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Facilities Plan

Greenbrier High School Media

Cynthia Pletcher
FRIT 7132
Spring 2009
Dr. Allen
Table of Contents
 Mission Statement
 School Data
 Media Center Info
 Survey Results
 Policies and Revisions
 Current Floor Plan
 Current MC Pictures
 Revised Floor Plan
 Media Center Makeover
 New Furnishings
 Acknowledgments and Resources
Greenbrier High School
Evans, GA
GHS Media Center
Mission Statement

The Greenbrier High School

Media Center promotes
lifelong learning by
encouraging students to
read and by teaching
students how to access, use
and evaluate information
that is published in print and
School Data
Greenbrier High School opened in 1996 to become Columbia
County’s fourth high school. Set in the northwestern corner of the
county it was set to accept a growing population as the county
continued to develop westward and as property around Lake
Thurmond continued to be developed.
The school is situated in Riverwood Plantation, a community-based
school which was later joined by an elementary and middle
school. For the first 11 years of it’s existence, traffic was limited
to only one road in and out, leading to a traffic nightmare. In
2007, a second road was opened, helping to eliminate the back-
ups that occurred every morning and afternoon, and after every
large school event. In addition to the new road, a zero period was
added for Seniors to help alleviate the overcrowding in the high
School Data - continued
There are at least 3 high schools in the CSRA that share a similar floor plan.
Greenbrier was the first, followed quickly by Cross Creek in 1997, and now
Columbia County’s newest school, Grovetown High will share the footprint.
Officials have learned that this is a cost effective way to build new schools
and have used similar plans for several elementary and middle schools as
the sites allow.
Currently Greenbrier is the only AAAAA school in the area. Current enrollment
is about 2130. Because of this GHSA classification, athletic teams must
travel to the Atlanta area (250 miles, round trip) for many away events. This
travel will continue until the next realignment in 2010.
GHS is currently staffed with 116 full and part-time faculty, 5 administrators,
and 6 full and part-time guidance counselors. These numbers will be
changing significantly when the county’s newest high school, Grovetown
High, opens in August 2009. Expected staffing numbers are still being
calculated at this time.
Media Center
 There is approximately 3600 square feet for student usage, and an
additional 1800 for storage, offices, and work areas. This brings the
total square footage to approximately 5400.
 It currently contains 5 offices, a storage room, a server room, and a
media workroom. Two of the current offices were previously a
conference room, and a third was a faculty work area.
 The media workroom contains 2 computers that floating teachers may
use during planning.
 The media center is staffed by 2 full-time media specialists and a full-
time clerk. Parent volunteers are regulars in the media center and
school office.
 The media center has 32 computers for general student use, 1 reserved
for special use such as color printing, two for circulation, and two for ms
usage. The majority of these were supplied with county technology
funds, but several have been purchased using GHS media funds.
 Currently the book collection is 19,700, but this is expected to change
when a major weed is conducted during the Summer of 2009. Weeded
books will not be replaced until money for the next major replacement is
Media Center
 Current seating capacity:
 Large group seating area: 32
 Lounge Area: 5
 Student computer use: 32
 Tables around circulation desk: 16
 Study carrels: 10
 Total facility seating
(excluding staff usage): 95
Survey Results - March 2009
Students: Faculty:
1. Students mostly use the media 1. Most do not take their students to
center to complete research, use the media center more than a few
the computer or printers, and times a year, if that.
occasionally because they have 2. Helpfulness of the staff depends on
nowhere else to hang out. who is there at the time.
2. The results showed that most 3. Half of those who responded said
students felt somewhat that they have collaborated with the
comfortable visiting. staff on projects.
3. However over 85% replied that 4. Some didn’t even know that
sometimes the staff is helpful and collaboration with the staff was an
sometimes they’re not. option.
4. Over 71% feel that there are not 5. Requests for changes included a
enough computers in the mc for drop-off by the door, longer hours
student use. after school, notice of new
5. All respondents thought that the resources, and users of the facility
current hours of operation met being given first priority.
their needs. 6. Half the respondents indicated a
need for longer hours, while the
others thought that the current hours
are acceptable.
Media Center Policies
(necessary changes are in
The school library media specialist organizes and facilitates a physical environment
designed specifically to meet the learning and information needs of students, teachers,
and others with a variety of educational and informational resources that provide
access to information both within the school and in the local, regional and global
communities. (as taken from the Media Center Handbook for Columbia County)
 The media center operates on a flexible schedule at all times.
 A calendar is available on the county server for teachers to use when signing up their class to
work in the media center. While this is convenient for the teachers, this makes it almost
impossible for the media specialist to collaborate with teachers. The idea of a calendar placed
in the media center office needs to be reinstated. This would allow for collaboration between
the media specialist and the teachers to take place.
 Media Center Hours: Mon., Thurs., Fri. 6:45 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.; Tues., Wed. 6:45 a.m. - 4:00
p.m. The media center needs to have hours from 6:45 am until 4:00 pm DAILY. This would
eliminate the problems of trying to remember what day it is and what the hours are for that
particular day. Saturday hours should be from 8am until 12pm to encourage students to use
the resources more frequently.
 When the entire class visits the media center, the teacher maintains responsibility for the
Media Center Policies
(necessary changes are in
 Students may leave class and visit the media center as long as the teacher gives permission and
writes the student a pass. The student must sign in and sign out of the media center on the log
located at the circulation desk.
 Students may visit the media center during their lunch as long as they obtain a media center
pass from their f4th period teacher. The student must sign in and out of the media center on the
log located at the circulation desk.
 Students are able to check out 5 books at a time for a 2 week period. Late fees are $0.10 per
day. Reference materials may be checked out for 1 night only. Students will pay for lost or
damaged books.
 A copy machine is available for students for a rate of $0.10 per copy.
 Students may print their work in the media center. Black and white pictures are $0.25 and text is
$0.10 per page. There is no charge for text printing for students in their with their class.
 The students have access to the internet as long as an Internet Usage Agreement has been
signed by the student’s parents. This will be kept on file in the media center.
 It is school policy that book bags are not allowed in the media center. Book bags need to be
allowed in the media center. A security system at the main entrances would alleviate the problem
of students stealing items from the media center or other’s bookbags.
 Students visiting the media center with their class will have priority on the use of the student
Media Center Policies
(necessary changes are in
Currently this is the only form available for usage of the media center.
Usage of the media center after normal operating hours:
 A facilities request form must be completed and submitted at least one week in
advance of the event.
 Media Specialist is to be given 24 hours notice of after hours use of the facility to
allow for appropriate security measures to be taken. Included with this notice will be a
contact name and telephone number.
 The organization requesting use of the media center is responsible for any damages
or losses. It is the duty of the media specialist to report any problems to the
appropriate parties as soon as possible, and to make written documentation of such
to the principal.
Existing Media Center
Counter 120' 6"
Workspace Block Wall -Mall Hall (Students Congregate Here )

