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 KCPL can improve and evolve the production procedure with technical help
that is been provided by Aone.
 KCPL can avoiding marketing, brand building and distribution expenses, and
minimizing the business risks.
 It would also help KCPL to utilize the surplus capacity.

 Disadvantages:

 KCPL will lose its independence.

 KCPL might not be able to concentrate on strengthening the ‘MKG’ brand
built over the years.
 Pearson can increase the production from 50 tonnes to 100 tonnes which will
eventually increase the profit margin.

 Meanwhile KCPL can also focus on brand building and increase sales.

 Increasing productivity

 Disadvantages:
 Since PEARSON biscuit is doing good contract may not stay for longer period .
 MKG is also running in loss.
If worker work efficiently it will definitely increase the productivity eventually
the company will run in profits by decreasing the cost per tonne in production.

 Disadvantages:
If MKG sales dont increase it is huge threat .