Senior English

Period ‡ A period ends a declarative sentence. .

‡ Shine on. . harvest moon. ‡ We must do our best.Period ‡ The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

‡ It¶s the ending one uses when one is asking a question. ? .Question Mark ‡ A question mark ends interrogatory sentence.

Question Mark ‡ Who is at the door? ‡ When is Lonnie coming over? . ‡ How soon before the class ends? .

or yells for help. ! .Exclamation Point ‡ An exclamation point ends an exclamatory sentence. shouts with rage. ‡ It¶s the ending one uses when one exclaims with excitement.

Exclamation Point ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ It¶s too hot! Ouch! It¶s the best time ever! Look out! .

‡ A comma. ‡ A comma separates words in a series. ¶ . ‡ A comma is used with dates and locations. joins two sentences.Comma ‡ A comma indicates the need for a pause in a sentence. used with and or but. ‡ A comma separates two or more equal adjectives.

Comma ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The rain. On September 5. . is my home. students celebrated the comma. beans. so unexpected. ‡ I dream of going to Paris. It was a large. gushed down. hairy dog. Kentucky. Kentucky. ‡ Louisville. but I¶ve only been to Paris. rice. and milk. Mom bought chicken. She was exhausted. France. 2008. but she still went to school.

‡ A colon introduces a long quotation after a complete sentence. or clauses follows a complete sentence. phrases. : .Colon ‡ A colon signals a series of words. ‡ A colon signals that a second complete sentence explains a closely related preceding sentence.

‡ The boss came straight to the point: I won¶t tolerate workers who show up late. and practice. knowledge of grammar and punctuation.´ . Maya Angelou described her belief that everyone is special: ³I believe that every person is born with talent. ‡ In her works.Colon ‡ On-demand writing requires three things: concentration.

. ‡ A semicolon separates a series of phrases or clauses that are long or have punctuation. within them. . like commas.Semicolon ‡ A semicolon joins two independent clauses that are very closely related.

Woods. there were no tickets available. we were waiting. a full-time student. Wilkins. a school administrator. . ‡ The school¶s community outreach committee was led by three individuals: Erica Hunt.Semicolon ‡ Sure. Ms. and Mrs. a teacher.

‡ An apostrophe shows that letters were left out when creating a contraction.Apostrophe ‡ An apostrophe shows possession. ¶ .

Apostrophe ‡ Lynette¶s dog was run over by a car. ‡ Isn¶t that a shame? . ‡ They¶re not coming.

‡ A woman: without her. . is nothing. man is nothing. without her man.Why Is Punctuation Important? ‡ a woman without her man is nothing ‡ A woman.

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