Main Fiction Fiction Fiction Career/

Entrance Grad
Counter Workspace

Fiction 973 Entrance
100's 700's
Fiction Fiction 500's
Head MS 200's
300's 600's
800's 900's 973
Career Office
6' 0"

13' 8"
15' 0"

Work Sink

14' 0"

Work Table


Counter Workspace

Table bl
Table R R R
e e e
f f f
o 13' 8"
e e e
r r r
e e e
n n n

On al

e ci
c c c

Us Spe
io h
e e e


58' 7"
58' 7"

8' 8"


15' 2"
Counter Workspace 6' 0" Office
2' 1


1' 9"


14' 4"
e e e
f f f
e e e

r r r

Ta r
bl e e e
e a
Table n n n
c c c
e e e

23' 0"

Periodical and
Coffee Table

Media Specialist Emergency

Storage Sofa Office Exit



Drop Down
Screen C
TV Study Carrels Study Carrels Career and Test Prep Buy SmartDraw!- purchased copies print this
Periodicals Career and Test Prep
document without a watermark.
Visit www or call1-800-768-3729.
120' 6"
Here is the door…and what you see when
Lounge Reading Area
Workroom and Storage
Head Media Specialist’s
Reference Section and Display Area
Circulation Desk
Current computer wiring
Media Center Make-Over
120' 6"Congregate Here )
Block Wall -Mall Hall (Students

