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!l1Lnu8A kuMA8 uASP
8ranchť LCL
Secť u
D¢partm¢nt of El¢ctronics & Communication Engin¢¢ring
NH lnstitute uf Lngineering & 1echnulugy,
lntroduction to 5worm kobots
uifferent types of sworm robots
5worm 5pecificotions
luture cho//enoes
5e/fŴoroonitino noturo/ systems
Ê 5oc|a| |nsect systemsť antsţ term|tesţ waspsţ beesţ
cockroachesţ |ocustsŧ
Ê An|ma|s w|th soc|a| behav|orsť 8eesţ Þengu|nsţ b|rdsţ
f|shţ sheepŦŦŦ
A Swarm conslsLs of a larae number of homoaenous
auLonomous relaLlvelv lncapable or lnefflclenL roboLs wlLh
local senslna and communlcaLlon capablllLlesŦ
ln other wordsţ
Swarm robotics is the study oI how large number oI
relatively simple physically embodied agents can be
designed such that a desired collective behavior emerges
Irom the local interactions among agents and between the
agents and the environment.
/oroer ronoe of tosk domoin
6reoter efficiency
lmproved system performonce
lou/t to/eronce
Lower economic cost
5eorch Ǝ kescue
Mine uetection
5urvei//once Ǝ Monitorino
Medico/ 5ervice usino smo//Ŵsite robots
Mi/itory Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ
Ŵ 5worm 5ite
Ŵ Limited 6roup mu/tip/e kobots
Ŵ lnfinite 6roup nƽƽ1 kobots
Ŵ communicotion konoe
Ŵ NoneŴcommunicotive kobots
Ŵ NeorŴcommunicotive kobots
Ŵ lnfinite communicotive kobots
ke confiourobi/ity
Ŵ keconfiourobi/ity is the rote ot which the sworm con
spotio//y reoroonite itse/fŦ
Ŵ keconfiourobi/ity is eouivo/ent to the rote ot which members
con move with respect to one onotherŦ
bi/ity to operote under o wide ronoe of oroup
ln other wordsţ coordinotion mechonisms ore rother
independent of the number of individuo/s in the
5worm kobots con continue to operote despite /oroe
disturbonces becouse ofť
Ê kedundoncy
Ê 5imp/icity of the individuo/s
Ŵ 1echnlcal challenaes Lo scalablllLv
Ŵ Þerformlna phvslcal Lasks ln Lhe real world
Ŵ Chaln lormaLlon
Ŵ AaareaaLlon
Ŵ bsLacle Avoldance Ǝ 8eacon navlaaLlon
Ŵ ulsperslna
Ŵ Self Assemblv
1he communlcaLlon and roboL locaLlon svsLem
8oboL lSlS allow each roboL Lo commuLe wlLh
lLs nelahbors and deLermlned Lhelr ranaeţ
bearlnaţ and orlenLaLlon
Þr|m|t|ve 8ehav|ors
Ê 1hese lowŴlevel behavlors do noL lnLeracL wlLh oLher roboLs aL allŦ 1hev
provlde lowŴlevel moLlon conLrol and obsLacle avoldance for an lndlvldual
Ê Lxť move or sLop a roboL
Þa|r 8ehav|ors
Ê Þalr behavlors also dlrecL Lhe acLlons of a slnale acLlve roboLţ buL Lhev use Lhe poslLlon
and currenL sLaLe of onlv one nelahbor LhaL ls Lhe reference roboLŦ
Ê Lxť rlenL Lo anoLher roboLţ fellow a roboL
roup 8ehav|ors
Ê 1hese behavlors form Lhe bulk of Lhe behavlor llbrarvŦ 1hev are responslble for auldlna
Lhe acLlons of a slnale acLlve roboL based on Lhe poslLlons and currenL sLaLe of all of lLs
nelahborsŦ 1he enLlre seL of nelahbors are Lhe reference roboLsŦ
Ê Lxť lollow a leaderţ clusLerlnaţ arouplnaŦ
Ŵ ln Chaln lormaLlon problemţ Lhe alm ls Lo move Lhe roboLs so LhaL Lhev
form a chaln paLLernŦ
Ŵ 1he follow 1he Leader behavlor dvnamlcallv consLrucLs an ordered llne of
roboLsŦ 1hls llne ls sulLable for leadlna a aroup of roboLs lnLo an areaŦ
AnoLher behavlor ls requlred Lo conLrol Lhe leaderŦ
+ 1he aoal of Lhe clusLerlna behavlor ls Lo move Lhe swarm Lo a cenLrallzed locaLlon
ln as small an area as posslbleŦ
+ 1he clusLerlnLoCroups behavlor lmplemenLs a prlmlLlve form of dlvlslon of laborŦ lL
operaLes ln Lwo `sLepsŤ flrsLţ each roboL selecLs a aroup Lo [olnţ Lhen Lhe behavlor moves
roboLs ln Lhe same aroups LoaeLherţ whlle movlna enLlre aroups awav from each oLherŦ

Autonomous Nano Tech Swarm Architecture

Ŵ # @oxonomy for 5worm kobots"ţ 6Ŧ uudek! MŦ lenkinj £Ŧ Mi/ios!
ond uŦ wi/kest
Ŵ wikipedio
Ŵ 6ooo/eŦcom
Ŵ " keview of 5tudies in 5worm kobotics"ţ LŦ 8oyindirţ £Ŧ 5ohinŦ
Ŵ " keview of Probobi/istic Mocroscopic Mode/s for 5worm kobotic
5ystems"ţ kŦ Lermonţ Ŧ Mortino/iţ Ŧ 6o/styonŦ
Ŵ "5tupid kobot @ricksť 8ehoviorŴ8osed uistributed /oorithm
Librory for Proorommino 5worms of kobots"ţ lŦ McLurkin
Ŵ "5worm koboticsť lrom sources of inspirotion to domoins of
opp/icotion"ţ £Ŧ 5ohinŦ

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