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Anemia in Pregnancy

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Latar belakangBackground
• World Health Organization (WHO) has reported
that 56% of pregnant women in developing
countries suffer from anemia.
• The causes of maternal mortality include
hemorrhage in 58% of it was triggered by anemia
during pregnancy. Meanwhile, the neonatal
mortality rate is approximately 987/100,000 live
births. 29% of the cause of infant mortality was
because the mother suffered from chronic energy
deficiency (CED) during pregnancy.
Definition anemia

Cause moderate

Factor affecting
Indonesia in 2013

Classification of first and third trimester

anemia based on
World Health
Organization (WHO) second trimester
Iki nanti materine kyk ngene be.e ada kata”e sng salah
benerin ya rrek

A condition in which the blood doesn't have enough healthy red blood
cells to meet physiologic needs

Are many of variety the causes of anemia, one of them is because iron that
enters through food is not sufficient
Factor affecting
1. Less or More Age pregnant women who are less than 20 years old and
more than 35 years old
2. pregnant women who suffer from malnutrition
3. Infections and Diseases. Iron is an important element in maintaining the
body's resistance so that it is not susceptible to disease. In conditions of
infection, pregnant women will lack a lot of body fluids and other nutrients.
illness in pregnant women will have a negative impact on the fetus and can the
prime cause of abortion
4. Distance of pregnancy. The distance of pregnancy that is too close causes
the mother to have a short time to restore the condition of her uterus so that she
can return to her previous condition
Indonesia in 2013
Riskesdas 2013 showed the prevalence of anemia in pregnant women in
Indonesia is about 37.1%.

Classification of anemia based on World Health Organization (WHO)

1. Classification of anemia based on WHO is when hemoglobin levels <11
g/dL and the anemia has three levels based on hemoglobin level mild
anemia 9-11 g/dL, moderate anemia was 7-9 g/dL and severe anemia
2. In pregnancy, if hemoglobin level is less than 11 g/dl in the first and
third trimester, or less than 10.5 gm/dl in second trimester, the pregnant
women considered anemic
Handling and Precaution

iron-folic acid
supplementation or
Handling and Precaution
• Iron tablet supplementation program (iron-folic
acid supplementation or IFAs) in pregnant women
is the main program that controls anemia in many
countries who needs for iron intake which can’t
be obtained from their daily diet
• such as in Indonesia. Pregnant women are
recommended to take one tablet IFA (consisting
of 60 mg of elemental iron and 0.25 mg folic acid)
every day for at least 90 days during pregnancy
and 42 days after birth.