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? The storage technology is introduced for portability.


M d   d 
dapacity 650/700MB
Wavelength of laser which
reads data: 780nm
dolour of laser : Red


dapacity G 
M   d 

dapacity V5/50GB
Wavelength of laser which reads data: 405nm
dolour of laser : Blue-violet
Which was developed in 1996 by

e Blu ray name is a combination of
³Blue´ for t e colour of t e laser
used and t e ³ray´ for optical ray.

? domputer and media manufacturers, with
more than 180 member companies from all
over the world. The Board of Directors
currently consists of:
Apple domputer, Inc.
Dell Inc.
Hewlett Packard dompany
Hitachi, Ltd.
LG Electronics Inc.
Matsushita Electric Industrial do., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric dorporation
Pioneer dorporation
Royal Philips Electronics
Samsung Electronics do., Ltd.
Sharp dorporation
Sony dorporation
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
TDK dorporation
Thomson Multimedia
Twentieth dentury Fox
Walt Disney Pictures
Warner Bros. Entertainment
d      d

can hold data upto V5/V7GB that means 2hr of HD video
or 13hr of standard video.

can hold data upto 50GB that means 4.5hr of HD video or
more than 20hr of standard  


M B©-R M ’read only):-For reading only recorded content,

HD movies, games, software etc.

M B©-R ’recordable):- For HD video recording, Pd data storage.

M B©-RW ’rewritable):-For HD video recording, Pd data storage.

M B©-RE ’rewritable):- For HDTV’High definitonTelevision)

? ½    
M Recorded HDTV without any quality loss
M Instantly skip to any stop on the disc
M Recorded one program while watching other
on the disc
M dreate play lists
M Automatically search for an empty space on
the disc to avoid recording over a program.

   d d 

M Blu ray disc ’is also known as BD or Blu ray disc) is an

optical disc storage medium designed to suppressed the
standard DVD format.

M Its main uses are for storing High-definition video,

video games and other data storage applications.

M The name Blu ray disc is derives from the Blu-voilet

laser used to read the disc
? c : analog
©c©: digital
B©: high-definition
? Enables recording,
rewriting, and
playback of high-
definition video
? dapable of storing
information that the
DVD and dD are not
capable of holding
? The Blu-ray disc enables the recording, rewriting and
playback of HD video up to 27 GB of data on a single
sided single layer. It is enough to put 2.5 hours of
HDTV recording on it. It also can record over 13
hours of standard TV broadcasting

M The power
conservation allows
the development of
multi-layer platforms
and high-speed
M B©-R M:
read-only format
M B©-R and B©-RE:
recordable formats
’RE: rewritable; R:
recordable once) d  
   d c     

d c 






V    ] 





? dodecs
The BD-ROM specification mandates certain codec
compatibilities for both hardware decoders ’players) and movie
software ’content).
? cideo
For video, all players are required to support MPEG-2 Part 2,
H.264/MPEG-4 AVd, and SMPTE Vd-1 MPEG-2 is the codec
? Audio
For audio, BD-ROM players are required to support Dolby Digital
’Ad-3), DTS, and linear PdM.
M ºava is used to implement interactive Menus on Blu-
ray Discs, as opposed to the method used on DVD
video discs .
M This ºava Version is called BD-º .
M Although the Blu-ray Disc specification has been finalized,
Engineers continue to work on advancing the technology.
Auad-layer (100 GB) discs have been demonstrated on a drive
with modified optics
M ºVd has developed a three-layer technology that allows putting
both standard-definition DVD data and HD data on a BD/’standard)
DVD combination. If successfully commercialized, this would
enable the consumer to purchase a disc that can be played on
current DVD players
M In December 2008, Pioneer dorporation unveiled a 400 GB
Blu-ray Disc ’containing 16 data layers, 25 GB each) that will be
compatible with current players after a firmware update. Its
planned launch is in the 2009±10 time frame for ROM and
2010±13 for rewritable discs. Ongoing development is under way to
create a 1 B Blu-ray Disc as soon as 2013.


? Audio and video will reach higher qualities with large
storage space.
? Look for BD with more than two layers as the
technology is further refined.
? Sony has made the disc with size V00GB already.
? Pioneer announced on August 5, 2008 ,that they
have got success in making BD with
increased Disc size of 500GB

  d   c 

? 1 DVD = 5 to 10 dD¶s
? 1 Blu-ray = 5 to 10 DVD¶s !!!!!!
? Usage of a blue instead of a red laser
? Improved lens specifications
? Backward compatibility

? Hard coating technologies make Blu ray disc most

durable and family-friendly.
M finger prints
M Marks
M Scratches
M dust
? Much more ROBUST than today¶s polycarbonate -based
dD/DVD ’and HD DVD¶S).

? More capacity, Density and performance.

? More industry support /consumer
? Reach ’BDA has 140+members)
? More interactive user experience