To Brand or Not to Brand?

Concepts and Rules for Building the Killer Brand Chapter 11

Some Important Concepts«
‡ Brand Name: The part of a brand that can be spoken including letters, words and numbers. ‡ Brand Mark: The elements of a brand that cannot be spoken ‡ Brand Equity: The value of company and brands names. ‡ Master Brand: A brand so dominant that it comes to mind immediately when a product category, use, attributes or benefit is mentioned.

A look at Master Brands Baking Soda Adhesive Bandages Rum Gelatin Soup Cream Cheese Crayons Petroleum Jelly Arm & Hammer Band-Aid Bacardi Jell-O Campbell¶s Philadelphia Crayola Vaseline .

Brand Mark .

Logo/Name .


laddering up the brand essence . personality and user ‡ Research techniques: word associations. personifying the brand. culture.So what is it exactly« ‡ Attributes. benefits. values.

Benefits of Branding ‡ Branding distinguishes products from competition ‡ Product Identification ‡ Aids in repeat sales ‡ Aids in new product sales ‡ Aids in attracting loyal customers and segments ‡ It is the image. baby! .

(1991). Managing Brand Equity: Capitalizing on the Value of a Brand Name. The Free Press.What is Brand Equity?? A set of assets and liabilities linked to a brand¶s name and symbol that add or subtract from the value provided by a product or service to a firm and/ or that firm¶s customers. New York . David A. Aaker.

NY .Brand Equity Associations For more see: Aaker. Strategic Market Management. David A. 4th ed. Wiley. (1995)..

4 $24.3 $30.3 $26.The World¶s 10 Most Valuable Brands ± Interbrand 8/5/02 Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Brand Coca Cola Microsoft IBM GE Intel Nokia Disney McDonald¶s Marlboro Mercedes Value (billions) $69.6 $64.2 $41.2 $21 .9 $30 $29.1 $51.


Benefits of Brand Equity ‡ Leverage when bargaining with distributors and retailers ‡ Charge higher price for product ‡ Launch extensions ‡ Some defense against price wars ‡ Brand valuation .

Faithful or Fickle? A look at brand loyalty ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Cigarettes Mayonnaise Toothpaste Coffee Athletic shoes Canned veggies Garbage bags 71% 65% 61% 58% 27% 25% 23% .

Branding Decisions ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Brand or not to brand? Brand sponsor decision Brand name decision Brand strategy decision Brand repositioning decision .

Branding Strategies Brand No Brand Manufacturer¶s Brand Private Brand Individual Brand Family Brand Combination Individual Brand Family Brand Combination .

forms. ‡ Brand extensions ± brand names extended to new product categories ‡ Multibrands ± flanker brands ‡ Cobranding ± combination of two or more brands ‡ New brands .Brand Strategy Decisions ‡ Line extensions ± existing brand to new sizes. flavors etc.

Three Questions to Ask ‡ Krispy Kreme ‡ Starbucks .

So How do You Do This?? Some tips from ³Brand Warfare: 10 Rules for Building the Killer Brand´ by David D¶Alessandro .

NBC) ‡ The consumer revolution ± Consumer attitudes changed ± don¶t trust ³big´ ± Cheaper to enter business and create brands (amazon . Stupid ‡ Brand arrogance was once commonplace ± Brands that were once invincible are shadows of their former selves (ABC.R1: It¶s The Brand. CBS.000) ± Information access for consumers ‡ When the consumer rules.$300. arrogance kills ± The power of choice & importance of differentiation .

R2: Co dependency can be Beautiful« ‡ People pay attention to brands ± they need them ‡ Brands save time ± Think OTC drugs ‡ Brands project the right image ± ³No one can fault you for buying an IBM´ ‡ Brands provide an identity ± Brand communities (Harley. Ebay). comfort levels .

it¶s the execution Brand message has to speak to consumers Keep it relevant and consistent . don¶t let go« Brand New? Who is it going to be.‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ R3: A Great Brand Message is Like a Bucking Bronco ± once you are on. Brand Old? What is it and where should it go. Which is easier?? Its not the idea that rules.

R4: If you want Great advertising. be prepared to fight for it ‡ Beware of flatterers ‡ It is not necessarily good advertising that the client is after ‡ Be memorable ‡ Don¶t change the advertising because you are bored with it. .

R5: When it comes to sponsorships. there is a sucker born every 30 seconds ‡ Get in for the right reasons ‡ Understand the players ± The event organizer. TV Networks. the athletes and their entourages ‡ Look for a balance of power .

R6: Don¶t Confuse Sponsorship with a Spectator Sport ‡ Use the sponsorship every day in every way ‡ Set the right expectations ‡ Make sure you achieve something measurable and real .

R7: Do not allow scandal to destroy in 30 days a brand that took 100 years to build ‡ Brand is destiny ‡ Do not allow your enemies to define you ‡ Do not stall. Do not allow the lawyers to stall. ‡ You can run ± but you cannot hide .

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