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1. Graphic Rating Scale

2 Compares individual performance to an
absolute standard.
2 Judgments about performance are
recorded on a scale.
2 Linear rating scale /Simple rating scale
2. Ranking Method
2 Employees are ranked from best to worst on
some characteristics

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3. Paired Comparison Method
2 Compares one employee with all other
employees in the group
2 Number of positive evaluation * 100
Total no of evaluations
4. Forced Distribution Method
2 Distribute his ratings in a pattern to confirm
to a normal frequency distribution , after
assigning the points to the performance of
the employee has to

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. Checklist Methods
a. Simple Checklist
2 Consists of large number of statements
concerning an employee behavior.
2 Employee performance is based on the basis
of number of positive checks.
b. Weighed Checklist
2 Weighting different item in the check list
c. Forced Choice Method
2 There will be a group of statements
2 Rater has to select one most favorable and
least favorable statement out of the group

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Ä. Essay or Free Form Appraisal
2 Manager requires to write a short essay
describing each employee·s performance
during the rating period.
7. Group Appraisal
2 Employee is appraised by group of appraisers
8. Confidential Reports
2 Traditional method
2 Superior appraises the performance of his
subordinates based on his observations and
judgment and intuitions .

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1. Behavioral Checklist Method
2. Critical Incident method
2 Continuously records the critical incidents of
the employee performance
3. Behaviorally Anchored Rating
a. Collect critical incidents
b. Identify performance Dimensions
c. Reclassification of incidents
d. Assigning scale values to the incidents
e. Producing the final instrument
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4. Behavioral Observation Scales
2 The appraiser measures how frequently
each of the behavior has been observed
. Assessment Center
2 Assessment of several individuals is done by
various experts by using various techniques.
Ä. Psychological Appraisal
2 Assessment of employee·s potential.
2 Consists of in-depth interviews
,psychological tests, consultation and
discussions with the employees etc.
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1. Productivity Measures
2 Appraisal based on the ratio of output they
turned out to the input they used.
2. Balanced Scorecard
2 Developed by Robert Kaplan and David
3. Human Resource Accounting
2 Deals with cost and contribution of human

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4. Management by Objectives
2 The superiors and subordinate managers of
an organization jointly identify its common
goal, define each individual·s major areas
of responsibility in terms results expected of
him, and use these measures of guides for
operating the unit and assessing the
contribution of its members.

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1. 3Ä0 Degree Appraisal system/feedback


once from



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2. Focus on achievement system
2 This system is to improve performance
continually of the individual as well as
2 Manager is to support employee to
maximize their potential and

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3. Rational Performance Management
2 There will be a clear statement of what the
organization should achieve, optimal fit of
responsibilities of work group and individual with
organizational goals, measurement of
performance in terms of responsibilities and
goals, rewards based on employee
performance , and organizational structure,
processes and resources and authority systems
geared to optimizing performance of

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m Rating by Superiors
m Feedback on appraisal information
m Field review technique
m Rating by self and the peer group
m 3Ä0 degree performance appraisal

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m Essentials of Human Resource and
Management and Industrial Relations .
By P.Subba Rao, 3rd revised and
enlarged Edition.
m Human Resource Management. By
Biswajeet Pattanayak

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