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Where did it happen?

When did it happen?

How did it
To what extent did it

Who can answer these questions?!!



The Adverb Can!!!

Yes, an Adverb Will Tell Us:
*Where *When
*How *To What Extent

An Adverb Can Describe 3 Parts of Speech: *verb, *adjective, *adverb

Adverbs can come before or after the word they describe.
EXAMPLE: I carefully looked everywhere!

What is the Verb? looked

How did you look? carefully = Adverb #1, before the verb

Where did you look? everywhere = Adverb #2, after the verb

Where is that adverb??



adverb adverb
An Adverb Can Also Split
a Verb Phrase in Half!
What is the verb phrase?

“How Rude!”
could wait
What is the adverb?

Not..spliting the
verb phrase in

Example: Many students could not wait for school on

Directions: 1st tell the verb/verb phrase in the sentence.
Then, tell the adverb describing it.

1. You can intently play video games for hours!

What is the verb phrase? can play
What is the adverb? intently
2. The moon shined brightly in the dark sky.
What is the verb? shined
What is the adverb? brightly
An Adverb Can Also
Describe an Adjective!
Example: The fair is especially busy on
Saturday night.

“What adjective describes fair?”


“How busy?” especially = adverb

Let’s Try Some! Adverbs
Describing Adjectives
Directions: 1st tell the adjective in the
Then, tell the adverb describing it.

1. I waited nearly two hours to get tickets to

the new Harry Potter movie!

Adjective? two

Adverb? nearly

Why isn’t new an It also describes movie

2. At the movie, the popcorn
Adjective? buttery
seemed more buttery than mine
at home! Adverb? more
An Adverb Can Also
Describe Another Adverb!
Example: The guest left
quite abruptly.

How did he leave? abruptly = adverb

How abruptly?
quite = adverb describing adverb “What a crazy guest!”
Let’s try some! Adverbs describing Adverbs
Find the adverbs in the sentence.
1. Justin Bieber is most definitely the richest music icon there is!

What are the adjectives? richest, music

Both describing? icon = a noun

To what extent is he hot? definitely = Adverb #1

How definite? most = Adverb #2

2. Seats for his performance have been going especially quickly!

What is the verb phrase? How are they going? How quickly?
have been going quickly = adverb #1 especially = adverb #2
Now you most definitely,
positively, undoubtedly
know your adverbs!!!

Adverbs: Now, most, definitely,

positively, undoubtedly