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Sarah Thurlow
Florida Atlantic University
2nd Vice President
Nigam Reddy
Florida Atlantic University
Convention Highlights
● REMEMBER!!! Book your hotel room by October 10th as the
special room rate of $132/night ends that day.
● There are 3 tables left for chapters to sell their merchandise. If
you would like to have a table, please let me or another board
member know.
○ Costs $25 per table and must be provided to me or
another board member by 12:45 October 25th.
● The opening night party theme is Bollywood Night...I want to see
you guys break out those dank dance moves!!!
Convention Highlights
● The tentative convention schedule is on the website. Some
of the focus sessions we will be having are:
○ Fluid Volume Deficit
○ Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy
○ Perioperative Experience
○ EKG and Clinical DIsasters
○ Hazmat and Healthcare Hazards
○ Head-to-Toe Physical Assessment
○ Global Health Nursing
○ Nurse Specialty Panel
Convention Highlights
● The two keynote speakers we are having are:
○ Jacinto Garrido PhD, DNP, ANP-BC, FAANP, FAAN
■ Jacinto served in the US Public Health Service for 26 years as a Captain and
advanced practice nurse. His work with the Assistant Secretary of Health and
U.S. Surgeon General, he led a Special Medical Operations program
addressing advanced practice care through aviation medicine, tactical
medicine, and shipboard medicine. He also led a flight rescue mission of over
250 US Citizens from Cayman Islands during Hurricane Ivan


Nurse Leader
■ Bob Dent is the president of the American Organization of Nurse Executives.
He has over 30 years of healthcare experience as a RN, nursing home
administrator, and serves as COO and CNO at Midland Health System. He
also maintains academic appointments with Texas Tech University Health
Sciences Center and University of Texas.
Cassidy Camden
Adventist University of Health
2018 Convention Awards
• Dean/ Director of the • Communications/News
year letter
• Social Media Award
• Clinical Advocate of
the year • Breakthrough to
• Membership Award
• Recruitment
• Legislative Award • Pennies PRN
• Community Health • Diamond Chapter
Dean/ Director of the Clinical Advocate of the
Year Year

• Given to the Dean/ Director • Given to the Clinical

that commits to spreading the instructor who encourages
mission of FNSA, as well as and inspires students
helping support the students during their clinical
of their chapter. experience.

Both of these nominations should be turned it at

Pre-Convention using a detailed letter explaining
why you are nominating said person
Membership Award
• GreatestNumber of Members
The chapter with the highest number of members.
• GreatestNumber Increase
The chapter that has the greatest increase in
membership from the following year.
• GreatestPercent Increase
The chapter who has the greatest increase in
• Thecount will be based on membership at the time of
the delegate determination.
Legislative Award
• Givento the chapter who provides its member with resources
needed to be knowledgeable of the legislative processes,
informed on nursing issues, and take an active role in helping
shape the future of healthcare.

Community Health Award

• Given to the chapter who demonstrates leadership and
advocates for improving health outcomes within their
• This can be through blood pressure screenings, blood glucose,
Health fairs.
Communication/ Newsletter
• Application must include copies and/or examples
of chapter newsletter to be eligible for judging.
• Newsletter award will be based on the following
Appearance and Form
Regularity of publications
Originality and usefulness of content
Demonstrates creativity
Social Media Award
• The effectiveness of using social medias sites such as
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to help grow your local
chapter, through members and the community.
• FNSA board must be given assess or links to social media
pages if a chapter wishes it to be eligible for judging.
• Criteria
for judging:
Organized appearance of social media page
Demonstration/description of chapter’s frequent
updating to the social media source
Originality and usefulness of content
Demonstrates creativity
Breakthrough To Nursing
• How has your chapter spread the knowledge of Nursing
through your local chapter and your community?
• Looking for recruitment of Pre- Nursing students.
• Most creative/effective Breakthrough to Nursing Project.

Recruitment Award
• How do you get members to join?
• Given to the chapter who shows a creative and
determined way of getting students interested to
becoming members.
Pennies PRN
• Given to the chapter that has collected
the most money to go towards the FNSA
• Encourage your students to not only
donate pennies but any extra change or
dollars that they have. Make it fun by
making it a competition between the
difference semesters in your program!
Diamond Chapter
• The purpose of this award is to recognizes our top high-
achieving chapters who display commitment for FNSA’s
mission and goals through their activity in the previous year.
• Categories being scored:
 Official Constituency Status, Faculty Support of
Professional Development, Membership, Community
Health Participation, Legislative Advocacy & Political
Action, Breakthrough to Nursing, Communications and
State and National Participation
• Handedin-person the first day of Convention, October 25th
by 5:00pm.
Region 2 Director
Linda Genes
Florida State College at Jacksonville
What it means to serve…
Being a member of the FNSA Executive Board

As a potential candidate and member of the

Executive Board, you will be representing the
interests of nursing students throughout
Florida. When running for a position on the
FNSA Executive Board, you must understand
the duties and responsibilities of the office for
which you intend to run.
When to apply:
There's no time like the present!

