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Radio Network
Optimization Work Flow


RNP Staff Training Dept.



After this course, you will:

 Know about the Radio Network
Optimization Work Flow
 Master the key point in the flow
 Make the radio network planning be
more standard and controllable

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RNP&O Service
There are four phases during network lifecycle: Pre-Bidding, Bidding,
Implementation, Maintenance

The RNP&O services are present throughout the network lifecycle, divided by
four parts: Scheme Traction, Radio Network Planning (including Nominal
Planning, Site Selection, Detail Planning), Radio Networking Optimization
(including Initial Tuning, Network Performance Improvement), On-going

Pre- Implementation Maintenance


Scheme Traction Nominal planning RNP&RNO On-going

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Initial Tuning Procedure
Acceptance Test

RNP Service
Checking RNP participate
Single Site
Test and
Analysis (DT)
RF Trouble
Test for Comparison
(for swap)
Initial Tuning Report

Engineering Implementation Maintenance

Key Points:
How to find the solution for engineering quality problems and push it
The Initial Tuning must be finished before the network come to commercial use

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Initial Tuning Procedure
 Single Site Verification

To check whether the actual engineering parameters and RF parameters are

consistent with the planning result, and whether the service function, as well
as the coverage ability and the antenna installation, is normal or not.
• The PM should launch a spot-check to the sites by
• Alarm data and cells status should be collected
before the drive test.
• ENGINEERING• It is necessary to check whether the software version
PARAMETERSisTABLEsuited or not.
• Hardware and its installation• issues
• Alarm messages • Antennas issues • SINGLE SITE VERIFICATION REPORT
• Testing instruments

Key Point:
How to find the solution for engineering quality problems and push it

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NPI(Network Performance Improvement)

Initial Tuning Acceptance Test

Customers Complaint Resolve

RF Optimization
Interference test and analysis
Neighbor cell planning
RF parameters optimization
VIP user analysis
KPI analysis
Network performance monitoring
Network performance
acceptance test

Implementation Maintenance

Key points:
 The manners and contents of Acceptance test: test by cluster, test the whole network
 It is different between network performance acceptance test and equipment acceptance test. The performance
acceptance test is to check whether the KPI meet the requirement mentioned in the contract.

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NPI(Network Performance Improvement)

 RF Optimization

To adjust the engineering parameters and system parameters, to

meet the coverage requirement and control the interference

• Simulative test with load should be taken
for trial network
• Follow the RF and engineering parameters
Engineering parameters tuning scheme
optimization work flow
• ENGINEERING PARAMETER • The optimization
TABLE methods • along
the region Parameter table
• Drive Test Data border should be consulted to each other.
• Alarm data/Cells status
• Problems tracing table
• The neighbor cell list setting should be
• Traffic statistic data considered during engineering
• DT and traffic statistic comparison
• Coverage target range adjusting.
• Hardware and parameters
report after optimization
• All the adjusting should be informed to the
configuration related persons.

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NPI(Network Performance Improvement)

 Interference Analysis

The interference is exist during all phases of the optimization process. There
are two sorts of the interference, system internal and external.

• DT result
• Traffic statistic report Attentions:
• Network engineering The parameters
solution responsibility of external
and topographical map interference should be due to the
• User complaint and equipmentcustomers. And the local Radio
alarm data Committee should take part in the
• The antenna configuration
interference clearance if necessary.
• The other related information • NETWORK INTERFERENCE
about the customer Import ANALYSIS REPORT
• Spectrum resource
• Instrument
• The references

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NPI(Network Performance Improvement)

 Neighbor cell optimization

Set the suitable neighbor cell list and handover parameters, to ensure
the smooth handover of the network.

• The unloaded drive test should
• Network engineering parameters
be performed during neighbor
and topographical map cell optimization
• The drive test result • The drive test route should be
• The neighbor list table, the
handover parameters
• The signaling tracing data
•The optimization documents
• The traffic statistic data
• The references •Network adjusting application
•DT and traffic statistic
comparison report after adjusting

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NPI(Network Performance Improvement)

 RF parameters optimization

Adjust the RF parameters, to improve the network performance and

• The traffic statistic data
• The drive test result
• The signaling tracing data Attentions:
• The local landform• Theand the
parameters adjusting procedure for running
environment network.
• The key
• Network engineering technologies should be taken more
attention to • RF parameters adjusting scheme and
and topographical map
the application form
• The users distribution Import • DT and traffic statistic comparison report
• The references after adjusting

Key points:
• The adjusting application should be review by the TS team
• The network KPI and coverage should be monitored after adjusting

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NPI(Network Performance Improvement)

 VIP guarantee

Guarantee the VIP communication, and get their approbation

to the network performance

• VIP users information
The VIP guarantee relates to the
customers’ satisfaction to the
• Marketing information
optimization work, and even relates
• Testing instruments
to the marketing development.
• VIP communication quality
estimation • VIP users communication quality
guarantee scheme
• VIP user issues resolve report

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NPI(Network Performance Improvement)

 Network Performance Monitoring

The network performance will meet the requirement of acceptance after the
optimization. But before the official acceptance test, continuous monitoring should
be taken to ensure the prosperous acceptance.

• For swap or expansion project, the network
performance before and after the implementation
should be included in the optimization report.
• The optimization• scheme
To have a self-check to confirm if the performance
• Daily network performance
meet the acceptance requirement, and take the
monitoring measurecorresponding solution procedure according to the
self-check result.
• The network information, including
KPI, traffic statistic, parameters • Daily network monitoring form
configuration • Network pre-alarm analysis report
• Daily optimization report

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NPI(Network Performance Improvement)

 Customer Acceptance

After getting across the self-check, apply the acceptance to the customer, and
prove that the network performance Attentions:
meet the requirement of the acceptance
through• The
traffic statistic, CQT and
test principles DT result.
should be confirmed with the
customers before the official test.
• It should take the acceptance test separately by clusters for large-
• Acceptancescale network.
application report
• It should be divided into importance and common areas for the test
• Equipment commissioning report
• Engineering installation acceptance report
• The test route and spot should be consulted with the customers.
• RF optimization report
• The test instruments
• Acceptance• test performance
Various index be taken into consideration before test.
accidents should
• Acceptance• methods
Know about the acceptance test personnel, and know about their
• Test instrument preparation
concern points.
• The references
•Never give the indiscreet promises during the acceptance test.
•The network performance acceptance is different from the equipment
installation acceptance.

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RNP&O work flow and the key points

Network Preliminary Planning
Site Selection
Detail Planning
Radio Network Initial Tuning
Network Performance

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