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Turn in data match forms. Turn in any homework/ late work. Get out paper and pen/pencil.

µ and The Odyssey). threw them away. If you do not have them. find them and write them on the cards!!! y If you do not have your note cards anymore because you lost them. or if you never did them at all«you will need to go back and take notes in bravery strength.µ ´Theseus.µ ´Perseus. and cleverness in all 4 stories (´The Golden Fleece.Objective y Today we will learn about thesis statements. y Our goal is to write a strong thesis statement for our mythology papers. y You will need all your note cards (sources 1-4) to write yoru thesis statement and your paper. All note cards MUST have page numbers. Have them finished by Monday! .

Thesis Statements y Nonfiction compositions (like research papers and essays) begin by telling readers what the paper will be about.or two.sentence statement that identifies the compositions: y Topic y Main idea y Purpose . y Thesis statement: one. y An introduction to a nonfiction composition contains a thesis statement.

arguments. outline.Functions of a Thesis Statement y A thesis statement: y Builds reader interest y Helps a reader know what to expect y Helps a reader focus on the composition y Helps a writer check that necessary information is included y Helps a writer decide when the research. or other pre-writing is complete y Helps a writer make edits³cuts and additions to³the composition .

A Thesis Statement SHOULD« y Tell the topic of your composition y State the view and purpose for writing y Suggest what the paper will be about and how it will be organized y Be based on facts and information y Use clear and specific language y Engage the reader·s interest .

A thesis statement should NOT« y Be an incomplete thought y Be a simple statement of fact y Express a sweeping opinion y Be stated as an announcement: ´In this paper I will show that«µ y Be too general. or emotional . trite.

y Why is this a bad thesis the rest of this essay to be about? statement? . y What would you expect opinion. electronic voting is likely to disenfranchise many Americans on Election Day.Examples vs. Non-examples Good Thesis Statement y As a result of computer Bad Thesis Statement y Electronic voting. in my errors and outright fraud. is just going to cause a whole lot of problems.

Examples vs. Non-examples Good Thesis Statement y John Steinbeck·s novel The Grapes ofWrath portrays the search for human dignity in a hostile social environment. y What would you expect y Why is this a bad thesis this essay to tell you? statement? . Bad Thesis Statement y John Steinbeck·s The Grapes of Wrath is one of America·s great novels.

Bad Thesis Statement y Our continued reliance on imported oil will soon bleed America dry! y What would you expect to y Why is this a bad thesis learn in this essay? statement? .Examples vs. Non-examples Good Thesis Statement y Our continued reliance on imported oil threatens to weaken the dollar and lower the American standard of living.

y C.The school board·s proposed dress code will deprive Silverton students of their basic right to self-expression. Today I am going to explain to you why the proposed Silverton dress code is a harebrained scheme.Group Practice y Pick the best thesis statement: y A. shape. or form. y B. . it is not an announcement. Silverton High School does not need a dress code in any way. and engages the reader. tells a reader what to expect. y Answer: C. because it is specific.

jazz. I really wish people understood that there·s more to dance than toe shoes. and beauty. dance forms like modern. tap. excitement. and folk dance can have as much to offer as classical ballet.Group Practice y Pick the best thesis statement: y A. y B. For creativity. tap. y Answer: B. . and folk dance. ballet. It creates interest. Types of dancing include modern. y C. and previews the paper. jazz. is specific.

Think about all the facts and ideas you have collected. Write a sentence or two expressing this idea or opinion. Look over your research (notes and note cards). and supported your position. Ask yourself: What is the main idea about the topic that these facts and details suggest? y 3.Strategy for Writing a Thesis Statement y 1. . clarified your main idea. Then reread it and revise it. y 4. making sure you use specific language. y 2.

when she was 15 years old. Marie Antoinette was taunted for not producing an heir for seven years. Rumors spread that when asked about the poor people in her country. . she became Queen at 19. Marie Antoinette coldly said.They distributed pamphlets in the country encouraged hatred of the Queen.Writing a Thesis Statement Model y I want to write a paper about Marie Antoinette. and wigs. Marie Antoinette loved fashion and spent a lot of money on lavish clothes. I have researched her and I have taken notes. ´Let them eat cake. Marie Antoinette was tried and executed for treason. Here are my notes: y Marie Antoinette had an arranged marriage to Prince Louis XVI of France in y y y y y 1770.µ but she probably never said this and actually did a lot of charity work for the poor. shoes. The public ridiculed her. She was under a lot of pressure to produce an heir or her marriage could be annulled. Many Nobles were insulted by the Queen because she stuck to an elite group of friends in social settings.

y Marie Antoinette was an unpopular Queen who did not deserve her ill reputation. I decide the main idea is that Marie Antoinette was an unpopular Queen. the teenage Queen. . I also decide she was treated unfairly because she was under a lot of pressure and she was only a teenager when she became Queen. y I write a few thesis statements to express this main idea: y Marie Antoinette was treated unfairly by the French. suffered from an unearned bad reputation which led to her death. y Marie Antoinette died of a bad reputation. which was undeserved. y Marie Antoinette.Writing a Thesis Statement Model y After looking over my notes.

y Many Disney villains are evil women. Alice inWonderland.Pairs Practice y Look over the following notes about Disney villains and with your partner. decide what the main idea of the paper would be and write a thesis statement. Most of the Disney villainesses try to kill the protagonist (which is usually a beautiful princess). The Disney villainesses are all powerful in some way. In Snow White. Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty. and The Little Mermaid. the villain is a witch with magic powers. The Disney villainesses are all jealous or greedy. and Alice in Wonderland the villain is a Queen. . and The Little Mermaid. Sleeping Beauty. In Snow White and Cinderella the villain is a stepmother. In Snow White. such as in the movies Snow y y y y y y White.

5. 1. Look over your note cards. 4. Make sure you have at least one strong thesis statement.Assignment y You need to create a thesis statement for your mythology y y y y y essay paper. . What are they about? What main ideas do you see across all your notes? 2. Write at least three possible thesis statements for your paper. Read over the good thesis statement checklist. Circle the thesis statement you think is your strongest. What should your paper be about? What is the main idea of your paper going to be? 3.

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