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 Introduction

 Applications

 Objectives

 Components
 Arduino
 Microcontroller
 MQ5
 GSM Transmission Circuit
 Power Supply Circuit

 How The System Works

 Future Scope

 Conclusion

 LPG is essential in our daily life.

 Now a days the use of LPG is extended to so many


 But sometimes gas may be leak then the explosion

will be done.

 For every 20L of volume of air, 2% to 10% of LPG in

air is enough to cause an explosion.

 In such case gas leakage detector helps to protect

people from dangerous gas leakage.

 Security system in application

(LPG as fuel).

 Because of its low power consumption this system

can be used in other applications like,smoke
detection and various toxic gases by doing some

 LBS(Location Based Service)

 PND(Portable Navigation Device)

 Vehicle navigation system

 Mobile Phones

The primary objectives of this project are to:

 Review existing designs of gas leakage detector with

emphasis on the wireless type.

 Provide literature on gas sensors.

 Provide literature on building blocks of the detection

and transmission ,and receiving modules of a typical
wireless gas leakage detector.

 Design build and test one for LPG.

• It is open source computer hardware.Software
company,project and user community that manufactures
microcontroller based kits for building digital devices and
special objectives that can sense and control objects in
physical world.

• These systems provide set of digital and analog I/O pins

that can be interfaced to various boards and other

• For programming the microcontrollers,the Arduino

project provides an integrated development
environment(IDE) based on Processing project, which
includes support for the c and c++ programming

• The AT MEGA 128 is an 8 bit microcontroller. AT MEGA 128 was

chosen because of its low cost,low-power,high-performance CMOS
8-bitmicrocontroller of Atmel’s MEGA AVR family with 16K bytes of
flash programmable and erasable read only memory(EPROM).

• The microcontroller (AT MEGA 128) works on 5V DC supplied it

from an external DC Source.

• The sensing circuit consists of an MQ5 sensor which senses LPG

leakage of the order 200ppm to 1000ppm (capable of causing
explosions) and is connected to the microcontroller to be supplied
with 5V Dc.

• MQ 5 gas sensor was choose over other sensors because for

detecting LPG and natural gas.

• This circuit is made up of the GSM SIM 300 MODEM and powered by
12 DC.

• The GSM modem can accept any GSM network operator SIM card and
act just like a mobile phone with its own unique phone number.

• Application like SMS control,data transfer,remote control and logging

can be developed easily.

• The GSM which sends the text message “Gas Leakage Detected” if gas

• It has greater flexibility, better antenna signals and it has low cost.

• This circuit is made up of one 9V dc battery which supply power

to the microcontroller and a 12 volt dc voltage supplied from a

• The 9V is stepped down for the use of the microcontroller which

in turn supplies the sensor, the fan and the buzzer.

• This consist of the buzzer , the LED and the fan.


• When gas leakage of a detectable quantity of 200ppm to 1000ppm

capable of causing explosion which corresponds to 10K to 47K is
sensed by the MQ 5 sensor (which detect natural gas also with

• An analogue signal is sent to the microcontroller from sensor,An

ADC in the microcontroller coverts analog signals into digital

• For detectable gas leakage quantity,a digital high(1) is transmitted

while a digital low(0) is transmitted for non-detectable quantity.

• This calculated high signals turns on a buzzer to alert .The signal

also turn on an LED to show danger.

• An automatically pre-programmed message is then sent to device

via GSM module to inform them about the situation at home.

 Mobile Application:-
 In this digital world everyone has smartphone.We can connect
a mobile based application with the website to alert more
efficiently in the users phone by giving proper details.

 Different Gases:-
 Environmental air quality is also becoming increasingly
important and there will be many future requirements for low-
cost,air quality monitoring sensors which are capable of
monitoring pollutants such as ozone,carbon monoxide and
nitrogen dioxide.

 Lower power and size:-

 The power consumed by gas sensors is limited as they are used
in portable instrumentation.A consumer will always prefer an
power efficient device.

 In this system we have describe a new approach for gas

leakage detection system at a low concentration.

 The leakage is detected with the help of MQ-5 gas

sensor.Sensor sends a signal to microcontroller.In the next
step microcontroller sends an active signals to the
externally connected devices.

 The power efficient microcontroller AT MEGA 128 is used.

 Multiple SMS can be send by changing programming GSM

module.To change the SIM card we have to make changes in