agility

Break Operational Paradoxes of the pre digital age

Digital Governance is
lacking in CIL

CIL needs Digital

Governance to turn vision
into reality and bring Steering Committee
coherency and remove

CIL should implement

following 3 mechanism of Leadership Roles
Digital Governance

Shared Digital Units

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