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Whenever there is an event..html External Internal .. a positive self-image! people look for explanation of behavior. associating either dispositional (internal) attributes or situational (external) attributes Courtesy: http://allpsych. we do it such that we always maintain . we tend to attribute causes to it.

E) Courtesy: Nelson and Quick. B=f (P. therefore.PEOPLE ATTRIBUTE CAUSES TO EVENTS: ƒ ƒ AND ALSO HOLD BIASES ƒ ƒ External or Situational Internal or ispositional Environment Person Self Serving Attributions Fundamental Attribution Error Behavior. Chapter 3 . OB.

i c.php/ ttrib ti _the ry http://e cati .cal et.e /i ex.Locus of Control Stability Stable Responsibility tr llable U c tr llable tr llable U c tr llable tr llable Attributed to Example ever St ies! e bility Eff rt i L w ptit I TER L U stable t st y f r this test Exa ay! Sick Task iffic lty -st L ck I str ct r is biase rse has t gh req ire e ts e ts i Ba L ck! t help Stable EXTER L U stable U c tr llable tr llable U c tr llable rtesy: http://wik.e /v ckell/E PsyB k/E psy5/E psy5_attrib ti .ht .e .p r e.

there is an external attribution . likelihood of others responding in a similar  Is the consensus high? If yes. consistency of a person s behavior across  Is the behavior unusual ? If yes. there is an external attribution ƒ Consensus way.  Is the behavior inconsistent? If yes.ƒ Distinctiveness situations. there is an external attribution ƒ Consistency whether an individual responds the same way across time.

My future behavior is influenced by my attribution.. if we influence a person s attributions. we can influence his behavior! . THEN.ƒ ƒ ƒ The Question Why? My Answer Attribution. .

what will we attribute the failure to? Courtesy: http://www. be careful. High Achievers Low Achievers High Ability and Effort Good Luck Knowing the right people Bad Luck or Task ifficulty oubt their ability oes not exercise effort SO? Failure does not reduce moral. but Success build confidence !!!! Willing to take responsibility and tasks Success not feel rewarding.utwente. but did not win. Failure is due to.Success is due to.tcw. where the runner has put in his best. what you attribute failure to. and failure seems default Avoids responsibility and tasks In the rat race. Imagine a running race.doc/ %20 elations/attribution_theory..

ajesh Suresh Suresh hits ajesh. Chapter 3 . Leaders perceive the subordinates behavior..Attributional models in leadership Leaders emerge out of causal attribution by the team. Internal attribution Suresh must have . Why? You Usually. And many more such applications Usually. External attribution Situation warranted that I hit Courtesy: Nelson and Quick. OB.

Basic Principles 3 Stages ‡Observe behavior ‡Behavior is deliberate and not incidental ‡Causal Attribution ‡Ability ‡Effort ‡Task ifficulty ‡Luck ‡Locus of Control ‡Stability ‡Controllability ƒ 4 Factors 3 imensions Courtesy: http://tip.psychology.ƒ Attribution is about how individuals interpret events and links this to behavior and thinking.html .org/weiner.

wvu.html) Nelson and Quick.calumet. OB.htm) TCW Attribution Theory (http://www. Chapter 3 CTE WikEd Attribution theory (http://wik.html) ƒ ƒ ƒ .tcw.htm) ALLPsych Psychological ictionary ( TIP: Theories Attribution Theory ( %20Communication%20and%20 elations/attribution_theory.purdue.psychology.ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ Attribution Theory (http://www.php/Attribution_theory) Attribution Theory and Motivation (http://education.ed. Weiner) (

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