The 2018 pre-slating window opens September 1st

and closes at 11:59 PM on September 30th.
Applications submitted after this date will not be
considered for pre-slating; although you will have
another opportunity to run for office during the House
of Delegates at State Convention, which will be held
this year in Daytona Beach from October 25-27th.
Get involved!
•Take the first step in •Whether you want to serve as an
pursuing your interest and Officer on the Executive Board, or
involvement in serving as an work alongside your FNSA
Executive Board Member of Representatives and serve on a
the FNSA! Committee, there are many
opportunities to explore.
•Check out the NEC
Handbook on the FNSA •The growth and success of the FNSA
website for details about the and Student Chapters throughout the
application process and State of Florida depend on the Board
eligibility requirements. and student members, and it all
starts with Nominations & Elections.
Cassidy Camden
Adventist University of Health
FNSA Corresponding Secretary
• Hi, my name is Cassidy Camden.
•I will be a Senior at Adventist University
of Health Science in January.
•I was a pre- slated candidate last year at
FNSA Corresponding Secretary
• What do you do?
The voice between the FNSA board and its
By using social media and sending out a
newsletter after every board meeting called the
Chairperson of Image of Nursing Committee.
Serve as Awards Coordinator.
FNSA Corresponding Secretary

•A copy of the Hotline is sent to your school by your

regional directors.
• You can always find it on the FNSA website.
Image of Nursing
• Ranked #1 Most Trusted Profession 15th Year in a
Row. ( ANA, 2016)
• Thiscommittee was created to keep the Image of a
nurse professional and positive. 
• Thiscommittee highlights the different types of people
who make up the nursing student and profession
nursing community via the Hotline.
• “Eventhough there is a U in Nurse, you never want to
be alone in nursing. We all are in this together “ –
Cassidy Camden
Region 1 Director
Jessica Walley
Florida State University
About Me
● Florida State University
 Senior, Graduating in May!

● Ran from the floor

Region 1 Director
● Which schools?
 Florida State University
 Chipola Junior College
 Pensacola Christian College
 Pensacola State College
 Gulf Coast University
 Northwest Florida State College
 University of West Florida
 Florida A&M University
 Fortis Institute

● Duties?
 Act as a liaison between my region’s SNA chapters
and our state board.
Communications Committee
● Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, but most
importantly – WEBSITE

● Keeping all the members up to date with our

What I am excited for!
● Perioperative! - Hands On
Isabel Cruz
Florida Atlantic University
About me!
• About Me
My name is Isabel Cruz and I am a senior in the nursing program at FAU
• My specialty of interest is intensive critical care.
• Why? ICU nurse gives me the opportunity to invest in my patient during their
long term care and be present during their healing process.
• Other organization I am involved in is Nursing Christian Fellowship and
Nurses Advocating for Peace and Safety
• In these organizations I traveled to participate in medical mission trips, or
helped locally to provide primary care in rural areas
• I also learned to be a prime advocator for patient rights and always implement
what matters most to them in my practice
• We provided blood glucose screenings, blood pressure screenings, necessities
(clothing and food), and education.
The Role of Treasurer
-Promotes ways to raise scholarship funds for the
Florida Student Nurse association. Ex, bake sale.
- Promote through :
- Ways and means Committee ( You don’t do this alone)
- Social media
- Informing SNA presidents at different schools via.
Emails and flyers.
- FNSA market (clothing)
- Pennies PRN
- The overall PURPOSE is to raise scholarship funds
for nursing students to help students pursue their
career in nursing without experiencing financial
burdens and stress.
Ran from the floor
1st Vice President
Samuel Apostle
Adventist University of Health
First Vice – President
• Chairperson of the Bylaws and the Peer Review
• Make revisions to the state bylaws, as necessary,
after the annual meeting.
• Submit a set of revised bylaws and a constituency
application to each FNSA district.
• Assist the President.
Recording Secretary
Anthony Goldberg
Florida Atlantic University
Who is this man?!
• Born Merrillville, Indiana

• Enjoy Indie music

• President of FAU SNA

• President of FAU Fencing Club

Recording Secretary
• Keep Minutes
Most important part
• Archives
Organize records
• Responsibilities
To National
To board
To State
Policy Chair
• Chair given to Recording Secretary
• Interpretation bylaws
• Functions within bylaws
• Anything needing to be addressed
• Not in bylaws
• Provides appropriate actions
Region 4 Director
Christine Roe
Pasco-Hernando State College
A little about
• Grew up in Spring
Hill, Florida
• My initials are CPR,
being a nurse has
been my dream
since I was 10 years
• I graduate in
• I am a Navy veteran
• I ran from the floor
at convention
The Legislative Committee shall:
a) Consist of members from each region of the state, when
b) Initiate contact and work in conjunction with FNA,
NSNA, FLN, and FNA Legislative Committees.
c) Encourage chapters to initiate and maintain contact with
their local legislative districts.
d) Provide each chapter with information on how to utilize
the “political process” effectively to be of influence in
health care issues.
e) Encourage and promote voter registration on the chapter
and state level.
• Legislation seems so boring, why do I have to get

