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How to get there

The direction
Writing and speaking
What's a ... ? It's a place where you

• Drugstore ____ wash and dry clothes.
• Laundromat ____ have a meal.
• library ____ get stamps and mail letters.
• post office ____ buy medicine.
• restaurant ____ see a movie or play.
• supermarket ____ buy groceries.
• theater ____ borrow books and read
Pair work Now write definitions for these
• bank,
• bookstore,
• bus station,
• gas station,
• Ward
• Maternity ward
Turn : belok U turn : putar balik
Turn left : belok kiri Turn right : belok kanan
Go straight : jalan lurus Intersection : simpang empat
Traffic light : lampu merah Stop : berhenti
In front of : di depan Behind : di belakang
Beside : di samping Left side : samping kiri
Right side : samping kanan Across : menyebrang
Pass : melewati Path / Lane : Lorong
Death end : jalan buntu T Junction : simpang 3
5 Junction : simpang 5 main Street : Jalan Utama
Highway : Jalan Raya Circling : Memutari
Kinds of way to express order or
• Numbering
one, two, three, four, etc
• Stage / date
first, second, third, fourth, twentieth (20th)
twenty first (21st)
• Words Conection
then, after that, so, next, and, finally, last
Adi : excuse me sir.
Edo : yes, please
Adi : can you help me please.
Edo : sure, what can I do for you?
Adi : actually I want to go to department store.
How I get there sir?
Edo : Ok, now you start from the pool, first you must go
straight to intersection, you will meet the traffic light
on the first street, second, turn right on it at ELM
street, third you have to go straight until you find the
intersection, the fourth, just go straight again to next
traffic light on third street, fifth turn right on post
corner, and sixth you have to stop in front of gym or
gas station. The department store is close to them.
Adi : I got that sir, you are very helpful
Edo : oh, don’t mention it.
Adi : I got that, so I have to turn right on
intersection on first street, then I have to
go straight on ELM, after that pass over the
traffic light until the intersection of third
street, and turn right in post corner, finally
I just stop near the gas station or gym, right sir?
Edo : yes, that’s true.
Adi : thank you sir.
Edo : ok, nice to help you
Your turn
• Please try to take the conversation with your
friend. Ask him/her about the direction.