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The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Depletion and it’s Impacts

Roshan S. Muley
B.Sc (Environment Science)
3rd Year (6th Semester)
Table of Contents
• Introduction to
• What is Atmosphere ?
• Atmosphere Composition
• Atmosphere Stratification
• Stratosphere and its description

• First of all , before understanding about ozone layer,
how it is depleted and what are its impacts it is
needed to understand where actually this ozone layer
is present?
• Earth is having 4 main sphere which act as boon for
our living world.
• This 4 main sphere includes – Atmosphere (air),
Hydrosphere(water), Lithosphere (earth’s rocky outer
skin), Pedosphere (where soil form).
• Here while taking about ozone layer ,it is needed to
understand ,where actually it is present ? Ozone layer
is present in Stratosphere (present at height of 10-50
km from earth’s surface. )which is one region of
Atmosphere (An Envelope of Gases).
What is Atmosphere ?

• Atmosphere can be defined as

Composition of Atmosphere

Source -
table 4
Stratification of Atmosphere

Major Region Of Atmosphere
Region Altitude range Temperature Important
(km) Range (oC ) chemical species

Troposphere 0-11 15 to -56 N2 , O2 , CO2 ,

H2 O

Stratosphere 11-50 -56 to -2 O3

Mesosphere 50-85 -2 to -92 O2+ , NO+

Thermosphere 85-500 -92 to 1200 O2+ , O+ , NO+.