• FNA Advocacy Days is a great event for students to

attend to learn how to lobby and advocate alongside the
FNA and truly understand how to give that “elevator
speech” to legislative officials.
With State Representative Thad Altman

Last Day to Register to Vote in the General

Election - October 9, 2018

Florida General Election - November 6, 2018

Advocacy Days -
March 13-14, 2019
What I have done as Legislative
1. Approved applications for the Legislative Committee
from applicants around the state.
2. Attended Advocacy Days in Tallahassee with FNA.
3. Sent communication, reminders, flyers, and FNA’s
Legislative Agenda to the FNSA Region Directors for
distribution to their respective Regions.
4. Attended and fully participated in FNPAC meetings to
discuss the legislative agenda, Advocacy Days, and the
upcoming state elections.
Region 6 Director
Caitlin Cox
University of Central Florida
Who is she…
Community Health Chair
1. Initiate and maintain contact with local chapters on
community health projects or ideas.
2. Distribute information on national and state
Community Health projects to the chapters.
3. Write articles related to Community Health for Hotline.
4. Submit Community Health state projects for NSNA
National Convention.
5. Work in conjunction with Prevent Blindness of Florida,
when possible.
Community Health Projects
• Childhood Amblyopia Prevention Screening (CAPS) /
Prevent Blindness Florida
• Information pamphlets (teen pregnancy, disaster relief,
NIMS certification, PREP)
• Blood drives
• Fundraising for hospitals / foundations
• Winnie Palmer, Cystic Fibrosis
Region 5 Director
Kiara Bradley
Florida Atlantic University
Region 5 Director 2017-2018
• helping/encouraging other students to actively
participate in FNSA;

• providing the students in region 5 with accurate,

pertinent information;

• attend monthly meetings;

• help other board members on miscellaneous projects;

•NSNA 2018 Convention,
•FNA 2018 Advocacy Days,
•FNSA Preconvention and Leadership Retreat!
•Professional Skills
•a way for students to take action on issues their
passionate about!
Highlights cont.
• What is a resolution?
•Written document declaring FNSA’s stance on a
variety of nursing/healthcare-related issues that
determines this organizations policies and
•Whereas vs. Resolved
• How do I submit?
•Submit to with all
necessary documents.
• Due date is October 5th, 11:59 P.M.
• How to get a resolution passed at convention
Region 7 Director
Hannah Huckery
Florida Gulf Coast University
About Me
● Attend Florida Gulf Coast

● Graduate May 2019

● Dream job is being a NICU


● Ran from the floor for the

Region 7 director and BTN
committee chair
Region 7 Director
● Schools included in Region 7 include Florida Gulf
Coast University, South Florida State College, and
Florida Southwestern College
● Duties:
 Keep schools updated on FNSA meetings and
convention updates
 NSNA convention details and state caucus times
 Assist schools within the region with becoming a
registered NSNA chapter
Breakthrough to Nursing
● Organize, represent, and mentor students preparing for
initial licensure as registered nurses enrolled in
baccalaureate completion programs, in becoming
practitioners sensitive to the cultural diversity that exists in
our society

● Advocate for high quality care, utilizing the principles of

transcultural nursing

● Promote the development of the skills needed to be

responsible, accountable members of the nursing profession
who respect the differences and similarities between people
Breakthrough to Nursing
Committee (cont.)
● BTN Project Ideas –
○ Visit your local Elementary schools, High

schools, Skill Centers, Technical schools,

Vocational Centers, Community colleges and
Universities and participate in a local
orientation day, health, college or career fair.
Contact Hannah
Huckery with any
(863) 224- 2417
Region 3 Director
Abbygail Lapinski
University of Central Florida
About Me
• UCF Student – 2nd year
Nursing Student
• Graduating May 2019
• Interested in military
nursing and trauma PCU
• Grew up right outside
Disney World
• I love dogs, traveling,
and volunteering
• I ran as a pre-slated
candidate last year
• Represent Region 3
• Maintain communication between chapters and
Executive Board
• Regional activities
• Exchange ideas, activities, functions
• Chair a Committee
• Attend Executive Meetings

Interested in my position? Please reach out to me!

Membership Committee
• Responsibilities
 Exchange of Ideas and Activities between Membership Chairs
 Mail-outs prior to convention
 Membership Drive/Recruitment
 Nursing Student Week!
• Convention Awards
 Greatest Percentage Increase in Membership Award
 Highest Membership
 Greatest Number Increase
• Constituency Status Application
 NSNA Membership Reports