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Prepared by : Kamleshwary Krishnasamy

Movina Anbumaniam

1) Choose the right type of shots  Wide Medium Close up •When you •When you •When you are trying are trying are trying to capture to capture to capture a all the an small detail actions. interesting of action piece of action .

Here’s what a rule of thirds grid looks like in a 16×9 aspect ratio: . 2) Rule of thirds   he rule of thirds uses 2 equally spaced horizontal lines and 2 equally spaced vertical lines to break up the frame into 9 parts.

.   The rule of thirds creates balance in the frame and is a great tool for story telling.

3) Implied Line  .

 .


Implied lines are used to lead viewers eyes through the frame. and that can be represented by a direction a character is facing. . or by repeating objects in the frame. shadows.   Implied line is a line that isn’t literally in the frame but figuratively. and it can also be used to show depth and potential action.

PROPER HEADROOM   The head of the body is the most important part of an actor. and it can cause unbalance in the composition when not placed properly. you have proper headroom. .  To create proper headroom we simply put the eyes of our subject on the upper horizontal rule of thirds line  It doesn’t matter how small or how big your subject is in the frame. as long as their eyes are on the upper vertical rule of thirds line.

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