and good quality Jute has a golden sheen to it. cotton. beans. sugar. and even fertilizer and concrete. and then woven into a fabric. which in the US in known as burlap. extremely strong. cocoa. wheat. Jute fabric/Burlap is extremely durable and has very little stretch. Jute fibers are long. and an inexpensive fiber. tea. and most of the world's Jute is grown in the delta formed by the Ganges and Bramhaputra rivers in eastern India and Bangladesh. thus making it ideal for many different forms. fertilizers. varying from 1. . vegetables. upholstery. rice. earning it the nickname "the golden fiber" (although mainly golden brown.5 to 3. lentils. Jute fibers vary from white to silver grey). durable. Jute is totally biodegradable. sand and stones. cereals.5 meters. thus making it ideal for the foundations of upholstery. The fibers are spun into yarn. and of course. from bags to carpets and clothing.Introduction of Jute Jute is an extremely versatile vegetable fiber known for its strength and durability. It is derived from a relative of the hemp plant. Jute fabric is also used to create sacks/bags for many commodities: coffee.

Jute are used as raw materials for packaging textiles. & land restoration where jute cloth prevents erosion occurring while natural vegetation become established. decorative fabrics. upholsteries & furnishing fabrics. non-textiles. Besides packaging (sackings). soft luggage. woven carpets. . geotextile. nonconstruction & agricultural sector. fancy bags. jute has some diverse end-uses e. webbing. endropes/twines. wrapping (Hessian) or backing (carpet backing) fabrics. composite etc. What are the uses of jute? Where jute is used? Jute uses include containers for planting young trees which can be planted directly with the containers without disturbing the roots.g. mats.Uses of Jute 1.

while natural vegetation becomes established.2. * Food Grade Jute bags are used for packaging of Cocoa. * Canvas cloth & Tarpaulin are used in Agrotech & Oekotech application. What are the industrial uses of Jute? * It is used to make cloth for wrapping bales of raw cotton & to make sacks for packaging goods. eg Personal & property protection. . weed control etc. IJO standard 98/01. seed protection. as per international specification. * Jute composites are used for automobile interior production. Coffee & shelled nuts. * Jute Geotextile is used for preventing soil erosion. * Flame proof & mild deed proof fabric using jute yarn as core & high performance fibre as core sheath are used in Protech application.

‡Floor Décor : Jute & jute blended floor coverings with ruffed ‡Hand Bags & Shopping Bags : While one enjoy the novelty and different ranges of Jute Hand bags. What are the Lifestyle uses of Jute? ‡Home Textile: Pep up the Living room or office rooms with bright jute cushion covers and an amazing range of jute furnishing for the sofas & curtains. one can also feel 2000 about using an environment-friendly product. light weight and easy to lay and use. textures. Dress up the walls with delicately embroidered jute wall hanging.3. wallets and fashion bags. . The machine made or hand knotted carpets. The environmentrange also includes luggage. Add a dash of colour to table settings with vibrant jute mats & other accessories. rugs & dhurries are environment friendly. earthly tones or bright exotic designs makes home & workplace a true delight . for corporate image.

Jute also does not generate toxic . Jute contributes lasting solution to the universal problem of pollution. Jute is environment ² friendly because its contents are cellulose & lignin which are bio degradable.4. Is the use of jute economical and environment friendly? Jute is the cheapest natural fibres & is second only to cotton in amount produced & variety of uses.

StateState-wise Jute production in the last 3 years Period: July-June / Area: '000 Hectares / Qty: '000 Bales July2006-07 State West Bengal Bihar Jharkhand Assam Orissa Uttar Pradesh Tripura Meghalaya Nagaland Others Total Area 595 127 58 5 1 4 2 792 Production 8411 1253 559 48 4 35 6 10316 Area 610 131 60 6 (0.1) 1 6 2 812 Production 7900 1402 674 104 1 8 50 21 10160 .5) 4 3 814 2007-08 Production 8216 1251 657 50 4 35 6 10219 2008-09 (Estimated) Area 584 147 61 11 (0.

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