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Ancient China

Confucianism was very popular
among chinese scholars. There were
Four Books and Five classics. The
Educational Four Books were “The Great
Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean,
System Confucian Analects and The Works
of Mencius.” The Five Classics The
Book of Poetry (also known as The
Book of Songs, The Book of Odes),
The Book of History, The Book of
Rites, The Book of Changes, and
The Spring and Autumn Annals.
Ancient China was lead my
numerous different kings or
emperors. Possibly the most famous
Government was one of the first; Qin Shi Huang
was known for being a paranoid and
militaristic leader. He ruled the
country for 221 to 206 BC.
The Chinese developed a lot of
technology that we still use today
Technology such as; gunpowder, compasses,
paper making, and they are some the
first people to print things.
The early Chinese very much
Medicine believed in using herbs and plants as
medicine. Acupuncture was also
created in in early Chinese culture.
Ancient China is the reason why we
have one of the most important
pieces of architecture in history. The
Great Wall of China. The wall was
Infrastructure made in the Qin Dynasty. It was
made to keep invaders out of China.
Many people died making the great
wall and the people who did die were
not buried in a cemetery but in the
There were four social classes in
Ancient China. The top was the
King/Emperor. Then the
Nobles/Government officials. After
Society them there were the Peasants. The
next one is Artisans. The last ones
are the Merchants and slaves. The
Social order was divided up in 4
classes with the King on the top and
slaves on the bottom.
Why did this Many of the early empires in Ancient
empire end? China ended because of war,
uprising, or just death of the ruler.
China is still a country today.
The End