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Types of Fired Heater

1. Based On Shape :
2. Based on Draft :

Natural Draft
Induced Draft

Forced Draft Balanced Draft

3. Based On arrangement of Burners :
Radiant Section
Parts of a Radiant section

1. Radiant Tubes
2. Burners
3. Pilot
Parts of a Convection Section
Parts of a convection section

1. Shield Tubes
2. Tubes with extended surfaces
3. Soot Blower
4. Crossover Tubes
5. Header Box
Fired heater Efficiency Improvement (Air Preheater)
Fired heater efficiency can be improved by installing a air preheater.

1. Balanced Draft with Direct Heat 2. Balanced Draft with Indirect Heat 3.Forced Draft with External Heat
Exchanger Exchanger source Exchanger