Main Fiction Fiction Fiction


Entrance Grad
C o u n te r W o rk s p a ce

Fiction 973
Conference 400's
100's 700's
Room Fiction Fiction 500's
200's 800's 900's 973
600's Career Office

6' 0"

13' 8"
15' 0"

C o pi er
W ork Sin k

14' 0"
C o u n te r W o rk sp ac e

Work Table
e e e

S tu d y C a r re ls
f f f
W a ll B o ok

e e e Graduation
D ro p

r r r
e e e Specialist
n n n
c c c Office
e e e
15' 7"
13' 8"

Student Use
Special Use 6' 0" Classroom

Staff Use
7' 8 "

58' 7 "
5 8' 7 "

8' 8 "

15' 2" B
Table Table r

a R
1' 9" R R

p e e e
h f f f
y Circulation e e e
r r r
C a r e e r a n d T es t Pre p

e e
n n n
Table Table c c c
e e e

Table 17' 4"

23' 0"

Periodical and
Media B
Storage i
Table Table g Shared MS
r Office
1 1 ' 8"

12 ' 4 "

(Ceiling) y

Drop Down
TV C Periodicals Paperbacks

120' 6"
Buy SmartDraw !- purchased copies print this
Entrance for document without a watermark .
Special Visit www .smartdraw .com or call 1-800 -768 -3729 .
Media Center Make-over
 Since this school is expected to lose AT LEAST 500 students during the next school year
and more the following year, no additions to the existing space have been made. If this
was not the case additional 2000 square feet would need to be added to meet Georgia
DOE standards.
 Restrooms –handicapped accessible one for staff and one for student use. This would
eliminate students leaving the media center to use restroom and accommodate special
events. This would also eliminate the need for media staff to go outside the media center.
This had been requested by media staff.
 Hall book drop – requested by those in survey. Location is across from school office.
 Return conference room to media center. (PT counselor moved to guidance area of
building) This would allow for more small group meetings. Since this room is glassed in
part way on three sides, students could use it fro group projects during normal media
center hours. Blinds enclosed within glass would cover these windows allowing for privacy
as needed.
 Combine MS offices into 1 room. This would allow for better communication between
media faculty .
 Move MS office to center of room behind circulation desk – eliminates constant going back
& forth from office to circulation desk. Office contains windows so that MS could also
monitor MC from their desk.
 Outside door – eliminates use of front door during special events. This would also serve as
a safety measure by limiting access to rest of building.
 Computer classroom for media instruction. Smartboard and LCD projector included.
Windows would have enclosed blinds for when room is in use with an adult. Blinds could
be opened for overflow student usage. (Example: if the classroom is not in use during
lunch periods it can then be used for additional student usage.
Media Center Make-over
Student computers are aligned so that all monitors face the circulation
desk, minimizing inappropriate behavior. Tables for these would allow
computers to drop down to allow for a larger work area. Shelf under desk
top would allow for CPU to be put out of the work area, yet still remain off
the floor. Table also has an opening to allow for cables to be grouped and
placed out of way eliminating the current wiring mess.
 Lounge area has been moved to opposite corner of room, away from the
large group instruction area to lessen distractions for both groups. Sofa
has been replaced to minimize inappropriate behavior, and additional
individual seating is added allowing for collaboration. These chairs can be
arranged in a variety of ways.
 Large rectangular tables have been kept for their flexibility in the room, but
have been rearranged to make the large group meeting area more
compact to lessen distractions from students entering/leaving media
 Biography book cases have been moved to “wall off” the large group
meeting area from the rest of the media center. They are still short enough
to allow for supervision of students at the rectangular tables.
Paint Colors
Informational Banners – to be hung from ceiling
allowing students to see location of materials. http://
Multi-purpose Computer
note drop down feature
 Ideal for collaborative learning environments
 Dual-position top access flip door
 Top locking position provides secure place for
laptop or CPU storage
 Lower position allows semi-recessed monitor
 1 1/4" thick high pressure laminate top, flip door
and shelf are standard with black waterfall T-
mold bumper edge
 1 1/4" thick double-sided high-pressure laminate
end panel and back panel with T-mold bumper
 3 1/4" grommet in each end panel and 18-
gauge steel perforated chase for wire
 Includes deluxe skater casters and quick
configure ganging mechanism
 CPU Holder and Laptop Nest sold separately
 (37"H x 31"D) Assembled. Ships from
manufacturer via truck.
 39"W Learning Bay EA $1225.00
 CPU Holder EA 59.00
 Laptop Nest EA 59.00
 Brodart Endure Lounge Tables

