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Mancunian Dialect

Video exercise-Answers
innit? - isn’t it? (used as a question tag at the end of sentences)
Coz - because
dunnit? - Doesn’t it?
summit – Something (classic Mancunian)
‘em – them
outta – out of

There is a frequent shortening of the words when he speaks.
Other unique features
Better - be’ur (Glottal stop)
Me name is Karl (pronounce my as “me”)
Me ‘ed (my head)
Speed quite fast, but not very fast
Proper weird – very weird
It’s mental - It’s crazy/strange
Proper mental - very weird
“Flogging” drinks -Selling drinks
Very monotone, fewer tones
Thing (occasional strong g sounds at end of
All over the shop – messy, disorganised