Cyber Law

10/9/2010 Cyber Law 1

Covered Topics      Introduction to Cyber Crime and Cyber Law Types of Cyber Crime Various Laws and Provisions Penalties Career Opportunities in Cyber Law 10/9/2010 Cyber Law 2 .

Cyber Law 3 10/9/2010 .Introduction to Cyber Crime  The term Cybernetics was coined by the American mathematician Robert Wiener in 1940 s to mean: The Theory of Control and Communication Processes Cyber Crime can be defined as: Any crime with the help of computer and telecommunication technology with the purpose of influencing the functioning of the computer and the computer system.

      10/9/2010 Cyber Law 4 . Trojan Horse E-Mail abuse etc. worms.Some Computer Crimes: Logic Bombs Trap Doors Spamming Piggybacking Virus.

Impersonation 3. Harmful program transfer 4. Loss of Privacy etc .Categories of Cyber Crime Against a Person: 1. e-cash e5. money laundering 6. Cyber staking 2. Unauthorized Computer trespassing through Cyberspace 2. Computer vandalism 3. Copy Right etc . Against Property: 1. 10/9/2010 Cyber Law 5 .

6. 4. Hacking 2. 3.Against Government: 1. Cyber Extortion NASA Website hacking Cyber Terrorism Computer Viruses Counterfeiting currency & industrial Espionage etc . 5. Mafia Boy 10/9/2010 Cyber Law 6 .

C.: Indian Penal Code Evidence Act I.C: Criminal Procedure Court I.T. Act 2000 The term Cyber Law would mean law relating to the computer and computer network 10/9/2010 Cyber Law 7 .P.Hierarchy Law Cr.P.

Sections 22 31 43 68 72 10/9/2010 25 32 65 69 502A Cyber Law 29 44 66 70 419A 30 45 67 71 417A 8 .

commonly referred to as "electronic commerce". and Other means of electronic communication. involving the use of alternatives to paper-based methods of papercommunication and storage of information.IT ACT. Cyber Law 9 . 2000-OBJECTIVES 2000   10/9/2010 To provide legal recognition for transactions:transactions: Carried out by means of electronic data interchange. information.

1891 and the Reserve Bank of India Act. 1872.OBJECTIVES (contd. 1934  10/9/2010 Cyber Law 10 .)  To facilitate electronic filing of documents with the Government agencies To amend the Indian Penal Code. the Indian Evidence Act. Book Evidence Act. the Banker's 1872.

by authenticate his an  affixing digital  Any person by the use of a public key of the subscriber can verify the electronic record Cyber Law 11 10/9/2010 . signature.AUTHENTICATION OF ELECTRONIC RECORDS  Any subscriber may electronic record Authentication signature.

Authorities for Digital   Scheme for Regulation Cyber Law of Certifying 12 Authorities for Digital Signatures 10/9/2010 . signatures. Signatures. Electronic Signatures not yet legal in India.LEGALITY OF DIGITAL SIGNATURES   Legal recognition of digital signatures. Certifying Signatures. India.

computer system or computer network. 10/9/2010 Cyber Law 13 . not exceeding one Crore rupees ( Rs 10.000/ affected. computer system or computer network.000. accesses or secures access to such computer.) to the person so affected.COMPENSATION If a person without the permission of owner or any other person in charge of a computer.000. he is liable to pay statutory damages by way of compensation. 10.000/.