The Competitiveness of Cleveland

Sheri Bontrager - Pete Farina - Jason Russell

Employer Assisted Housing (EAH)
• Benefits of EAH • Recruitment • Retention • Revitalization • Community Relations • Reduced Commute Times

Housing in Downtown Cleveland

Employer Assisted Housing (EAH)
Come Home Cleveland (CHC) • Market living in Downtown Cleveland & CHC • Financial Assistance • Real Estate Consultant • Housing Consultation

Come Home Cleveland (CHC)
• Overcome the negative
connotation associated with living downtown • Market CHC to companies in Downtown Cleveland to increase the number of employers participating.

Come Home Cleveland (CHC)
• Financial Assistance
• Forgivable Loan • Typically 3-5 years • Cleveland Clinic 12 months • Loan are used to subsidize or cover up-front costs

• Rental Assistance

• Security Deposit covered, rent subsidized monthly • Hard to administer

Come Home Cleveland (CHC)
• Real Estate & Housing Consultant
• CHC could be the one-stop shop for potential downtown residents. • Housing Consultation would be a requirement for employees receiving assistance

Come Home Cleveland (CHC)
• Funding Source
• Case by Case Employer Contribution • State Tax Credits

For-Profit REACH Example

Regional Employee Assistance Collaboration for Housing

“Some 50 four- and two-year colleges are located in the eight Ohio cities highlighted by our report and should be encouraged to develop downtown satellite campuses”
- Bruce Katz, Brookings Institute

“We are working on a plan with the Playhouse Square Foundation, through Mr. Art Falco’s good efforts, to move our theater program into a theater at that location” - President Michael Schwartz, CSU

Other Catalysts of Competitiveness

Clean, Safe, Attractiveness? Coop program with businesses & universities Cleveland Plus+ (More local focus?) Private police to patrol residential districts Create a 24/7 city one night a week/month
Including RTA and Taxi services





Current Cleveland Initiatives
Where Cleveland has plans on gaining its competitive edge competitive amongst its future and potential developments/ideas.

Enhances Environment
Street Level Pedestrian Friendly

Public Art

District ID Cohesion Civic Pride Reduces Crime Inward Investments

Neighboring Properties

1% of total construction costs

Superior Corridor Installation by Stephen Manka

Green Cleveland
Cuyahoga Regional Energy Task Force

Goal Reduce Environmental Footprint of Cleveland on Environment Sustainability as Economic Development Tool Take $ Saved and Put Towards Funds to Support Businesses/Community Sustainability Tax Breaks for Energy Efficiency/Sustainability in Developments 50% Construction and Demolition Projects – local recyclers Clean fuel and fleets

Cleveland Sustainability Program
  

Wind Turbines in Cleveland?
Urban Turbine 4 – 10 Wind Turbines on Lake Erie
  

First water-borne windmills in US First freshwater wind turbines in the world Megawatts Produced Regional, National, Global Market

Offshore Wind Power Development and Manufacturing

Job Creation Wind Research Center Funding To Be Continued

Bike Paths
Connecting the Neighborhoods Tourists Chicago Lakefront Bike Paths Demographics Incorporating Bike Paths Into New Projects Lakefront Development

Slowing down the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway and making pedestrian/bicycle friendly.

Port Relocation
Lakefront Development  Prime Real Estate  Incorporate Greenspace Ports Along St. Lawrence Seaway Logistics 3 Potential Relocation Points Concentrating On Selection Of Investments  Good or Bad?

Stark’s Proposed Development
Location: Warehouse District Cleveland IS a Mid-Sized City Can Not Build Another Key Tower Green Buildings Putting People At The Street Level Benches Along The Streets of Cleveland Need to Densify Downtown  1.2 Million SF of Office  1 Million SF of Residential/Hotel  1 Million SF of Retail

Wayfinding Signage
Creating a better Cleveland Experience

What is Wayfinding Signage?
“Wayfinding is the process of using spatial and environmental cues to navigate through an environment. In its most literal sense, wayfinding is the ability of a person to find his or her way to a destination.” Corbin Design “Wayfinding can be defined as the orderly structuring of information required to enable people to comfortably and successfully access an environment.” Central Atlanta Progress

Signage is Versatile
Useful for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists Actively highlights a city’s assets Identify services: public transit and parking Public art that enhances the streetscape and creates a sense of “place” Promotes connectedness between districts

History of Cleveland Wayfinding Signage
Result of recent construction of Jacob’s Field and the Gund Arena • Downtown Development Coordinators created the plan

Current Signage
Incomplete System Poorly Maintained Unattractive Insufficient Information No Confirmed Plans for the future

Other Models
Atlanta, Georgia

New program currently implemented

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Original program sustained successfully since its implementation in 1995

Atlanta’s Signage Program
Previous program in 1996 2002 plans for new program Maintenance plan with future funding sources

Pittsburgh’s Signage Program
Plan implemented in 1995 Local signage company Successful maintenance plan

Revisiting Current Problems
Incomplete System

Follow through with entire plan Establish plan and have a funding source Incorporate ideas about public art, streetscape, place-making Destination signage with means to connect districts

Poorly Maintained


Insufficient Information

Downtown Experience
Improve downtown “travelability” Clearly recognize Cleveland’s assets Streetscape and Public Art

How does this make Cleveland a more competitive city?

Creating a Competitive Cleveland
Our goal: to investigate many current and potential projects that will enhance Cleveland’s wealth of assets.

Employer Assisted Housing Green Initiatives and Current Projects Wayfinding Signage