Lounge Area Table

 Laminate surface resists scratches,
fading and staining
 13.16" thick oak tabletops with low-glare
plastic laminate surface that meets or
exceeds NEMA standards
 5/8" thick solid oak bull-nosed edge banding
 Unique oval-shaped table legs designed
around Brodartfs innovative leg attachment
 Solid oak table legs taper from 1 3/4" to
11.4" and are obliquely set against steel
plate; metal table legs are available in a
variety of electrostatically applied epoxy
powdered paint colors
 Both leg styles equipped with 1 1/2"
adjustable glides
 Custom crafted. Ready to assemble. Ships
via truck.
Round 36"--66 lbs
 EA $565.00

Lounge Area Rug
 These will be placed
under each coffee
table for ambiance and
sound absorption.
Chairs will be placed on
rug as space permits.
Lounge Area Seating
 Brodart Mode Lounge Chairs
 Fully upholstered seating offers both
fashion and comfort
 Lightweight frames ideal for gathering
areas where furniture is moved
 Optional wood arm caps add distinction
 Mix and match seat and arm fabric or
vinyl to suit your lounge environment
 Upholstered seat and back filled with 3
1/2" thick polyurethane foam; seat is
 Upholstery materials meet California
Technical Bulletin #117
 Custom crafted. Assembled. Ships via
 One-Seat w/ Wood Arm Caps
 55 lbsEA1015.00MD 122 000

 TekStar™

Hall Book-Drop
Building-Mounted Returns
 Lock one or both openings from inside the
 All stainless steel construction with theft
deterrent design
 Includes faceplate, chute and all accessories
 LED warning lights alert patrons of a locked unit
 LED lighted sign easily guides patrons and
illuminates the area
 Weather-tight design protects against heavy
rain and snow; AirBlock™ chute helps prevent
outside air from entering
 Electronic locking mechanism can be enabled
from inside the building
 Book depository opening is 3 1/4"H x 18"W; AV
opening is 3 1/4"H x 11"W
 Dual Drop™ Return uses the Kingsley™ Dura
Light™ Dual Drop™ Receiving Cart
 Fully assembled. Ships from manufacturer.
 7-Year Warranty Against Rust-Through
 Single Book Drop201/2"221/2"141/8"30 lbs
1-Year Parts and Workmanship Warranty
A3370.0070 956 001


 This company offers

between the glass blinds
that would fit the existing
holes spaces in the brick
and could be used in all
windows in the building if
desired. These blinds would
allow for light control during
presentations as well as
protection from sun
Security System

 3M™ Detection System Model

 Thi system helps ensure that no
materials leave the library without
being checked out. It is safe for
magnetic media, has audible and
visible alarms and multiple corridor
Security Tags
 3M™ RFID Tag D8
 Attached to circulating library items;
programmed with information to identify and
track materials, ensure security, simpifly check-
in and checkout (for customers and staff),
automate sorting and handling and manage
inventory. A component of the 3M™ One-Tag
RFID System.
 One tag can catapult your library into a more
efficient, more productive future!
 Rewritable, IO standard tag identifies and tracks
 Memory chip stores only item information;
customer privacy is protected
 Security status is stored directly on the tag; no
need for a separate server
 Eliminates "line of sight" needed to process
 Guaranteed for the life of the item to which it's
 1.88" x 2.25" (48mm x 57mm)
 250 per roll or 1,000 per roll
Survey Monkey
Vendors for equipment